ABC – Acrobat

Oh, I just don't know where to begin …

"ABC," The Pipettes
"About a Girl," Cibo Matto
"About a Girl," Nirvana
"About Love," The Choir
"About to Walk," Throw Me the Statue
"Ac-Cent-Tcu-Ate the Positive," Johnny Mercer
"Accidently Kelly Street," Frente
"Accidents Will Happen," Elvis Costello & The Attractions
"Achin' To Be," The Replacements
"Acknowledgment," John Coltrane
"Acrobat," U2

It's been a while since we last played the Alphabet Game on Fridays, so let's review the idea. The Internet convention of posting a Friday Random 10 turns out to be a bit too random to be much fun, so we've switched to an alphabetical range of 10-or-so songs. That way we can all compare and contrasts our respective musical collections — pointing out the glaring omissions, unfortunate inclusions, etc.

One obvious omission in the list above, for example, is "A-B-C" by the Jackson Five. That's a great song. I love that song. For years I thought Tito was a much better guitar player than maybe he actually is due to the mistaken belief that he was playing on that track. And yet, somehow, that song has never made its way into my music collection. Hmm.

What's more interesting, though, are the omissions we find on each others' lists that might be a little less obvious. Maybe you've never heard of The Choir and you click the link above and wind up, eventually, as a big time Lost Dogs fan. Or maybe you're already a big time Lost Dogs fan and you see that song from The Choir in my list but not some other song from a band that I'm sure to love if I like The Choir and then I wind up, eventually, as a big time fan of some band I might otherwise never have heard of. That's the general idea.

Well, that and taking a nice weekly break from politics and metaphysics in order to argue about less weighty matters (e.g., Frente: too twee, or just twee enough?).

Anyway, it's Friday. Enjoy.

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  • I might be the only person in the world who didn’t really like TMBG’s output after Flood. But their stuff before it is amazing.
    No, actually it’s a pretty divisive issue among the fans. Especially when it comes to “John Henry” which was sort of their Dylan-goes-electric moment. (And I guess when they started making children’s records, that was another one.)
    I was just reading Christgau’s capsule reviews of TMBG stuff; the first album is his favorite by a mile.

  • Chris

    “Abilene,” Buck Owens and His Buckaroos
    “About You,” Terry Anderson and the Olympic Ass-Kickin Team
    Above and Beyond,” Buck Owens and His Buckaroos
    “Above and Beyond,” Wynn Stewart
    “Absence,” Roger Miller
    “Absolutely Sweet Marie,” Bob Dylan
    “Accidentally On Purpose,” George Jones
    “Accordion Boogie,” Clifton Chenier
    Ace of Spades,’ O.V. Wright
    “Achin’ Breakin’ Heart,” George Jones
    “Acony Bell,” Laurie Lewis
    “Acony Bell,” Gillian Welch

  • Hmm, I thought I posted earlier, but it doesn’t appear to be here. I’ll try again …
    A.M. Suicide – Ookla the Mok
    Abilene – Dave Alvin
    About Love – The Choir
    Above All Things – Phil Keaggy
    Abraham – Phil Keaggy
    Absalom, Absalom – Pierce Pettis
    Absent Friends – Bill and Brenda Sutton
    (The) Acid Queen – The Who
    Acrobat – U2

  • Interloper

    Long time reader, first time poster. Which is why it’s weird I’m posting on such a community oriented topic. However, it needs to be said: American Tune is one of the greatest pop songs ever written. It’s lyrically brilliant, weary, cynical, hopeful, hard-scrabble. The melody is beautiful and was lifted from a Bach chorale. What’s more American than adapting and amalgamating the foreign?
    Here’s mine:
    A-Punk – Vampire Weekend
    A/B Machines – Sleigh Bells
    Abel – The National
    Abglanz – Pantha du Prince
    Abominable Snowman – The Unicorns
    About Face – Grizzly Bear
    About Today – The National
    Abraham – Sufjan Stevens
    Acrylic Afternoon – Pulp
    Act of War – Arab Strap.
    Jiminy! If it looks like a who’s who of indie bands of the moment–for any variety of moments–it’s because I wasn’t going to sift through my LPs alphabetizing song titles.

  • I don’t have anything before Ac, so I’m doing my first 10 songs.
    Acceptance – Steve MacDonald
    Across The Universe – The Beatles
    The Actor – Jeff & Maya Bonhoff (a parody of “The Boxer” by Simon & Garfunkel, focused on an actor of ST:TNG or of Galaxy Quest…)
    Adagio from Concerto in C Minor for Oboe and Violin – Dan Gibson, based on JS Bach
    Adam Raised a Cain – Bruce Springsteen (is this too Biblical and allusion? From Darkness on the Edge of Town)
    Adam Raised a Cain – Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band (from the Live 75-85 album)
    Adia – Sarah McLachlan
    Advent Suite: Part I & II – John Michael Talbot & Terry Talbot
    After All – Dar Williams
    After the Glitter Fades – Stevie Nicks

  • A.M. Suicide – Ookla the Mok
    Above All Things – Phil Keaggy
    Abraham – Phil Keaggy
    Absent Friends – Bill and Brenda Sutton

    Btw – I don’t HAVE these songs but I recognize the performers! In fact, I’ve met Luis Garcia (sometime of Ookla the Mok) at Conflikt. ;)

  • Xavier

    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to Ingen, for introducing me to the Kaizers Orchestra!
    So awesome.

  • SporkeyO

    A-11 – Johnny Paycheck
    A-Team Theme
    Abigail, Belle of Kilronan – The Magnetic Fields
    About A Girl – Nirvana
    About Me – They Might Be Giants
    Above and Beyond – Buck Owens
    Abracadabra – Sugar Ray (I actually like this version better.)
    Absolutely Bill’s Mood – They Might Be Giants
    Absolutely Cuckoo – The Magnetic Fields
    Acceptable In The 80s – Calvin Harris
    Acoustic Guitar – The Magnetic Fields
    Act Naturally – Buck Owens
    And I thought that I had “ABC” on there. I know I have it somewhere, but I guess I never added it to iTunes. That, or it’s sitting in a folder that’s waiting to be added.

  • D9000

    Abhainn an T-Sluaigh Runrig
    Ace Of Spades Motörhead
    Adieu Adieu Eliza Carthy
    Afraid Of Sunlight Marillion
    African Waltz Johnny Dankworth
    After You’ve Gone Lionel Hampton
    Afterglow Genesis
    Ain’t Misbehavin’ Fats Waller
    Al Bowlly’s in Heaven [Live] Richard Thompson
    Albatross Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac
    Ale Is Physic for Me Mike Harding

  • wunder

    The A-Team Theme
    Asshole Father – Sick Puppies
    Aaj Ki Raat – Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack
    Abandoned Luncheonette – Hall & Oates
    Abbers Song – Roseanne Cash
    ABC – The Jackson 5
    The Abduction and Final Battle at the Gallows – Robin Hood Prince of Thieves Score
    About This Love – Alejandro Escavedo
    Above You, Below Me – Badly Drawn Boy, About a Boy Soundtrack
    Abraham – Sufjan Stevens

  • Markk

    ABC – Jackson 5
    About A Girl – Nirvana
    About A Girl – Cibo Matto
    About Her – Malcolm McLaren
    Above All – Michael W. Smith
    Above The Sky – Airwave
    Abra Cadaver – The Hives
    Absynth Treacle Party – Grape Digging Sharon Fruits
    Access – DJ Misjah (Ft. DJ Tim)
    Achilles Last Stand – Led Zeppelin
    Am I the only one here who will admit to listening to Michael W. Smith?

  • Mike’s Discount Gouda Emporium

    I think perhaps that I may have too much music in my collection.
    A.B.C.—The Jackson 5
    A.D. 1928—Styx (Bleah.)
    a.k.a. I-D-I-O-T—The Hives
    A.W.O.L. Block Party Brawl 0600 hrs.—General Patton vs. The X-Ecutioners
    Aaj Ki Raat—Heavenly Ten Stems
    Abbadon Threads—Bullets in a Burning Box
    The Abandoned Hospital Ship—The Flaming Lips
    Abandoned Meander—Andrew Douglas Rothbard
    Abandoned Notepad—Beatnik Turtle
    Abandono—Lyua Dust
    Abattoir Blues—Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
    Abby—Snowdonian Mist
    The ABC’s Of Love—Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers
    ABC-DEF-GHI—Big Bird
    ABCD Puppies—Nil
    Abigail, Belle of Kilronan—Magnetic Fields
    Ablativus Absolutus—Luxus
    Abomination Under A Groove—The Other Leading Brand
    Abortion Of Innocence—Tyrants Demise
    About A Girl—Nirvana
    About It—theSoundbytes
    About The Weather—Magazine
    About To Be A Murderer—Freddie Gibbs
    About You—Dr. Rimlee
    Above Me—DOMENICA
    Above The Clouds—Electric Light Orchestra
    Abra Cadaver—The Hives
    Abracadabra—Steve Miller Band
    Abraham Martin And John—Dion
    Absolute Beginners—David Bowie
    Absolutely (Story Of A Girl)—Nine Days
    Absolutely Bill’s Mood—They Might Be Giants
    Absolutely Cuckoo—Magnetic Fields
    Absolutely Free—Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention
    Absolutely Sweet Marie—Bob Dylan
    Absorbing The Bad Darkness—djenn
    Acadian Driftwood—The Band
    Accelorator—The Dwarves
    Accentuate The Positive—Dr. John
    An Acceptable Level Of Ecstasy (The Wedding Song)—Lyle Lovett
    The Accident—Stow Away
    Accident Waiting To Happen—Methadones
    Accidents Will Happen—Elvis Costello & The Attractions
    Ace Of Spades—Link Wray & The Wraymen
    Ace Of Spades—Motorhead
    Achilles—Street Drum Corps
    Achilles Last Stand—Led Zeppelin
    Achey Braeaky Heart (UGH)—Billy Ray Cyrus
    Acid 8000—Fatboy Slim
    Acid Phase—Frost
    The Acid Queen—The Who
    Acknowledgment—John Coltrane
    Acorns & Orioles—Guided By Voices
    Acoustic Guitar—Magnetic Fields
    Acratic—Side Dish
    Acrobat—Maximo Park
    The Other Leading Brand, The Flaming Lips, Lyle Lovett, and Elvis Costello and the Attractions are all very talented, and I would recommend them to anybody who ends up reading this comment. (In fact, I think The Other Leading Brand has made several albums available for free on Bandcamp–so there’s really no excuse not to give them a listen or two.)

  • Markk – I have some Michael W Smith, but it’s pre-CD.

  • Ian

    ABC Auto-Industry – OMD
    Abel – The National
    About Her – Malcolm McLaren
    About the Ocean – Glen Campbell
    About Time – Elbow
    About You – Pastels/Tenniscoats
    Above – Intronaut
    Above Your Eyes – Scanner
    Abra Cadaver – The Hives
    Absent Friend – Bark Psychosis
    Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse – Minus the Bear
    Absolutely Cuckoo – The Magnetic Fields
    Accelerate – R.E.M.
    Acceleration Group – The Sound
    Accelerator – Primal Scream
    Accept Yourself – The Smiths
    An Accidental Memory in the Case of Death – Eluvium
    According to Plan – I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness
    Ace of Spades – Motorhead
    Acid Police – Boredoms
    Acrobat – U2

  • Ian

    I have the Pipettes and Costello tracks, just not on this computer. And I really wish I had the Local H cover of “Acquiesce” someone mentions…

  • MercuryBlue

    Mike: Downloading the The Other Leading Brand albums now.

  • Marshall

    Yeah, I’m posting late… I just saw how the game worked.
    ABC’s – Violation
    The Abduction and the Final Battle – Michael Kamen
    Aboriginal – Techno Grooves
    Abortion – Kraut
    Abortion – Primer Gray
    Abortive – Ministry
    About a Girl – Nirvana
    About Nothing – P.M. Dawn
    Absolutely Bill’s Mood – They Might Be Giants
    Acceleration – Machines of Loving Grace
    Acceptance – Mecht Mensch
    Ace of Spades – The Replacements
    Acid to Body – Bigod 20
    Acrobat – U2