Naked – Nature Boy

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn …

Naked,” Avril Lavigne
“Naked Puppets,” Moxy Fruvous
Nan You’re a Window Shopper,” Lily Allen
Nao Esperando,” Kirsty MacColl
“The Narrow,” Matt Jones
The National Anthem,” Radiohead
Natural,” Howard Jones
Natural Blues,” Moby
Natural Gift,” The Kinks
Nature Boy,” Nat King Cole

Kind of a narrow range there, alphabetically, but it produced an irresistible title for the post.

The Lily Allen/Kirsty MacColl juxtaposition seems apt. And seeing Howard Jones in the same list as Moby makes me want to say something like “Howard Jones was to the ’80s what Moby was to the ’90s,” although having to defend such a proposition would involve more thinking and talking about those two than any of us would find interesting. Still, Humans’ Lib and Play — period pieces, but not bad.

After making this list I thought I had skipped “Natural” by Pedro the Lion, but it turns out that song is actually called “When They Really Get to Know You They Will Run” — which may just be the most insightfully neurotic song title of all time.

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  • Lessee.

    Name – Derek Webb
    The Name of the Game – the Mamma Mia! soundtrack
    The Nanny – Ross Noble
    The NaNoWriMo Song – ALL CAPS
    Napoleon Dynamite – KJ-52
    Narwhals – Weebl
    Natural Blues – Moby
    Natural Disaster – Jackie Tohn
    Natural Woman – Leslie Hunt
    Nature Boy – the Moulin Rouge soundtrack

    …Those are some funky choices.

  • Lessee.

    Name – Derek Webb
    The Name of the Game – the Mamma Mia! soundtrack
    The Nanny – Ross Noble
    The NaNoWriMo Song – ALL CAPS
    Napoleon Dynamite – KJ-52
    Narwhals – Weebl
    Natural Blues – Moby
    Natural Disaster – Jackie Tohn
    Natural Woman – Leslie Hunt
    Nature Boy – the Moulin Rouge soundtrack

    …Those are some funky choices.

  • Naked Sunday – Stone Temple Pilots

    Nashville – Liz Phair

    A National Acrobat – Black Sabbath

    Nature Boy – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

  • Anonymous

    The Name of the Game – Amanda Seyfried & Stellan Skarsgård (Mamma Mia! soundtrack)

    Nancy Whiskey – Roger McGuinn

    Nanook Rubs It – Frank Zappa

    Nashville Cats – The Del McCoury Band

    Nashville Skyline Rag – Bob Dylan

    Nashville West – The Byrds

    Natural Light – Sun Kil Moon

  • The Name Of The Game, Amanda Seyfried & Stellan Skarsgard (Mamma Mia! Soundtrack)
    Names Of The Kingdom, The Doors
    Nancy, Leonard Cohen
    Nancy Whiskey, 3 Pints Gone
    Naoise son of Uisnech, Patrick Cassidy (Deirdre of the Sorrows)
    Nashville, Indigo Girls
    Nashville Casualty & Life, Lee Roy Parnell (Kinky Friedman Tribute)
    Nashville women’s blues, Bessie Smith
    Nasty Naughty Boy, Christina Aguilera
    Natchez Trace, Pavlov’s Dog
    A Nation Once Again, The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem
    National Anthem Of The USSR, The Red Army Choir
    Natural Beauty, Neil Young
    Natural High, Merle Haggard
    Natural Woman, Me First & The Gimme Gimmes
    Nature Boy, Nat King Cole

    Deirdre of the Sorrows is a modern classical song cycle or something of the sort, sung in Gaelic, somber and depressing. (Says so right on the tin.)

    Me First & the Gimme Gimmes are a goofy punky cover band. We first heard them when one of their albums was being played over a music store sound system where we were shopping. “Is that…Fire & Rain???” We had to buy it, and have subsequently collected the entire oeuvre. I enjoy most of their records, but _Ruin Jonny’s Bar Mitzvah_ is probably the weakest.

    National Anthem of the USSR doesn’t really belong here, as that’s not its proper title, but that’s what the album cover calls it so here it is. A beautiful rendition of what is quite a lovely song. My father is very fond of men’s choirs, and I have copies of much of his collection as I acquired a taste for it as well.


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  • Wow. Apparently naked nature boys are bound for Muslim hell…


    “Naked,” Matt Nathanson

    “Naked Eye,” Eddie Vedder

    “Nanci,” Toad the Wet Sprocket

    “Narcolepsy,” Third Eye Blind

    “Nature is the Law,” Richard Ashcroft

    “The Nature of Reality,” Oasis



  • Anonymous

    “Naked as We Came” Iron and Wine
    “Naked Eye” Luscious Jackson
    “Naked, if I Want To” Mopy Grape
    “Nan” Booker T
    “Nana and Jimi” Dave Alvin and the Guilty Women
    “Naomi” Joe Henry
    “Nasal Retentive Calliope Music” Mothers of Invention
    “The National Anthem” Radiohead
    “Nattura” Bjork
    “Natural Anthem” The Postal Service
    “Natural Blues” Moby
    “Natural Forces” Lyle Lovett
    “Natural Mystic” Bob Marley
    “Natural’s Not in It” Gang of Four
    “Nature Boy” Big Star

    If you wondered where that cool riff in the current XBox Kinect commercial came from, it’s that Gang of Four song. Given the Gang’s overt Marxism back in the day, a tad ironic.

  • rm

    Naked As We Came — Iron & Wine
    Naked Banjos — Joe Bethancourt
    The Name Game — Sharon, Lois, & Bram
    Nancy Blevins — Albert Hash & Thornton Spencer
    Nancy Rowland — Brad Leftwich & Dan Gellert
    Naomi Wise — Clarence “Tom” Ashley
    Naomi Wise — Red Fox Chasers
    Naomia Wise — Bill Baker
    *** and this is not counting like a dozen version under other titles such as Omie Wise, Ommie Wise, Little Omie Wise, Little Naomi Wise ***
    Narrow Gauge Blues — El Watson
    Nashville — Indigo Girls
    Nashville Cats — Flatt & Scruggs
    Nashville Cats — The Del McCoury Band
    Natchez Trace — Bela Fleck
    Natural Bridge Blues — The New Rubatonic Entertainers
    Natural High — Merle Haggard
    Nature’s Way — Victoria Williams
    Nature Boy — Natalie Cole

  • Anonymous

    Never Do Anything, Barenaked Ladies
    Never Let Go, Tom Waits
    The New Age, Rita Connolly
    New Kid (on the Block), Barenaked Ladies
    New York City, They Might Be Giants
    New York Girls, Steeleye Span
    The Night Before, The Beatles
    Night Comes In, June Tabor and the Oyster Band
    Nirvana, Tom Waits
    No Fear, No Hate, No Pain, (No Broken Hearts), The Eurythmics

  • Anonymous

    Leaving out what Fred already has (and I’m glad to see he has “Naked Puppets” since it means he probably has Fruvous’s excellent “Live Noise” album):

    “Naked And Famous”, The Presidents Of The United States Of America

    “Naked As We Came”, Iron & Wine

    “Naked Eye”, Luscious Jackson

    “Naked In Front Of The Computer”, Faith No More

    “Naked In The Rain”, Red Hot Chili Peppers

    “The Naked Song”, The Hatters

    “Naked Womyn”, Pat McCurdy

    “The Name Of The Game”, ABBA

    “Name Of The Game”, The Crystal Method

    “Nancy”, Joe MacLean

    “Narrow Your Eyes”, They Might Be Giants

    “Nasty”, Janet Jackson

    “Nata Di Marzo”, Pizzicato Five

    “Natalie’s Party”, Shack

    “Nation State [Shorty Mix]”, DJ? Acucrack

    “National Brotherhood Week”, Tom Lehrer

    “Natural”, Arrested Development

    “Natural One”, The Folk Implosion

    “Natural Science”, Rush

    “Natural’s Not In It”, Gang Of Four

    The best of this selection is probably “Naked Eye”, another Moby-Howard Jones-ish period piece that still holds up well.

    The Crystal Method song is not an ABBA cover, but it would be funky if it were.

  • “Naked Cousin”- PJ Harvey

    “Names and Dates and Times”- Ani Difranco

    “Nana Nana Boo Boo”- Tracey Singer

    “Nao Bate O Corocao” Astrud Gilberto

    “Nao Esperando”- Kirsty MacColl

    “Narcissus”= Alanis Morrisette

    ‘Narcolepsy”- Ben Folds

    “Narrow Your Eyes” They Might Be Giants

    “Nashville”- Indigo Girls

    “Nashville”- Liz Phair

    “National Ransom”- Elvis Costello

    “Natural Blues”- Moby

    “Nature’s Way” Victoria Williams

    The title of this post is forcing me to imagine Ric Flair in the buff… ewwww…

  • pharoute

    There’s a great version of Nature Boy on youtube set to the Mad Men theme song. The artist is Allison Williams.

    Natchez Burning – Howlin Wolf
    Natty Bread – Bob Marley
    Natural Beauty – Neil Young
    Nature – Howlin Wolf

  • Anonymous

    Hi. Um. Newbie here.

    Naked and Famous – The Presidents of the United States of America

    Never Have I Ever – Hot Chelle Rae

    New Letters – Company of Thieves

    A Night at the Roses – the Dresden Dolls

    Night Castle – Trans-Siberian Orchestra

    Night Enchanted – Trans-Siberian Orchestra

    Night Reconnaissance – the Dresden Dolls

    No One Needs to Know – Shania Twain

    No More Valentines – Elton John

    Not About You – Jonathan Coulton

    Not That Girl – from Wicked

    Not That Girl (Reprise) – also from Wicked

    Not the Doctor – Alanis Morissette

    Nothing Left to Hide – Hot Chelle Rae

    Nutrocker – Trans-Siberian Orchestra

    I don’t know why I even HAVE Elton John and Shania Twain. Hot Chelle Rae is an electronic pop band whose CD I got from my journalism teacher, who gets sent a lot of this stuff. They’re actually pretty good.

  • “Nana and Jimi,” Dave Alvin & The Guilty Women
    “Nancy Jane,” Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys
    “Nancy Whiskey,” The Dubliners
    “Nare Sugar,” Mofro
    “Nashville Cats,” The Del McCoury Band
    “Nashville Blues,” Cory Morrow
    “Nashville Blues,” J.D. Crowe & The New South
    “Nashville Pickin’,” Doc Watson
    “Nashville Rash,” Dale Watson
    “Nashville West,” Nashville West
    “Nastiest House,” Terry Anderson
    “Nasty Boogie,” Champion Jack Dupree
    “The Natchez Burnin’,” Howlin’ Wolf
    “A Nation Once Again,” The Dubliners
    “Natty Dread,” Bob Marley
    “Natural Born Lover,” Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
    “Natural Born Woman,” Humble Pie
    “Nature,” Howlin’ Wolf

  • Anonymous

    I’m a film music addict so I’ve got The Name of the Rose OST by James Horner, the movie isn’t a patch on the book but taken on its own terms I quite like it, some lovely performances and a moody sense of atmosphere.

  • noyatin

    Nantucket Slieghride – Mountain
    Nashville Blues – Jorma Kaukonen
    Nashville Cats – The Lovin’ Spoonful
    Nathaniel – Outkast
    Natural Disaster – Lonnie Mack
    Natural Fool – Li’l Cap’n Travis

  • noyatin

    Duhhh.. Nantucket Sleighride – Mountain

  • Amaryllis

    Nao vas ao Mar, Toino – The Chieftains

    The Napoli – Show of Hands

    …and it seems very odd that I don’t have any Name or Nation or Nature or Nashville songs, and not a single version of Nancy Whisky, but there it is.

    Semperfiona: Deirdre of the Sorrows is a modern classical song cycle or something of
    the sort, sung in Gaelic, somber and depressing. (Says so right on the

    Well, that’d be truth in advertising. Misery all around, that story was.

  • rm

    There ought to be an animated children’s movie entitled “Nashville Cats.”

  • borealys

    Naked – The Trews

    Naked and the Simple Truth – Billy Klippert

    Naked Eye – Luscious Jackson

    Nameless Number – The Hundreds and Thousands

    Napoleon – Kelly and the Kelly Girls

    Narrow – Fruit

    Natural Blues – Moby

    Natural Disasters -Propagandhi

    Natural Selection – Anna Dano

    Highlight of this list? Kelly and the Kelly Girls, most definitely.

  • Naked As We Came – Iron & Wine

    Naked If I Want To – Cat Power

    Naked If I Want To – Moby Grape

    Naked Pictures (Of Your Mother) – Electric Six

    Nann Nigga – Trick Daddy

    Nannou – Aphex Twin

    Napoleon Says – Phoenix

    Narcocorrido – Okkervil River

    National Anthemn (Live) – Radiohead

    The National Headbustaz Anthem – DJ Gyngyvytus

    National Hum – Constantines

    Nature and the Wreck – Mates of State

  • “Naked As We Came” – Iron & Wine
    “Naked Moon (Live)” – Pat Metheny Group
    “Names in Lights” – Loyd Boldman
    “Narc” – Interpol
    “Nation in Need” – Jon Gibson
    “National Treasure Suite” – Trevor Rabin (from the National Treasure soundtrack)
    “Nationality” – Milltown Brothers
    “Native Love ’84” – Divine
    “Native Son” – U2
    “Nativity” – The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus
    “Natural Grace” – Ride
    “Natural Grace (Live)” – Ride
    “Natural One” – Folk Implosion
    “Nature and the Soul” – The Throes

    Okay, I should so totally get an award for having The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus, Pat Metheny and Divine all in the same list.

    One more thing: if you haven’t heard the Milltown Brothers’ stellar 1991 album Slinky, from which comes “Nationality,” you’ll understand why Q magazine gave it five stars.