Only Once to Only You

I knew all the time I should shut up and listen …

Only Once,” Maria McKee
“Only One,” Terry Taylor
Only Ones Who Know,” Arctic Monkeys
Only the Good Die Young,” Billy Joel
“Only the Lonely,” Alison Cipris
Only the Strong,” Midnight Oil
The Only Time,” Nine Inch Nails
Only Trust Your Heart,” Astrud Gilberto
Only Us,” Peter Gabriel
Only You,” Joshua Radin
Only You,” Vitaminsforyou
Only You,” Yazoo

A complete stranger could probably look at this tiny alphabetical slice of my music collection and peg my exact age within a year or two. Yeah, I’m old — old enough not just to remember Yazoo, but to remember them so fondly that I’ve collected cover versions of their hits.

Another cover song above is Allison Cipris’ version of the Motels song (which I’m lacking) and not the Roy Orbison song (which I’m also lacking). Here’s Orbison, with one of the all-time great backup bands, performing his song in T-Bone Burnett’s concert film “A Black and White Night.”

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  • Anonymous

    I’m sorely lacking in this range.  Other than “Only The Lonely” of which I have both Roy Orbison’s original and Alison Cipris cover, I have another cover of
    “Only You” – Dakota Blonde

  • Skiriki

    Only Women Bleed – Alice Cooper
    Only My Heart Talkin’ – Alice Cooper
    Only Time – Enya
    Only Time Will Tell – Mike Oldfield
    (The) Only Time – Nine Inch Nails
    Only the Wind – Pet Shop Boys

  • Michael Cule

    ONLY WHEN I SLEEP by The Corrs.

  • “Only a Dream”, performed by Cheyenne Marie Mize
    “Only a Fool Would Say That”, by Steely Dan
    “Only the Good Die Young”, by Billy Joel
    “Only this Moment”, by Röyksopp
    “Only When I Lose Myself”, performed by Žagar
    “Only With You”, by the Beach Boys

  • All I’ve got is Only the Good Die Young by Billy Joel, but I’m partial to this concert video of it: from his ’87 tour in Leningrad

  • “The Only Long Rider I Know,” Corb Lund
    “The Only One,” Michael Jerling
    “Only Our Rivers,” Planxty
    “Only the Blues,” Charlie Robison
    “Only the Lonely,” Frank Sinatra
    “Only the Song Survives,” John Hiatt
    “Only Time Can Mend a Broken Heart,” Longview
    “Only Want You More,” Dwight Yoakam
    “Only You,” Buck Owens
    “Only You (And You Alone),” IIIrd Tyme Out

  • “Only Cause I Don’t Have You” Harry Connick Jr.
    “Only a Broken Heart” Tom Petty
    “Only a Northern Song” The Beatles
    “Only God Can Save Us Now” Over the Rhine
    “Only in Dreams” Weezer
    “Only Son” Liz Phair

  • Only – Nine Inch Nails
    The Only Exception – Julia Nunes
    Only Happy When It Rains – Garbage
    The Only One – Evanescence
    Only One Too – Jewel
    Only Son – Liz Phair
    The Only Time – Nine Inch Nails

  • Anonymous

    Only If You Run~Julian Plenti

  • Only the Lord Knows – Mavis Staples

  • noyatin

    Only You (Can Break my Heart) – Buck Owens

  • Anonymous

    I can only add a couple to Fred’s list: “Only The Lonely” by the Motels and “Only The Young” by Journey.

  • “The Only One I Know” by The Charlatans (the British ones)
    “Only You” by The Platters

  • rm

    Only a Northern Song — The Beatles
    Only as Far as the Gate, Dear Ma — Uncle Dave Macon & Sam McGee
    Only as the Day is Long — Sera Cahoone
    Only Daddy That’ll Walk the Line — Waylon Jennings
    Only My Heart — Sierra Hull
    Only One and Only — Gillian Welch
    Only the Lonely — Roy Orbison
    Only the Song Survives — John Hiatt
    Only You — Reid Jameson

    Although Billy Joel’s “Only the Good Die Young” exists in my household, I have made sure to install cheese filters on my own computer.

    A song I can’t believe I don’t own, but is in my head firmly enough that I can more or less hear it anyway: Only Love Can Break Your Heart — Neil Young

  • rm

    Wait, I thought I had The Platters too. I do not trust that the music I think I “own” electronically does not just disappear from computer memory over time.

  • Only a Dream – Mary Chapin Carpenter
    Only Love – Wynonna
    Only Now – Gaia Consort
    Only The Good Die Young – Billy Joel
    Only the Music – Heather Alexander
    Only Time – Enya

  • Amaryllis

    Only a Hobo – Hazel Dickens (Dylan cover)
    Only the Lonely – Hazel Dickens (original; not the Orbison song)

    because sometimes, It’s hard to tell the singer from the song
    May she rest in peace.

  • I’d always thought that you lot over on the left-hand side of the Pond called them Yaz.

    Only Bad Signs -Billy Bragg
    The Only Living Boy in New York – Simon & Garfunkel
    Only Love Can Break Your Heart – Saint Etienne
    Only Love Remains – Paul McCartney

  • Christopher™

    Wow… I have a lot in this category this week.

    “The Only One” – The American Analog Set
    “Only One [¡Alarma! Demo]” – Daniel Amos
    “The Only One I Know – The Charlatans UK
    “Only Solutions” – Journey
    “Only Talking Sense” – Finn Brothers
    “Only the Lonely” – The Motels
    “Only the Meek Survive” – DeGarmo & Key
    “Only the Thunder” – The Alarm
    “Only the Young” – Journey
    “Only To Fail Again” – Vector
    “Only Way of Knowing” – Maia Sharp
    “The Only Way to Have a Friend” – AD
    “Only When I Sleep: – The Corrs

    Don’t hate me for having two Journey songs in this list.  They’re both from movie soundtracks.

  • Bryan Feir

    “Only Here for the Beer” – Bill Sutton and the Hall of Fame Performers
    “Only in Your Heart” – America
    “Only Love Knows Why” – Peter Cetera
    “Only the Good Die Young” – Billy Joel
    “Only the Lonely” – The Flying Pickets
    “Only Time” – Enya
    “Only You” – Alison Moyet (actually the same as the Yaz version)
    “Only You” – The Flying Pickets
    “Only You” – Yaz

  • Bryan Feir

    Gah, hate Disqus.  I’m amazed nobody else had The Flying Pickets yet, given their a capella cover of Only You actually hit #1 on the UK charts.  (Yes, they did an a capella cover of a synth-heavy song, and managed to make it work.)

  • Just one:

    Only One and Only — Gillian Welch

  • Only – Nine Inch Nails
    Only a Fool – Marit Larsen
    Only a Northern Song – The Beatles
    The Only Daughter – David Sylvian
    The Only Exception – Paramore
    The Only One – The American Analog Set
    Only You – Ashanti
    Only You (Live) – Portishead

    That Marit Larsen song is definitely the best thing here.