Job Seekers Open Thread


Job seekers: Let us know where you are and what you’re looking for.

Everybody: Skim through and see if you know something, or know someone, or know someone who knows someone, who might help out one of our job seekers.

The Internet is a strange and sometimes wonderful place, so who knows? Maybe we’ll find a connection that helps someone find the job they’re meant to be doing.

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  • Just saw this online:

    They say they are looking.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for this, Fred!

    I’m a freelance illustrator and comic book artist (and writer) who’s done work throughout the world. You can see some of my work here:

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure you already know this, but if you’re not reading “Making Light”, you should be — Teresa and Patrick Nielson-Hayden are two of the chief editors at Tor Books, which is one of the major sf / fantasy publishers. Unfortunately, their advise tends to lean more towards what not to do (primarily, work for a vanity publisher), but it can’t hurt.

  • Greco1014

    Hello all,

       I’m a teacher and freelance writer. Currently, I’m teaching part-time in Northern New Jersey, and looking to add a few more copywriting clients. My husband and I sometimes work together; he designs websites, and I write content.

    If anyone out there is looking for a new website, or to revamp an old one, let me know. You can check out my portfolio and learn more about me on my website:

    If you’re interested in writing OR design services, shoot me a message! 

  • Hi all.

    I’m looking for an entry-level job in web-design, IT, and/or coding (C++ and Java), preferably in Santa Barbara County, San Luis Obispo County, or Ventura County in California (in that order), though I can work through VPN.

    I have three years of freelance technical support under my belt, mostly work done in-person. I’ve taken 2 years of computer science classes, and am prepared for but have not taken the examination for CompTIA’s A+ certification. I have upwards of a year of Adobe Dreamweaver experience. I am familiar, though somewhat rusty and certainly not conversational, with Japanese and Spanish, and well-educated in English. I have a B.A. in an only tangentially related field, philosophy, but it has prepared me to better understand new and esoteric material. I can learn new skills, procedures and systems, including languages of the computer non-computer varieties, extremely quickly.

  • I suppose I might as well throw a line out there.  Long time reader, first time poster.  I’m currently working a job for a roofing/exteriors contractor 2nd shift, but am looking to expand my income somewhat, and find that I’m a bit of a night owl and could also accommodate a 3rd shift job.  I deal a lot with insurance claims and adjusters in this job, and would love to work at a 24-hour claims center.  I have a lot of call center experience, having worked in telephone skip tracing for a student loan servicing company, and as a communication assistant for the deaf and hard of hearing.  I’ve got a good sense of professionalism and work ethic, and would be interested in  any leads someone could send my way.  In brief: LOOKING FOR 3RD SHIFT CALL CENTER/OFFICE WORK IN MADISON, WISCONSIN AREA.

  • Erin B

    Another delurker here: came for the Left Behind reviews, stayed for the general insightfulness.

    Recent college grad in the Boston area, double degree in religion and political science.  I’d need something that’s reachable by T (a moderate walk from the station is fine) or doable online.  Especially skilled at writing, typing, proofreading, editing; will gladly take anything entry-level, even if that’s making photocopies and fetching coffee.  Social anxiety makes me a bad match for answering phones, but aside from that I’m up for anything.

  • tigermoonproductions

    Hey everyone,

    I’m a grantwriter, editor (page and screen), and general writer. I’m based in Denver. I offer consulting services to NGO’s, as well. I can help you plan your next project, seek out funding, and refine your publicity (or website, etc.). If you have editing needs – video or writing – I can deliver quality work quickly. Contact me at tigermoon productions (at) gmail (no spaces).


    Note: I can’t write myself into grants. Grantwriters are not in control of the granting process. While retaining my services will definitely improve your chances of getting a grant, it is not guarantee. If I feel your project has little likelihood of being funded, I will tell you so.

  •  Thanks for the lead, borealys. Unfortunately your offices are a little too far away from me (I don’t own a car.)

    My sister-in-law is actually a speech language pathologist. She doesn’t speak French but I’d be happy to put you in touch with her if your company ever needs English-only employees.

  • There have been a lot of discussions on how to make a living from a web-comic.  It’s not easy — from what I’ve seen, the most successful (Penny Arcade, XCVD and Questionable Content) have built up a sizable audience that’s willing to buy their crap merchandise (T shirts, coffee mugs, posters, etc), and that’s what pays the bills.

    Taking a quick look at Lemuria, I can see it as a Dark Horse title, but not DC or Marvel (it might have fit into Piranha Press, but that is long gone).

    If you’re willing to do X-rated, there was a web-site of feminist-friendly adult cartoons called something like “Sunstream” or “Slipstream”.  I don’t know if it’s still extant, or if so, if they’re looking for new artists (or even if you want to explore this route), but I thought I would at least mention it.

  • I know this isn’t quite the cities you were interested in but I thought I’d pass it along anyway. If I lived in the Bay Area and had better computer skills I’d apply in a hearbeat:

  • mcc

    …er hi so I think i’d decided to step away from the comment sections here after the big messy patheos split thing, but this seems important.

    If you are proficient in Java, C++, Python or Objective C and live in or are willing to relocate to the SF Bay Area, I know at least two businesses whose names you’d recognize and which are desperate for references for new hires.
    (Though really, if you fit those exact parameters you might be getting contacted by recruiters already…)

  • I’m willing to help if I’m able.  I can proofread and edit to a point and depending on the subject I may be able to help with research.

    That said I’m also inexperienced and lack a degree, so if you have a better option, go with that. (Also burned my right hand today, so typing is a bit slow.)

  • Alabamabluedot

    If your area has been hit with a large-scale natural disaster (as my part of Alabama was with tornadoes on April 27), then when FEMA comes in they have a commitment to hiring local people. They also try to get people off unemployment. It is not permanent, and the hours are brutal (we just dropped back to 60 per week) but the pay is good, you get overtime and get to work with people from all over the country. Usually the jobs are advertised on state job boards.

  • JJohnson – I seriously cannot pay you anything, but I’m always happy to have another pair of eyeballs to look at the stuff – send me a note at mike.timonin at gmail, and I’ll send it your way. But you have to promise that if you get paying work, you’ll tell me to bugger off. 

  • I’ll send you an email shortly!  (May take a bit due to the burn though.)

  • Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, it’s incredibly difficult for me to relocate right now, mostly because of costs, and my coding needs work before I could consider a central position like that, even at a startup. I also don’t have much experience databasing and that appears to be a big thing that they’re looking for.

    And given that I have some good reasons why that’s a no go for me, my petty reason: According to the application page, they idolize Ayn Rand and consider Atlus Shrugged to be required reading.

    What kind of positions would they be looking for, and how crucial is that relocating thing?

  • And given that I have some good reasons why that’s a no go for me, my
    petty reason: According to the application page, they idolize Ayn Rand
    and consider Atlus Shrugged to be required reading.

    That, to me, is a huge flashing warning sign!  I’ve worked alongside libertarians and it is NOT fun.

  • Narya

    Have you done any freelance proofreading/editing? I may have a lead for you. email me at dharmapractice at mac dot com

  • Narya

    How about grant-writing/grants management for a large non-profit? email me and I’ll give you more info. (I’m in Chicago and I know of a job opening.)

  • dharmapractice

    email equals dharmapractice at mac dot com

  • My wife is looking for work in the North DFW area; we are planning to move to Denton at the end of the year. She holds a BFA with a Printmaking concentration and has started a nonprofit here in Tulsa devoted to putting up murals around the city of Tulsa (see We are evangelical Christians and she would do great as an administrative assistant at a nonprofit or church office. She also has experience in (bridal) retail sales and freelance wedding planning.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Jeff. I’m actually looking for any kind of illustration work, it doesn’t have to be comic-related. Of course, EVERYONE HERE SHOULD CHECK OUT MY COMICS TOO. :) I actually make a teensy bit of money off of advertising, so the more eyeballs I’m getting, the better.

  • Saw this idea when Fred posted about it. This *points* is my work-related twitter login, not the one I usually comment with:

    If anyone is in the UK (or is interested in working in the UK) two vacancies are being advertised at the Equality Network:

    Policy Project Coordinator: “We are seeking a coordinator for our influential national policy analysis and engagement project. The post involves analysis of current and developing policy and legislation from an LGBT perspective, and policy advice to the Scottish Government and Parliament, and to other public bodies and LGBT communities. We are looking for someone with an excellent understanding of LGBT equality issues and of Scotland’s political processes, and excellent analysis and communication skills.”

    Intersectional Projects Coordinator: “We are seeking a person to job-share the post of coordinator of our intersectional projects: the Everyone IN project, which is a partnership between BEMIS and the Equality Network, and focuses on the needs of minority ethnic LGBT people, and the Equality Network’s intersectional project focusing on the needs of disabled LGBT people. This is an opportunity to develop truly innovative work. We are looking for someone with an excellent understanding of equality issues, and experience in facilitating community partnership and action, organising training, community consultation, and development of written reports and resources.”

    If you want to discuss this with me, I’m on Linkedin:

  • R. Emrys

    Amazingly, we found a rental in the DC suburbs fitting our impossible criteria (except that the walk to the Metro is 17 minutes instead of 15–I’ll deal!).  Still looking for a renter or buyer for our Chicago place–and have a couple of spare leads for affordable 3 bedroom rentals in the DC metro area if anyone else needs them!

    I can confirm Strange Horizons as an excellent market for short fiction–good editors, very professional with their writers, and they pay in a timely fashion.  Duotrope is indeed a good place to find markets.  I also like, which doesn’t have as many sorting criteria but is very good at keeping up-to-date on market changes.

  • Anonymous

    Oh wow, this thread is so timely.

    I have had trouble finding work for a very long time now and have almost given up, but recently it’s become even more crucial for me to find something. I have a masters in teaching (endorsements in teaching early childhood and elementary, also teaching English as a second language, and some experience working with gifted kids) but have not had my own classroom before. I have done some tutoring and preschool teaching. Outside of teaching, I have some experience with secretarial work, phones (call center and phonebanking), event planning, and computers. I am good at writing and editing, as well. I live near Eugene, Oregon and would like to stay within the state, and ideally within this area, as I have family to take care of.

    Any ideas or suggestions?

  • LL

    Sorry, I don’t know of any specific openings, but I’d encourage anybody looking for some kind of writing/designing job who hasn’t already to look in the marketing/advertising field, or possibly with an advocacy group (like a political advocacy group, seeing as there’s a big election next year).

    Traditional publishing is laying off tons of people. Advertising is not exactly picking up the slack, but they occasionally actually hire, instead of fire.

    No, you won’t be able to write or design whatever you want if you work in advertising or marketing or for an advocacy group. But it’s a job.

    Sometimes, we’ve gone to Talent Zoo to look for people to fill an opening, I believe: @font-face {
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    As for advocacy groups, I guess I’d check out their websites. The only listing that might be helpful I could find (with URLs) is this one:

    Organizations like these are also often looking for lawyers.

  • LL

    OK, sorry for that partially garbled transmission up there, don’t know what happened…

  • Anonymous

    Just wanted to chime in – I’m not sure if there are many Austinites hanging out here, but my department at the state medical board is hiring for 2 (possibly a 3rd in a month or so) full-time administrative positions. 

    One focuses on mail handling; mainly opening and sorting incoming mail, tracking overnight deliveries, scanning and tagging applications documents, etc.  The official job description is here:

    The other is more geared to customer service – half a day spent taking phone calls from applicants for professional licenses, licensees, and the general public; the other half a day is spent on paperwork like screening applications, data entry, etc.  The official description for that one is here:

    Bonus points for anyone with a bachelor’s degree, customer service background, or familiarity with Microsoft Office, SQL Tracer and/or Laserfiche 8.

    Also, another department that works very closely with mine has an opening for a licensure analyst (application processor):

    If anyone would like more information about what exactly the jobs entail, or about anything else you can think of, please let me know and I would be glad to offer any advice I can!  I’m not sure at this point exactly how involved I will be with the actual hiring process – may be reviewing applications, or even sitting in on interviews myself, so I’d prefer if you do contact me, please don’t give me your full name (just so I can avoid partiality if need be).  MsGelliebean (at) gmail (dot) com

  • I’ve added your RSS feed to my iGoogle page, so when there’s something new, I’ll read it.  Glad to help a Slacktizen, evben in a small way.

  • Rachel Mcg

    Thanks, Fred, for this opportunity!

    I’m a college graduate with physical disabilities which make it impossible to work outside the home, but I need extra income as my SSDI isn’t enough to pay the bills.  I’m a writer and have had some short stories published, and, until my health made it impossible, I worked in the Command Center of a call center, I’ve been a receptionist and administrative assistant and have worked as classified staff in the local school district. 

    My request is this:  Does anyone know of or had experience with legitimate work from home options for someone who can only work a couple hours a day, and that staggered?  I’ve looked at various “work from home” websites, ones which offer to send catalogues of businesses which contract for work, some for $40 or more, but I’m never sure if they’re just scams.  The last thing I can afford to do is spend money I don’t have without getting an actual income in the end.

  • Gabriel Nichols

    My organization, Human Rights First, is looking for a Web & New Media Manager.  Please take a look at the job ad here to apply

    Fred,  If you would be willing to relocate to NY I think you would be a very viable candidate for this job.  If you could please send me an email I would really like to talk with you some more about it

  •  If you don’t think you could work with people who idolize Ayn Rand, then don’t feel that it’s a petty reason. It’s an important reason — you need to feel comfortable around the people you work with.

  • Email sent.  >.> If it hasn’t shown up by now, check the spam folder, once in awhile my mails wind up there ; (Usually not the case, but it happens.)

  • elms

    I’ve been lurking off and on for a while and figured I’d toss this in to the pile; it might help someone.

    I work at a small local newspaper in Western Washington.  Believe it or not, they’re hiring.  They’re looking for both an advertising director and a copy desk chief editor.  I don’t know whether they help with relocation for such jobs or not.

    I can’t really nudge any resumes to the top of the pile or anything, but I can point people to the jobs.


  • bulbul
  • borealys

    It’s true … our offices are in very car-friendly areas.  And I remember what a pain it could be taking transit around the outskirts of Toronto!

    We aren’t hiring any speechies in Toronto right now, and we really can’t take anyone else in Montreal who can’t work in French — just the way our client demographics skew.  But the time may come when we’re looking for an SLP in Toronto who has a bit of experience! :)

    (Child Psychologists with experience are always in demand, too, if anyone knows anyone who’s looking.)

  • Seriously, good luck.  Sorry that’s not very helpful, but I bought a house in the D.C. area last year and the prices had me ripping my hair out.  For as wonderfully hippy as Takoma Park is, I’m amazed anyone can afford to live there.

    Although…I do live down the street from a very large house that I suspect is a failed flip.  They’re trying to sell it, but there’s also a large “For Rent” sign on the window. Here’s the real estate listing for it:   It’s an expensive sale, but the rent may be cheap out of desperation.  My neighborhood is lovely, and I walk just under a mile to the Metro every morning.

  • For those of you who are in college or just out, my federal program gives some funding to our local coalitions across the country each year to hire interns.  We’re going to be launching the application for the fall/spring internships some time next week:   Although they are internships, they actually pay quite well, especially compared to most of my internships experiences for which I got paid zilch.

  • hf

    Another MLIS holder here (library degree). I also worked at an office job for the Census. Willing to travel.

  • Missmoneypenny2009

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    son’s entire life I have done surveys for one company only and they reward me
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  • You may be overqualified and I don’t know if you’re interested in working for a Catholic university, but I recently saw a Library Assistant position at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis/St. Paul that looked quite nice:

    Hamline also has a Librarian position, but it’s part-time:

  • Hi, I have a lot of unemployed people in my immediate social circle, probably because they’re mostly in their mid-twenties. I’ll throw a really brief summary at the beginning of each of these description, so you can easily skim if you can’t help. Thank you to anyone with any leads!

    Michael has mostly worked at WalMart, is hard-working, smart and good with his hands: Michael is a hobbyist fiction writer with little experience looking for literally any job he can do on a frequent MetroTransit bus line in Minneapolis. He worked at WalMart for 3 years in the produce section, and is excellent with customer service, patience, organization and small power equipment like walk-behind forklifts. He’s also worked behind the scenes in fast food and assembling grain silos in South Carolina. He recently had a seizure and doesn’t know until his results come back if he’ll be disabled, but he’s very weak right now so couldn’t start any physical labor immediately. Prior to this, he was in excellent physical shape and enjoys hard work and people. He was “fired” from WalMart when the paperwork he was given by his manager to verify a week-long vacation used vacation days was found faulty by her superior, and he was accused of being “absent”. This has, however, made him all but ineligible for work, even the fast food jobs for which he’s not been above applying.

    Jennifer has the equivalent of an AA degree but no degree and lengthy customer service, basic marketing, and data entry/office work experience: Jennifer had to drop out to work full-time and wants to go back to school for marketing, but currently she’s helping support Michael and can’t break into a better job. Wish her luck/pray for her on her interview tomorrow, but just in case, she’s looking for any job in the Twin Cities, MN that lets her sit down. She has terrible plantar fasciitis which almost crippled her in April, but has since been doing better standing at her deli supervisor/assistant manager job. She does all the marketing signs for her department and frequently upsells customers with her product knowledge, but her job has not been rewarding her work because of her disability, directly telling her she can’t be promoted if she can’t stand behind the counter for the rest of her life. She’s done data entry and office work for a veterinary hospital for a year, in addition to her food/customer service.

    Carl has a BA in Communications and a few months’ experience each in editing/publishing, front of house for events and data and office optimization for a small medical practice: Carl is wide open in terms of jobs he wants, but he’d love to work in PR for something he loves like video games. He’d be particularly adept at a similar position for a nonprofit, especially a medical nonprofit or one which helps children.

    Nathaniel has mostly worked at retail game stores and backroom at Target; he’s a semi-published author with a BA in Theatre Arts and is good with set construction and exhibits: Nathaniel would love to work for a game store again, and he’d prefer a part-time job as he has simple needs, the biggest of which is time for his writing.

    I work 10-15 hours/week as an apartment caretaker, which I enjoy. I also work at a deli, a deli you may have noticed reading Jennifer’s story is amoral and abusive, and I’d love to do anything part-time (so I can keep my awesome job) that helps “fix houses”. Or fix the housing situation. Really, I’m not extremely qualified in this arena, mostly self-taught except for the cleaning and basic repairs area, but it’s one of my great loves. Freelance things would definitely be worth considering, since I can live on my awesome job when necessary. I’m really interested in environmentalism re: housing, and I’d also like to help nonprofits or needful people, so basically anything remotely paying that operates like Habitat for Humanity (I wouldn’t mind if it were secular though…I always feel like I’m about to be found out and evicted from remotely religious organizations). Other than that, I’ve done a bit of volunteering with consignment clothing/housewares shops and would love to do more of that (Goodwill hasn’t accepted me for over two years, so I don’t think that’s happening), and of course anything in theatre is interesting, as I’m 3/4 through a BA in Theatre Arts. My focus is costumes and makeup, which are great for freelancing, but I’m not so great collaborating with people. I’m okay with strangers most of the time, and okay with friends, but I’m not good with people overall, and acquaintances to whom I’m indebted are really difficult for me.