Up to Us

it’s got nothing to do with you …

“Up,” Ticklepenny Corner
“Up Above My Head,” Maria Muldaur & Tracy Nelson
Up Against the Glass,” The Botticellis
Up All Night,” Green
Up Around the Bend,” Creedence Clearwater Revival

Up in This (Blood on the Banjo Remix),” Don McCloskey
Up the Hill Backwards,” David Bowie
Up the Spout,” Mateo Messina
Up to the Mountain (MLK Song),” Patty Griffin
Up Up and Away,” Kid CuDi
Uphill Battle,” Sarah McLachlan
Upside Down,” Jack Johnson
Uptight (Everything’s Alright),” Stevie Wonder
Uptown,” Prince
Upward Over the Mountain,” Iron & Wine
“Us,” The Call
Us Amazonians,” Kirsty MacColl

The Don McCloskey video above is unfortunately, and hilariously, NSFW. The Enormous D has a genius for over-the-top egomania.

Ticklepenny Corner was a band that played at the Cornerstone Festival at some point in the 1990s. I missed their show but somehow arrived home in Philly with a copy of their CD, which turned out to have a nice front-porch vibe with some lovely, wistful folk-pop, including a really great Christmas song that ends up on most of my end-of-the-year playlists. Sorry I missed their show. They’re still around, sort of, in that they still have a myspace site (last updated in 2009).

Here’s a video of Sister Rosetta Tharpe doing “Up Above My Head.” The version in the list above is from the Sister Rosetta tribute album Shout, Sister, Shout.

That video is from the TV era, but if you search around you can find older clips — grainy, black and white footage of this astonishing woman playing killer guitar solos decades ahead of their time. Imagine you’re watching an old World War II newsreel and you suddenly see some GI in the background talking on an iPhone. That’s what it’s like seeing and hearing Sister Rosetta for the first time.

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  • “Up In Flames” – Joe Satriani
    “Up In The Sky” – Joe Satriani
    “Uphill Battle” – Sarah McLachlan
    “Ural” – Apocalyptica
    “Us 2 Little Gods” – Dido

  • MikeJ

    You up for it?XANDER:
    Oh, I’m up. I’m suddenly very up. It’s just … I’ve never been up
    with people before.

    Up Against the Wall-Peter Bjorn and John
    Up Against The Wall Redneck Mothers-Cracker
    Up All Night-The Boomtown Rats
    Up And Down-The Cars
    Up and Gone-Cat Power
    Up For The Down Stroke-Parliament
    Up From Below-Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
    Up In The Air-Hüsker Dü
    Up In The Dark-The New Pornographers
    Up on Cripple Creek-The Band
    Up So Close – Cake
    Up The Beach – Jane’s Addiction
    Up the Junction – Squeeze
    Up The Neck – The Pretenders
    Up The Stairs – Tim And Sam’s Tim And The Sam Band With Tim And Sam
    Up The Wooden Hills To Bedfordshire – The Small Faces
    Up To You – Those Bastard Souls
    Up Yours – Goo Goo Dolls
    Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
    Upon Viewing Brueghel’s “Landscape With the Fall of Icarus” – Titus Andronicus
    Upperbirth – The Call
    Ups And Downs – The dB’s
    Upside-Down – Yo La Tengo
    Uranium Rock – The Cramps
    Urge For Going – Crosby & Nash
    Urn With Dead Flowers In A Drained Pool – John Parish & Polly Jean Harvey
    Us – Les McCann

  • Sgt. Pepper’s Bleeding Heart

    Come on, no Uptown Girl? Really?

    I have
    Up Against the Wall – The Whitlams
    US Forces – Midnight Oil

    Yeah, and Uptown Girl

  • Anonymous
  • G127

    Sorry, this is off topic but I wonder: has fred stopped with the left behind reviews?

  • Michael Cule

    “Urbania” The Alan Parsons Project.

    And as far as I know the great LEFT BEHIND analysis continues though it has tended to wander around the week and Fred has had a bit on his mind at the moment.

  • Theo

    Up Against the Wall – Tom Robinson Band
    Up Against the Wall – Full Metal Jacketz
    Up in Canada – Larry Norman
    Up in Heaven (Not Only There) – the Clash
    Up to Me – Bob Dylan
    Up to No Good – Rancid
    Uppgång & Fall – Ebba Grön
    Uptight – Green Day
    Urban Kids – Alternative T.V.

  • Anonymous

    Up in Heaven (Not Only Here) – The Clash
    Up on Cripple Creek – The Band
    Up to Me – Bob Dylan
    Up Where We Belong – Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes
    Uptown – Roy Orbison
    Urban Legends – Swirling Eddies
    Urei (Miyako Mix) – Kagrra
    The Uruk-hai – The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers soundtrack

    I’m always surprised that Fred doesn’t have Swirling Eddies songs

  • Are we getting back to Tribulation Force any time soon?

  • FangsFirst

    I always think I’m doing something wrong and am supposed to omit some of these because my list is always so absurdly long…

    Up – Rob Crow
    Up All Night – The Boomtown Rats (also a longer and an extended version, because I am obsessive about the Rats)
    Up All Night – The Double
    Up All Night – Jaguar Love
    Up for Grabs – Sims
    Up for the Crack – the Buzzcocks
    Up from the Skies – Jimi Hendrix
    Up in Arms – Foo Fighters
    Up in Heaven (Not Only Here) – The Clash
    Up in Indiana – Lyle Lovett (also, an acoustic version)
    Up on Cripple Creek – The Band (also, an alternate take and live version)
    Up or Down – The Boomtown Rats
    Up the Wolves – The Mountain Goats
    Up to Me – Jethro Tull
    Up to My Neck in You – AC/DC
    Up with the Lark – Bill Evans
    The Update – Beastie Boys
    Upholstery – Phantom of the Paradise Soundtrack
    Upon an Oaken Throne – In Flames
    Upon Settling the Frozen Is – Of Montreal
    The Upper Peninsula – Sufjan Stevens
    Upright Kangaroo – Mike & Rich (Mike Paradinas, aka µ-Ziq and Rich[ard] D. James, aka AFX, The Aphex Twin, Caustic Window, Polygon Window…)
    Upside Down Church Blues – Robyn Hitchcock
    Upside Down Frown – They Might Be Giants
    Uptown – Prince
    Uptown Boys – Lousie Goffin
    Uptown Girl – Billy Joel
    Urban Predator – The Haunted
    Urberget, Aldst Av Troner – Vintersorg
    The Urge to Go Get Wasted – Parts & Labor
    The Urge Wyrm – Jamie McMenamy
    The Urn of Sacred Ashes – Inon Zur
    Uroboric Forms – Cynic
    Ursa Minor – At the Drive-In
    Us – Brother Ali
    Us and Them – Godflesh (and remix)
    Us and Them – Pink Floyd

  • G127

    Thanks for the reply… i’ll just keep checking the blog then :).

  • Ganimed

    Up in Heaven (Not Only Here) – The Clash
    Up Jumped the Devil – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
    Up the Beach – Jane’s Addiction
    Up the Bracket – The Libertines
    Up the Hill Backwards – David Bowie
    Up to Me – Jethro Tull
    The Update – Beastie Boys
    Upside Down – The Jesus and Mary Chain
    The Upstairs Room – The Cure
    Uranus, The Magician – Holst
    US Government – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    Us Or Them – The Cure

  • Ganimed

    Up in Heaven (Not Only Here) – The Clash
    Up Jumped the Devil – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
    Up the Beach – Jane’s Addiction
    Up the Bracket – The Libertines
    Up the Hill Backwards – David Bowie
    Up to Me – Jethro Tull
    The Update – Beastie Boys
    Upside Down – The Jesus and Mary Chain
    The Upstairs Room – The Cure
    Uranus, The Magician – Holst
    US Government – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    Us Or Them – The Cure

  • Skiriki

    Up There – South Park the Movie soundtrack
    Up the Cathedral – Danny Elfman/Batman soundtrack

  • Jonathan Pinyan

    Though I appreciate the aim / Tell Andy Warhol’s ghost that he can keep his fame / I’d only use it to make everything the same

    Up and Up – Relient K [original and acoustic]
    Up the Devil’s Pay – Old 97’s
    Upside Down – Barenaked Ladies
    Uptown Girl – Billy Joel [Live/KOHLEPT version]

    Yes, it’s more Christian rock from the atheist! “Up and Up” from the Relient K album most recently introduced to my collection has a couple rhymes that you either smile proudly at or groan terribly at: “‘Cause it seems I get so hung up on / The history of what’s gone wrong” and “I’m finally catching on to it / Yeah, the past is just a conduit”.

  • Some favorites that haven’t been mentioned yet – MikeJ covered just about everything else I have in this range :D

    Up And Over We Go – Neutral Milk Hotel (from The Amazing Phantom Third Channel, 1993)
    Up On The Sun – Meat Puppets
    Uruapan Breaks – Kinky
    Us – Regina Spektor

  • “Up Above My Head,” Nashville Bluegrass Band
    “Up Against the Wall Redneck,” Jerry Jeff Walker
    “Up All Night,” Kelly Willis
    “Up and Down the Line,” Yank Rachell
    “Up and Gone,” Tab Benoit
    “Up Around the Bend,” Creedence Clearwater Revival
    “Up Over Yonder,” North Mississippi Allstars
    “Up to Me,” Greg Trooper
    “Upside Your Head,” Omar Kent Dykes

  • Up Above My Head I Hear Music in the Air- Kevin Max
    Up and Up- Relient K
    Up N’ Down- Britney Spears
    Up On Me- James Marsters
    Up On the Roof- Sutton Foster
    Up Up and Away- Groovelily
    The Uploading- Grail! The Musical
    Upside Down- A*Teens
    Upside Down- Jackie Tohn
    Upstairs- Promises, Promises (2010 Broadway Revival Cast)
    Uptown Girl- Billy Joel
    Upular- Pogo
    Upward Over the Mountain- Iron & Wine
    Ur Not My Daddy- Ke$ha
    Urinetown- Urinetown (Original Broadway Cast)
    Us- Regina Spektor

  • Amaryllis

    Up Against the Buachalawns* – The Chieftains
    Up the Raw – Louis Killen
    Up the Sides and Down the Middle – The Ragged Band
    Ur Chill a Chreagain – Derek Bell
    Urchill a Chreagain – Clannad
    Us – Regina Spektor
    Us of Lesser Gods – Flogging Molly

    *They tell me that buachalawns are Irish ragweed. I’m not prone to hay fever myself, but in honor of the member of the household who wouldn’t dream of going anywhere up against a ragweed,
    Hay Fever, If Rudyard Kipling Had It

  • borealys

    She says you’re thirty-two but you wanna be sixteen

    Up Against the Wall – The Be Good Tanyas
    Up Around the Bend – Creedence Clearwater Revival
    Up in This Town – Boy
    Up on Cripple Creek – The Band
    Up to the Roof – Blue Man Group
    Up Up and Away – Lights
    Upside Down – Jakalope
    Uptight (Everything’s Alright) – Stevie Wonder

  • picklefactory

    “Up Around the Bend,” Creedence Clearwater Revival
    “Up to My Same Old Trick Again,” Jan Jelinek
    “Up Town Special,” King Tubby
    “Up Up Down OK!” DAT Politics
    “Up for the Down Stroke,” Parliament
    “Upgrade (A Brymar College Course),” Deltron 3030
    “Uphill… Strange,” Project Polaroid
    “Upon Encountering the Crippled Elephant,” Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
    “Upon this Tidal Wave of Young Blood,” Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
    “Upper Mambo / Lower Funk,” Señor Coconut
    “The Upper Peninsula,” Sufjan Stevens
    “Upright Locked Down,” Blevin Blectum
    “Ups,” Cocteau Twins
    “Uptown,” Prince
    “Uptown Babies,” Max Romeo and the Upsetters
    “Upward Over the Mountain,” Iron & Wine
    “Ur Tchuan Tan Tse Qi,” Matmos
    “Uraqt,” Diplo
    “Us and Them,” Blue King Brown
    “Us and Them,” Pink Floyd
    “Us v. Them,” LCD Soundsystem

  • FangsFirst

    Okay, this just belongs here:
    “Let’s get down, let’s get down, let’s get down
    Let’s get down, let’s get down, let’s get down…
    Down to biz, down to work, come back down to earth
    It’s down to this, put down the arms, hands down in the dirt
    Let me get you up to speed
    It’s up to us to up the need
    Upheaval tucked up the sleeve now…”

    (from Sims’ “Burn It Down”)