Last week's jobs thread …

… only had a handful of comments. Probably a hint that this attempt at longshot-networking isn’t working.

So instead of starting another new thread today, let’s try redirecting back to last week’s to see if we can’t drum up a few more responses there.

"From The History of School Lunches:And far from seeing school lunches as a big-government intrusion, ..."

One side’s hate and one is ..."
"I read the article about Michelle Vo and Kody Roberson shortly after it was first ..."

One side’s hate and one is ..."
"Ah. OK. Sorry I missed that."

Sunday favorites
"Since communication is important, and not offending people who don't disagree with you is important."

Sunday favorites

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  • Jen K

    If you’re in Portland, Edward Martin III posts local job openings weekly.