As usual, there’s an xkcd for that

Go here. Click random. Resurface hours later.

"Also a good point. They really do reflect better than the best mirrors, don't they."

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  • Bificommander

    I thought of it too late, but I think I should’ve refered to a hat guy comic ( is a good example) during the good-atheist discussion. I think a problem with that discussion that most people were trying to argue about how any reasonable person would act, but I think Ff was mostly interested in a hypothetical situation with someone like the hat guy: Perfectly logical, but devoid of any empathy, screwing over others for fun and profit. Then how are the big bad atheist going to convince him he’s doing something objectively evil, as he’s already aware it isn’t nice or fair what he’s doing, he just doesn’t care. I am of course highly sceptical that his alternative would work, but it did muddle the discussion further that the two sides were mostly talking at each other, not to each other (Or perhaps I got Ff’s intentions completely wrong, that’s always possible.)

  • Anonymous

    I just feel that Randall ran out of material at some point.  I’m not sure if I can point to an exact strip where this happened; all I know is that one day I realized that I was reading the comic purely out of inertia and that Randall’s new material was just awkward rather than funny.  It happens. I feel the same way about The Simpsons.

  • I was going to be all recursive and tuck all the loose ends out of sight, by linking to Stop Having Fun Guys, but I see that the trope properly refers to video game subculture.

    This probably shouldn’t come as any surprise, but… there’s an xkcd for that. (Admittedly, also about games, but certainly applies outside it.)

  • Izunya

     A little digging on TVtropes reveals that strip to be the trope namer.

    Of course, now I have an open TVtropes tab.  If you don’t see me in about forty-eight hours, send someone to cut off the electricity to my computer.  It’s the only way.

  • Yeah, but then we’d have to face off against this guy:
    Uh-uh. No, thank you! (Even if I am a sysadmin myself.)

  • Anonymous

    I would argue that the art style is part of the point of XKCD.

    I’d rather have stick figures engaged in overly nerdy pursuits than anything drawn by Liefeld.

    Although … both Liefeld and Munroe seem to have an aversion to drawing feet …  zomg!