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"There's a bit of a complication here... asylum seekers are supposed to present themselves at ..."

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"Why aren't cookie bars a thing."

LBCF, No. 186: ‘Lone Gunmen’
"Sounds like an interesting Carbonara variant :)"

LBCF, No. 186: ‘Lone Gunmen’
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LBCF, No. 186: ‘Lone Gunmen’

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  • One of my favorite strips.  :)

    Oh, that reminds me to check today’s xkcd…

    (Gets lost for hours in the archive)

  • Gzoombot

    Well, that was not nice. Do you know how much time people will waste by following that link?

  • love.  XKCD is a long-time favorite.

  • Matri

    That only applies to people who are easily dis-Oooh, shiny!

  • Anonymous

    Curse you, Fred and Gzoombot!

  • Joshua

    There is an xkcd for basically every thought I have.

  • Fred and xkcd have something along the lines of a similar sensibility that I find pleasant and comforting.  I’m waiting for Fred to do a post about how he’d totally make out with his clone/parallel universe double/future self/past self if the opportunity presented itself.

  • *gigglesnorting at last panel* XD

  • Matri

    *resurfaces* Wow. Everyone fell into the trap.

  • Ursula L

    Instant cure for anyone feeling overwhelmed by moderating their blog and needing a break.  Post links to xkcd and tvtropes, and take a few days off…

  • Well, that was not nice. Do you know how much time people will waste by following that link?

    Oh man, that was mean

  • Dan W

    I love xkcd. It’s one of the fourteen webcomics I read daily. I might have a problem. Then again, I also like TVTropes and Cracked. Oh dear…

  • <3 XKCD, <3 TVTropes.

    It's amazing that I've done anything else with my life lol (X_X)

  • Wow, someone who reads more webcomics than me, that’s… if I wore a hat, it would be off to you sir. /3  (I only read ~9ish (well 10 if you count SGVY, but that updates once in a blue moon >.<)

  • cjmr

    cjmr’s husband reads, ummm, 20 or so webcomics?  At least?

    I only read 5 or 6 regularly, with the occasional spurt of, “Hey dear, you’d really like this comic!” *wife reads entire archive of webcomic from the beginning, then fails to keep up with it*.

  • Anonymous

    Eh, xkcd really needs to be put out of its misery, if you ask me.

  • xkcd is brilliant. Remember, anyone whose heading over there, that most (maybe all) of the strips have mouseover text which adds something to them! Just hover your cursor over the strip to see it.

    (Took me ages to notice that, so I figure best spread the word)

  • cjmr

    Correction, cjmr’s husband reads 36 webcomics as regularly as they post.  And about 50 print comics on the web.

    And now we know why he doesn’t have time to comment on Slacktivist any more…

  • Anonymous

    I am ashamed to admit that I know that, unless the randomizer has improved in the past two years, the “random” button does not give you a random comic — it favors about fifty of them.

    (I know this because, before I discovered TV Tropes, XKCD was my standard late-late-night reading in the instrument room while getting my Ph.D.)

  • Anonymous

    Ah, XKCD is wonderful. One of the few respectable sources of geeky jokes.

    I think the whole “6000 years old” thing in its modern form goes back to the 19th century conservative theological backlash. Evolution was lumped in with hardcore biblical skepticism (“Jesus didn’t really exist”) as a dangerous secular idea which would make Christianity meaningless, and which therefore must be stopped at all costs.

  • Donalbain

    The only thing in the world worse than XKCD comics; XKCD fans!

  • No, I’m pretty sure people who feel the need to piss all over anyone who enjoys something they don’t are worse than XKCD fans. [waves to Turcano]

  • Twig

    as a dangerous secular idea which would make Christianity meaningless

    So they got down to the business of making Christianity meaningless as an in-house job.  That’ll show ’em.

  • I don’t know if you’ll ever reply, but I’m genuinely curious why you think this.

  • Anonymous

    No, I’m pretty sure people who feel the need to piss all over anyone who
    enjoys something they don’t are worse than XKCD fans. [waves to

    I was going to be all recursive and tuck all the loose ends out of sight, by linking to Stop Having Fun Guys, but I see that the trope properly refers to video game subculture.

    So here’s a video instead.

  • Twig

    I think there are no less than two separate blogs categorizing their intense hatred of XKCD at this moment.  I stumbled over them on a google search trying to pin down a particular XKCD strip once.

    I mean, I can get my rage on as much as the next guy (and his friend, and that guy down the block, and all those people over there) but I never thought a free webcomic that you never have to look at again if you don’t want to could cause such intense burning ire.

  • Michael Albright

    My sister reads on the order of 50 or so. I hover around 20 or 30.

  • Donalbain

    Well, even if Turcano doesnt reply, I can! XKCD needs to be put out of its misery because it is a sad, pathetic excuse for a comic that is neither thoughtful, funny or well drawn. What used to be a moderately clever little piece of the internet has long since disappeared up its own self important, fanboy pandering, self indulgent arse!

  • Apocalypse Review

    It’s more complicated than that.

    Some xkcd strips serve little purpose, granted.

    But some are nice and informative. I really really disliked xkcdsucks for trashing Randall’s cancer series. That’s when any kind of critique site would have jumped the shark for me, and it did there. At that point it was just trashing the site to trash the site.

  • Persia

     I just googled that and…wow.

  • Anonymous

    The 6000 years thing came from the Bishop of Usher and doesn’t seem to have been taken very seriously by anyone, even hyper-biblical scientists like William Buckland, before the anti-Darwin forces jumped up. Uncharitably I think it’s because Usher wrote in English, where the language of the main proto-fundies.
    I always found it weird that at least three attempts have been made to calculate the age of the universe from Genesis (Usher’s, the Hebrew calendar, and the Byzantine calendar), but they don’t match at all.

  • Donalbain

    The cancer series of comics were dreadful.

  • Note to self: a thread that starts in on the merits of xkcd is not a discussion, it’s a flamewar waiting to happen. Abandon it.

  • Haters gonna hate?

  • The cry of “Help, I’m trapped in TVTropes” is a common one among my twitter friends.

  • Apocalypse Review

    I can’t tell if you’re playing a role or if you really are just being an ass, here. (>_<)

  • Donalbain

    I think a series of comics was awful. I said that the aforementioned series of comics was awful. I did not know that having an opinion about works of “art” made one an ass.

  • Mathbard

    Well, it is Thursday. Isn’t it traditional to have a flamewar on Thursday?

  • Apocalypse Review

    No, you said “dreadful”, and you specifically took aim at the cancer series, which I think is deplorable. You’re pissing all over a person’s expression of a personal experience with cancer. I don’t speak often of this but I happen to also know a cancer survivor (family member) and you are making me squinty. Like this. (>_<)

  • Clearly I need to step up my webcomic reading, for I am behind much further than I thought (O.O)

  • Look at the hatred for Ctrl+Alt+Del – I mean I wouldn’t even call that one “good”*, but some people have this bizarre HATRED OF A THOUSAND BURNING SUNS for it.

    I guess really that frustrates me with most media – there are exceptions**, but by and large I don’t get the “ZOMG I MUST HATE YOUR FAVORITE SHOW AND YOU ARE STUPID FOR LIKING IT” kind of thing.

    I mean there are a lot of books, movies, games, tv shows*** and the like that I just… don’t like.  But I don’t feel any particular urge to rant-rant-rant-hate-hate-hate about them, or tell people not to watch them or whatever.  The only time you’ll likely hear that from me is if we’re specifically talking about things we don’t like OR if someone has explicitly asked my opinion of one of said things.

    It’s just… frustrating for me that some people get so worked up about other people’s entertainment choices, but are apparently oblivious to actual, real problems on this planet.  I mean I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but I tend to categorize the current political situation in the US as telling people just how much you hate Twilight.****

    Or heck, in Champions Online there was (maybe still is) a website devoted *entirely to mocking people’s in-character biographies*.  Now I grant many of said biographies were really poorly written – but it’s not like a character’s bio page in an MMO is usually high art ya know?  Why make fun of people for playing what they want to play?

    *Berserk button pushed* *resetting*

    Okay, I am calm… >< Just one of my very large pet peeves.

    I think my new motto is:

    Live and let live, or I’ll bust your freakin’ kneecaps.

    *I don’t think it’s awful either, it’s kind of averagish imo.

    **I think things like the Left Behind books are fairly worthy of being hated on, but that’s because in addition to being bad and having poor messages embedded in them… they’re also very much *trying* to tell people ‘this is how it should be’.

    ***Actually most movies and TV these days – I haven’t actually sat down and watched TV in years, even now that we have cable back.

    ****Definitely not a fan here; but that’s just it… I’m not a fan, so I don’t read it or watch the movies.  Problem solved.  I’m also not a Harry Potter fan. *shrug*

  • Donalbain

    I replied to a comment about the cancer series. That was a dreadful series of comics. I am not going to apologise for having an opinion about some pieces of work published as part of a professional series of comics by someone who makes their money from that comic.

  • Your being an ass because instead of just saying “I don’t like it, here is my well thought and reasonable explanation for why.” you’re basically saying “This is terrible and no one should like it.”

    Whether that’s the intention or not, that’s what comes across when you say something needs to be put out of it’s misery.  It’s particularly asinine given that unlike say, a movie, you didn’t even have to pay a price for admission, so not-liking it isn’t even a waste of money for you, just however many seconds you bothered wasting on something you don’t like.

    It’s like me biting into a tomato, realizing I dislike tomatoes, but instead of doing the reasonable thing (ie, not eating the tomato), instead saying tomatoes must be wiped from the face of the earth, they are OMG horrible, and my extension you are stupid if you like tomatoes.

    Clear enough?

  • Donalbain

    Sorry. I missed the part where I said that anyone other than me should have any particular opinion on anything. I think I missed it because it never fucking happened.

    To properly use your analogy it is more like if, during a discussion about how wonderful tomatoes are, someone says that tomatoes are not very tasty at all.

  • ako

    I guess really that frustrates me with most media – there are
    exceptions**, but by and large I don’t get the “ZOMG I MUST HATE YOUR

    I know that for me, the difference between going “Not my thing” and an angry rant is whether I run across obnoxiously evangelical fans. 

    I don’t like The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  My dad recommended it, I gave it a shot, we had a “Huh, you like it?” “Huh, you didn’t like it?” moment, and moved on.

    I also don’t like Twilight.  I’ve encountered a dozen people, including friends and family members, who are really insistent that I’d just like it if I watched the movies instead of reading the books/read the books instead of watching the movies/read just one more book in the series/let myself Truly Understand The Beauty of Edward and Bella’s Love/etc.  So my urge to rant about everything that’s wrong with it is partly a reaction to people going “You must love this!” in fairly obnoxious ways.  (I make an effort not to stereotype all fans, but I definitely get a moment of “Oh no, another Twilight fan!” in my brain when I hear someone say they like the books.)  So disliking something ubiquitous, while having bad encounters with pushy fans, can fuel an urge to rant all out of proportion to the actual situation.

  • You didn’t say that though.

    You said it should be put out of it’s misery.  This implies much broader things than “I don’t like it.”

    The implication is not merely “I think it’s of poor quality.” the implication is “It’s stupid and needs to be destroyed, and by extension you are stupid for liking it.”

    As I said, that may not be your *intention*; but that is the implication of what you wrote.  Words don’t always do what we think we’re telling them to do.

  • Donalbain

    Stop adding things that I did not say. Conversation over.

  • I can certainly understand that.  I admit I was being very broad in my argument (I just woke up a little bit ago so I’m a liiiiiittle fuzzy atm anyway) – I can certainly see why you’d want to (and should be allowed to) rant about something if someone is constantly telling you that you should like it.

    My issue isn’t with that – it’s one thing to tell a pushy friend “No, I do not like your favorite thing, and since you’ve been bothering me with it for the last 6 months, here is precisely why in excruciating detail.  Plz to be dropping it.”

    That’s absolutely fine.

    It’s more when people feel the need to lambast something other people are enjoying, right in front of them, just because.

    If someone happens to be talking about Twilight* in the general vicinity, maybe there’s a couple fans just talking amongst themselves – there’s no reason to then unload a tableau of “OMG TWILIGHT IS HORRIBLE AND HERE IS A NOTARIZED LIST OF WHY.” – That’s what I take issue with.

    I mean really it’s unnecessary to even but into that conversation.  In RL people generally DON’T do that in my experience – if a group of people are in the corner of a restaurant talking about some hobby, usually it’s considered rude to go over there and tell them their hobby is stupid, right?

    So why is that different online?  You can more effectively ignore text online than you can words in RL.

    That’s what gets me.  Doubly so when people feel the need to construct electronic edifices to their hatred of something, gathering other people to their banner and then inevitably said people go out and troll fans (which results in the reverse and a lot of mutual and unnecessary enmity.)

    I’ll add that the rules change by situation a bit.  If someone is actively engaged in a discussion of the artistic merit of something then yes, by all means both sides should be presenting their cases clearly and freely – though namecalling attacks are still way outside of bounds ad they don’t actually bring anything useful to the discussion, they just up the emotional temperature unnecessarily.

    And of course all of this is irrelevant to things that are actually genuinely important to the life and wellbeing of all involved – in Politics I’m much more accepting of people being more aggressive; because often times lives are literally on the line, and even when they aren’t significant amounts of money, and the happiness and health of many, many people are impacted.

    I’m just adding this in case someone attempts a driveby “Yeah but liberals…” thing.  Politics is one of those things where it makes SENSE to get angry, and to spend a lot of time arguing over what system is better – politics and philosophy are literally about how we should live our lives…

    Entrainment usually isn’t.

    *I use it because it’s well known and widely disliked.

  • This is from one of your posts:

    Well, even if Turcano doesnt reply, I can! XKCD needs to be put out of
    its misery because it is a sad, pathetic excuse for a comic that is
    neither thoughtful, funny or well drawn.
    What used to be a moderately
    clever little piece of the internet has long since disappeared up its
    own self important, fanboy pandering, self indulgent arse!

    I don’t want people thinking I’m just making things up or putting words in your mouth.  Maybe you didn’t intend it to come across that way, but like I said, sometimes words don’t do what we mean for them to do.  That’s what I was responding to.

    Now – that said this is just entertainment, it isn’t worth arguing about, especially since I’m fairly sure we agree on more important issues than the quality of certain webcomics.  So I will end there.  I just wanted it to be clear what I was responding to and why.