Happy Dolly-Buffy Day

God made me for a reason and nothing is in vain
Redemption comes in many shapes with many kinds of pain
Oh sweet Jesus if you’re listening, keep me ever close to you
As I’m stumblin’, tumblin’, wonderin’, as I’m travelin’ thru

— Dolly Parton, “Travelin’ Thru

Today is Dolly Parton’s birthday.

It’s also the birthday of Buffy Anne Summers.

Reason No. 427 that Dolly Parton is even cooler than you may have realized: As a partner in Sandollar Productions, she was an uncredited executive producer of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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  • Lori

    I had no idea that Dolly had anything to do with Buffy. Dolly really is all that. I hope she has a lovely birthday and many more. 

  • Anonymous

    The fun fact about Buffy made my day, what an awesome lady, best wishes to her and many happy returns. 

  • I loves me that Dolly Parton.  A great sense of humor, humility, and sympathy for the “other”. 

    Parton has said: “I’ve always been a freak and
    different, oddball even in my childhood and my own family, so I can
    relate to people who are struggling and trying to find their true
    identity. I do not sit in the seat of judgment…. I love people for who
    they are. We’re all God’s children.”Such a beautiful person (and her voice rocks, too!).

  • I too did not know about that connection. That’s pretty awesome. Reminds me of when I found out that Lucille Ball (given that she was a major force in DesiLu) played an active role in getting Star Trek on the air. Respect for Lucille Ball went up that day, I assure you.

  • Anonymous

    Every time Buffy has a birthday something horrible happens, so my advice to everyone is to keep your battle-axe handy (yes, bring out your spare too) and ready at least one protective spell.  Also, try not to sleep with anyone room-temperature today.

  • rizzo

    Wait, Buffy the somewhat funny, cheesy decent movie or Buffy the lame, overrated TV show?

  • vsm

    Apparently both.

  • Lori

    Oy. We could probably skip the TV version of the “obnoxious atheist”, you know? 

  • Thanks for the tidbit.  I must file that under “Awesome 19s” along with “Talk Like a Pirate Day.”