Will the majority allow minority rights in N.C.?

The citizens of North Carolina vote today on Amendment One, a ridiculous exercise in “Scissors for Hitler” silliness that makes the Tarheel State look just as foolish as if they were voting on a ban against left-handedness or an amendment decreeing that people with blue eyes can’t be licensed to drive.

It’s ugly, stupid and deeply immoral. It’s supported by liars, by racists, by Neo-Nazis and by the Catholic bishops — none of which is the sort of authority that decent people can turn to for moral advice.

By enshrining discrimination into the state’s constitution, by affirming that this constitution does not safeguard minority rights, Amendment One undermines the rule of law and the very possibility of democracy.

It’s just a really, really bad idea. And it’s expected to pass.

Pam Spaulding: “North Carolina’s voices rise up against Amendment One

The fact is that the other side has no rational argument for its “protecting marriage” claims except ones featuring religion-based bigotry, ignoring church-state separation. Vote for Marriage NC has not gotten any major elected officials to back this poorly worded ballot initiative on camera, no business leaders. Only religious figures, including the infamous Patrick Wooden, who believes that gay men use iPhones as sex toys. That’s credible.

And our side has hundreds of faith leaders against it as well, ones who understand why faith and matters of civil law must remain separate in order to protect religious freedom.

Nicole Greenfield: “NC’s Amendment 1: ‘It’s Going to Hurt the Church’

“It’s as if some Christians feel like they have permission to discriminate or hate,” [Jay Bakker said].

“And they get so obsessed with it that they ignore the fact that it would harm children, it would harm women, it would harm people in domestic partnerships. It’s like they’ve just become blind to that because they’ve built up such resentment towards gays and lesbians.”

J.R. Daniel Kirk: “Regarding Amendment One in North Carolina

North Carolinian Christians, you are free to vote against Amendment One and in this vote to love your neighbor as yourself.

Mike Moore: “A Good Week to Hate Christians

Wednesday will be the worst day. That’s when all the righteous gloating will happen. On Wednesday it will be declared that God’s will has been done, that His people have spoken. Wednesday will be the day when I will know, without doubt, that our life here in North Carolina will always be a little bit — or a lot — worse.

… Denying us marriage is not good enough for that sack-of-[bleep]Billy Graham and his sacks-of-[bleep] kids. No, they’ll only be happy when any and every form of societal support for my family has been obliterated. They’ll only be happy when gay kids can be bullied without consequences to the bully. They’ll only be happy when the very fine hospital here in Asheville that Mr. Graham uses can, without fear of reprisal, deny me the right to visit my sick husband.

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  • Persephone

     Well fucking speak up then. Your silence does nobody any favors, and gay people genuine hard.

  • Persephone

     *harm. Bloody typo.

  • AnonymousSam


    61.05% of North Carolina informs us “No, same-sex marriage will never be allowed here.”

  • QXZ

    Just to be clear, gay marriage is legal in Washington state now.

    Not really. As the article explains toward the bottom, although the Governor may have signed it into law, it normally wouldn’t take effect until June 7; if Referendum 74 gets enough signatures before then (which it is almost sure to do) the law will be further suspended until after the November election (which may strike it down). Until then, there is only second-best domestic partnership for couples not assigned male and female.

  • Baby_Raptor


    I grew up in a highly religious family that eventually gave me no end of hell for my orientation. And I live in the South, so that mantra has only gotten louder. 

    I understand what it’s like to sit back and wonder “What’s wrong with me? Why does everyone think I’m so horrible?” I catch myself doing it sometimes.

    But in the end, I know they’re wrong. The problem isn’t me, or the fact that I “pervertedly” like both sexes. 

    It’s a hard realization to cling to sometimes, though.

  • Voted against this and am very upset that it ended up passing… but not entirely surprised. My dentist and his assistant discussed it while they were working on me (I had an appointment before I went to vote) and the dentist said if homosexual couples married, then someone could justify marrying a goat. I hate this argument. It’s nonsensical, because the easiest way to avoid something like that would be to limit marriage to humans. But whatever.

    I felt very small, and helpless, having whether or not I can marry a man being discussed so flippantly by these two people while I lay there pretty helpless and too afraid (and unable) to speak. Granted, the reason I couldn’t speak up was because my mouth was open while I was having a cavity drilled, but, point being, it made me feel very uncomfortable. I didn’t really discuss it except to mention casually I’d be voting against it when the procedure was over. I lied and said it was “because I have gay friends,” rather than the fact I myself am bisexual.

    The dentist’s assistant at least said she’d vote against it, too, fat lot of good it did in the long run. My mother and sister also voted against it. I think my (very religious) grandparents voted for it. Unsure how I feel about that.

    I bet everyone who voted for the amendment feels good about themselves. Like they did something positive and righteous. For this, I am angry with them but pity them at the same time.

  •  Actually, there is some evidence that as much as 60% of North Carolina Didn’t understand the question

  • But there will never be a “And now this is settled forever and ever, no gay marriages EVAR!”, so they *can never win*. They’re going to crack. One by one, they are going ot reach a point where the amount of hate they have for QUILTBAG people is less than the amount of effort it takes to keep trying. 

    It makes me wonder why they keep trying in the first place.  

  • Fair enough.  

    You know, I am a little disappointed that no one ever asked for my signature in support of Ref 74.  I would relish the chance to lock some swords with someone face-to-face about the issue.  

  • Actually, there is some evidence that as much as 60% of North Carolina Didn’t understand the question 

    No surprise there.  Obfuscation is pretty much their go-to tactic to get stuff like this passed.