Monkey – Moonshine

I’m not looking for answers at a time like this …

Monkey Grinder,” Chagall Guevara
Monkey Wrench,” Foo Fighters
Monkeys at the Zoo,” Charlie Peacock
The Monorail Song,” Songs in the Key of Springfield

Monsoon of Perfume,” Dengue Fever
Monument,” Carina Round
Moon Over Bourbon Street,” Sting
Moon River,” Audrey Hepburn
Moonage Daydream,” David Bowie
Moondance,” Van Morrison
Moonlight Bay,” The Beatles
Moonlight in Vermont,” Billie Holiday
Moonlight in Vermont,” Chet Baker
Moonlight in Vermont,” Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
Moonlight Mile,” The Rolling Stones
Moonlight Serenade,” Glenn Miller
Moons,” Josh Ritter
Moonshadow,” Cat Stevens
Moonshine Whiskey,” Van Morrison

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The blurry line between ‘fixer’ and ..."

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  • Monopoly on Sorrow – Suicidal Tendencies
    Moon in Your Pocket – Masters of Reality
    Moonland – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

  • friendly reader

    “The Monks” – Bruno Calais (from Secret of Kells)
    “Monochrome” – Yoko Kanno (from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex)
    “Monster” – Kanye West ft. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nikki Minaj, and Bon Iver*
    “Moon” – Origa
    *I have this song because I purchased the whole album; this is the one track I skip whenever I listen to it. I get what they doing with the song, but that doesn’t mean I have to enjoy listening to it.

  • rm

    Monkey and the Engineer — Dave Rawlings Machine
    Monkey in the Dogcart — Hoyt Ming and his Pep Steppers
    Monroe County Quickstep — Rutherford & Foster
    Montezuma — Fleet Foxes
    Monyana Plains — Rubye Blevins
    The Mooche — Duke Ellington
    Mood Indigo — Peter Mulvey
    Moon — Mountain Man
    The Moon and St. Christopher — Mary Black
    Moon Baby — Bo Diddley
    The Moon in Made of Gold — Rickie Lee Jones
    Moon Love — Glenn Miller Orchestra
    Moonlight — Bob Dylan
    Moonlight Mile — Cowboy Junkies
    Moonlight on the Colorado — Riley Puckett & Red Jones
    Moonlight Serenade — Glenn Miller Orchestra
    Moonshiner — Bob Dylan
    The Moonshiner — Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem
    Moonshiner’s Dance (parts 1 and 2)– Frank Cloutier and the Victoria Cafe Orchestra

  • Ganimed

    Monkey Man – The Specials
    Monsters of Rock – Judas Priest
    The Montagues and the Capulets (piano version) – Prokofiev
    Montery – Tim Buckley
    Montsegur – Iron Maiden
    Monty Got a Raw Deal – REM
    Moonage Daydream – David Bowie
    Moonchild – Iron Maiden
    Moonchild – King Crimson
    Moonlight Drive – The Doors
    Moonraker – Shirley Bassey
    Moonshiner – Jolie Holland

  • noyatin

    Moon River – Raul Malo, Pat Flynn, Rob Ickes, Dave Pomeroy
    Moonglow – Chet Atkins & Les Paul

  • Jon Frater

    Mononoke Hime — by whomever did the soundtrack for the film
    Monopoly — Bowling for Soup
    The Money Song — Avenue Q soundtrack
    Money Bought — Nickleback
    Moonlight Serenade — Glenn Miller

  • Jessica_R

    “Hijo De La Luna” Mecano

    And in random YouTube music awesomeness,

  • Vermic

    What do you do when all your enemies are French? (*)

    “Monkey Island Theme”, Escape from Monkey Island
    “Monkey Man”, The Specials
    “Monkey Wrench”, Foo Fighters
    “Monosyllabic Girl”, NoFX
    “Monsters Wedding”, The Aquabats

    (*) Yes I know that’s not the real lyric but let me have my fun.

  • Playlist from a moon child with a monkey mind:

    The Monkey – Dave Bartholomew
    Monkey – Harry Belafonte
    Monkey Gone to Heaven – Pixies
    Monkey Hips And Rice – Dub Narcotic Sound System
    Monkey island – 13th floor elevators
    Monkey Man – The Rolling Stones
    Monkey Man – Toots & The Maytals
    Monkey See, Monkey Do – The Budos Band
    The Monkey Song – The Mountain Goats
    Monkeys – Echo & The Bunnymen
    Monkeys And Guns – Eddie Izzard
    Monolith – T.Rex
    Monos (Monkeys) – Yma Sumac
    Monster Boogie (Outrageous Dance) – Paradise Island
    Monster Dub – Tino
    Monster Eye – Free Kitten
    The Monster Mash – Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band
    Monster Surfing Time – Deadly Ones
    Monstre Sacre – Stereolab
    Monterey – Eric Burdon & The Animals
    Monty Got A Raw Deal – R.E.M.
    Monuments – Minutemen
    Mood To Burn Bridges – Neko Case & Her Boyfriends
    Moody – ESG
    Moog Raga – The Byrds
    Moon & Sand – The Mountain Goats
    Moon Hang Low – Incredible String Band
    Moon In June – Soft Machine
    Moon In My Mind – Frankie Rose
    Moon Madness – Pasquale & the Lunar-Tiks
    Moon On The Land – Dirty Three
    Moon Race – The Citations
    Moon Song – My Bloody Valentine
    Moon Tempo – Tussle
    Moon, Turn The Tides…Gently, Gently Away – The Jimi Hendrix Experience
    Moonage Daydream – David Bowie
    Moondawg ’65 – Davie Allan & The Arrows
    Moonlight Drive – The Doors
    Moonlight Mile – The Rolling Stones
    Moonlight On Vermont – Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
    Moonlight Shadows – The Impressions
    Moonshake – Can
    Moonshine Heather – Parliament
    Moonshiner – Bob Dylan
    Moonshiner – Cat Power

  • mud man

    “The Monkey Dance” – The Wiggles (from the kids’ collection)
    “Monkey Man” and “Monkey Girl – Toots and the Maytals

    “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” – Charlie Hayden and Pat Metheny

    “Moonshine” – Sonny Boy Williamson

  • Monkey Gone to Heaven – Pixies
    Montego Bay – Amazulu
    Montego Bay – Bobby Bloom
    Mony Mony – Tommy James & the  Shondells
    Mood Swings and Roundabouts – the Wildhearts
    Moon, Turn the Tides… Gently, Gently Away – the Jimi Hendrix Experience
    Moonlight – Bob Dylan
    Moonshiner – Bob Dylan

  • Mon Amour, Ma Cherie – Amadou & Mariam (OK, out of scope, but a favorite)
    Mon Vieux “Buggy” (My Old Buggy)  – Clifton Chenier And His Red Hot Louisiana Band
    Monsieur le Maure de Niafumé – Toumani Diabaté
    Monster Mash – Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett & the Crypt Kickers (Bobby Pickett’s last performance of this song, a few months before he died)
    Montage (K. Hanna) – Stan Kenton And His Orchestra
    Montmartre – Django Reinhardt

  • Moonshine Man – hermans hermits (from the Blaze album – get it if you like British invasion pop – it’s head and shoulders above everything else they ever did)
    Moonshine (Friend of Mine) – Five Man Electrical Band [can’t find a version by them, but here’s a slightly slower cover by John “Steppenwolf” Kay edit: here’s a spotify link to the 5 Man version Five Man Electrical Band – Moonshine (Friend Of Mine)

  • Let’s try that again:

  • OK, linking fail. Maybe one of these:
    Five Man Electrical Band – Moonshine (Friend Of Mine)
    Five Man Electrical Band – Moonshine (Friend Of Mine)

  •  I give up.

  • Monkey“, by the Erik Sumo Band
    “Monkey in Your Soul”, by Steely Dan
    Monnie“, by the High Llamas
    モノクロームラヴァーズ“, by the pillows
    “モノクローム・スクリーン”, by P-MODEL
    Monogám vagyok“, by R-GO
    Montagues and Capulets“, performed by the Cleveland Orchestra
    “Mony Mony”, performed (badly) by the Beach Boys
    Mood Indigo“, performed by Duke Ellington
    Moon Dawg“, by the Beach Boys
    Moon is Mine“, by the pillows
    ムーンマーガレット“, by the pillows
    Moon Plant-II“, by P-MODEL
    Moonage Daydream“, by David Bowie
    Moonshine“, by Dennis Wilson

  • Jennifer Ramon

    Monkey In My Dreams – Martin Page
    Monkey Shines – Jonathan Coulton
    Monsters and Angels – Voice of the Beehive
    Montana – Venus Hum
    Mony Mony – covered by Billy Idol
    Moonlight – Joe Jackson
    Moonlight Shadow – Mike Oldfield; covers/remixes by Aselin Debison, Deathlike Silence, Groove Coverage, ItaloBrothers, Elane, Amy Branch, Levy 9, and Empyre One

    Um, I really, really like “Moonlight Shadow;” could you tell?

  • Amaryllis

    The Month of January – Dolores Keane
    The Month of May – The Copper Family
    Moon Man – Jean Redpath
    The Mooncoin Jig – Steeleye Span
    Moonglow – Hot Soup
    The Moonshiner – The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem
    The Moonshiner – The Chieftains with Joe Ely

    And at that, I’m surprised I only have it in two versions. Everybody recorded that song.
    The whole world’s a bottle
    and life’s but  a dram.

  • Andy

    Moonlight Sonata  —  Beethoven

  • If I am allowed to translate, I actually do have two this time:

    Moonlight Garden, by Milk Loves Coffee (this one is hosted in the PRC, so your best bet is to pause it and let the whole thing buffer and even then it’s going to be slightly imperfect (the domain name is “potato(d0t)com” so that’s a plus),

    (Moon) Laurel Goddess by S.H.E.

  • L. David Wheeler

    Monkey – Harry Belafonte
    Monkey and the Engineer – Grateful Dead
    Monkey Must Do – Ookla the Mok
    Monster in My Head – Michael “Moonwulf” Longcor
    (The) Monster Song – Static Cling
    Monterey – George Winston (from his Vince Guaraldi tribute album)
    Montezuma – Fleet Foxes
    Monty Got a Raw Deal – R.E.M.
    Mood Indigo – Duke Ellington
    Moon Dreams – Miles Davis
    Moon Glow – Benny Goodman
    Moon Over Bourbon Street – Sting
    Moon So Bright – Juliane Honisch and Katy Droge
    Moondance – Van Morrison
    Moondog House – Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams
    Moonlight – Bob Dylan
    Moonlight, Music and You – Laura Greene
    Moonshine – North Mississippi All-Stars
    Moonshine – Shawn Phillips
    Moonshiner – Uncle Tupelo


  • TheoLib

    Monkberry Moon Delight – Paul McCartney
    Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except For Me And My Monkey – Beatles

  • Moonlight Feels Right – Starbuck

    Get that out of your head if you can