From November to Now

Jesus and his lawyer are coming back …

November Rain,” Guns and Roses
Novocaine for the Soul,” Eels

Novotel,” Adam Green
Now and Forever,” The Wild Swans
Now I’m Here,” Queen
Now. Now.” St. Vincent
Now or Never,” Billie Holiday
Now or Never Land,” Midnight Oil
Now That It’s Over,” Everclear
Now That We Found Love,” Heavy D & The Boyz feat. Aaron Hall
“Now That You’re Gone,” R.E.M.
Now We’re Even,” Michael Penn
Now We’re Getting Somewhere,” Crowded House
Now We’re One,” Buddy Holly

From Wikipedia, a story that seems appropriate to the Friday morning Alphabet Game:

Eels were officially founded when Jonathan “Butch” Norton and E met Tommy Walter. The name “Eels” was chosen so that the band’s records would be close to E’s solo records in an alphabetical ordering, although it was too late realized that numerous “Eagles” and “Earth, Wind and Fire” releases were in between.

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  • Hannah Megill

    …Mine are almost ALL showtunes this week.

    Now I’ve Seen You from Honk
    Now I Am An Arsonist by Jonathan Coulton
    Now I Know by Anthony Rapp (not a showtune, but musical theater guy’s solo album)
    Now or Never from High School Musical 3 (Yeah, I listen to the High School Musical soundtracks. I already know I’m a terrible person.)
    Now That I’ve Seen Her from Miss Saigon
    Now You Know from Merrily We Roll Along

  • Magic_Cracker

    No Way,” Breeders
    No Way,”  Naked and Famous
    No Wonder,” Neil Young

  • Drove from Albuquerque to Boise to see the girl I want to marry. Eels were my soundtrack for roughly 2/3 of the trip. Glad to see them get some ink here.

  • “November,” Tom Waits
    “November Has Come,” Gorillaz feat. MF DOOM
    “November Spawned A Monster,” Morrissey
    “Now Be Thankful,” Fairport Convention
    “Now Get Busy,” Beastie Boys
    “Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue,” The Ramones
    “Now I’m Here,” Queen
    “Now It’s Now Again,” The Flatlanders
    “Now’s The Only Time I Know,” Fever Ray

  • Amaryllis

    Novum decus oritur – Anonymous 4
    Novus annus adiit – Anonymous 4
    Novus presul prodiit – Anonymous 4
    Now Be Thankful – Lisa Moscatiello
    Now I Know How the Gorilla Feels? – Kelly Bell Band
    Now It’s Now Again – The Flatlanders
    Now Mary – The White Stripes
    Now We Are Six – Steeleye Span

  • arcseconds

    Just a piece of trivia: E’s dad is Hugh Everett, the physicist who came up with the (in)famous ‘many worlds’ interpretation of quantum physics. 

  • rm

     November Rain — Guns N’ Roses
    Now — Edie Brickell & New Bohemians
    (Now and Then) There’s a Fool Such as I — Hank Snow
    Now I’m Here — Queen
    Now I Know — Cowboy Junkies
    Now Is the Cool of the Day — Jean Ritchie
    Now Is the Hour (Maori Farewell Song) — Burl Ives
    Now Is the Needy Time — Sister Clara Hudman
    Now It Belongs to You — Mark O’Connor