Remember to Rescue Me

Big business it don’t like you …

Remember the Time,” Michael Jackson
“Remind Me,” Ella Fitzgerald

Reminder,” Radiohead
Reminiscing,” Buddy Holly
Remote Control,” The Clash
“Renaissance Man,” Midnight Oil
Render Love,” The Choir
Repatriated,” Handsome Furs
Repetition,” The Kinks
“Reprisidente,” Swimming Pool Q’s
Requiem,” M. Ward
Rescue,” Lucinda Williams
Rescue Me,” The Alarm

That Lucinda Williams song is a lovely, lovely thing. The lyrics are here.

There’s an old, old joke about Christian-brand pop music that you can just take any regular pop song, capitalize the pronouns and — voila! — you’ve got a CCM hit on your hands. The joke works because so many CCM songs make it sound like Jesus is your boyfriend. And it works because so many regular pop songs make it sound like your boyfriend/girlfriend is divine. “Rescue” would be a very interesting song to give that capitalized pronoun treatment.

Another interesting question about that song and pronouns: Would this work as a love song if we switched every “he” to an “I”? I think it probably would, but that might say more about me than about the song itself.

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  • friendly reader

    “Renga” by Youko Kanno (Wolf’s Rain OST)*
    “Requiem” by Youko Kanno (Wolf’s Rain again)
    “Requiem” by Geinoh Yamashiro (Akira OST)
    “Requiem,” “Requiem II,” and “Requiem II” by Joe Hisaishi (Princess Mononoke OST)
    “Requiem for the Living” by Yasushi Ishii (Hellsing OST)**
    “Rescue of Gasim” by Maurice Jarre (Lawrence of Arabia OST)

    And once again I out myself as both an anime fan and a giant soundtrack addict.

    *The original title is in English lettering, and I have no idea what it’s supposed to refer to.
    **Say what you like about the first adaptation of “Hellsing,” but the music is awesome. Also, I think the whole franchise is overrated.

  • Ooh, got stuff this time.

    Remember a Day” – Pink Floyd
    Remember Me” – The Birthday Massacre
    Renholder” – A Perfect Circle
    Reptile” – Nine Inch Nails
    Reptilian” – Nine Inch Nails
    Requiem QCN” – VNV Nation
    Requiem QCN (Martyr)” – VNV Nation 

  • TheoLib

    “Remember” by John Lennon, which ends in the classic, “Remember … the fifth … of November … (ka-boom)”

  • Tonio

    The South Park episode about CCM works even if one doesn’t know that the joke has been around for some time.

    I used to be able to identify CCM in a few seconds if I was searching for radio stations while traveling. Typically the song would sound at first like a secular power ballad, but the production would be different. The studio ambiance would be fairly flat, and the vocals would lack edginess or grit. Reminded me of the older practice of making easy-listening versions of pop hits.

  • rm

    Remember Me — Freddie Rose
    Remember Me — Ginny Owens
    Remember Me — Lee Moore
    Remember Me — Rickie Lee Jones
    (I don’t think any of those four are the same song)
    Remember Me, I’m the One Who Loves You — Stuart Hamblin
    Remember Pearl Harbor — Carson Robison Trio
    Remember Surrender — Sara Groves
    Remember the Tinman — Tracy Chapman
    Reno — Dottie West
    Reno, Nevada — Tim and Nicki Blum
    Rescue Me — Madonna

  • rm

    Could the selections so far possible be more different?

    Though, I don’t know why I don’t have the Buddy Holly, and I used to have that Kinks song on tape, and I’d like to get that Lucinda Williams album. I heard a lot of people didn’t like “West,” but I think the songs are simple and direct and more powerful for that. It’s like they all say exactly what they mean with no metaphor.

  • Ganimed

    Remember – Air
    Remember Tomorrow (2 different versions) – Iron Maiden
    Reminiscences – Prokofiev
    Remote Control – Beastie Boys
    Remote Control – The Clash
    Repeat – Manic Street Preachers
    Repeat (Stars and Stripes) – Manic Street Preachers
    Repeat to Fade – 3 Colours Red
    Repetition – David Bowie
    Repetition – The Fall
    Replicas – Gary Numan
    Requiem – Killing Joke
    Requiem – King Crimson
    The Rescue Blues – Ryan Adams
    Rescue Me – Madonna

  • Michael Pullmann

     The South Park episode, I believe, has the rule as “replace ‘baby’ with ‘Jesus’.” Which always makes me think of Amy Grant and “Baby, Baby,” and how weird a song that would be if you did that.

  • J Neo Marvin

    Remember (Walking In The Sand)  –  The Shangri-Las
    Remember A Day – Pink Floyd
    Remember That Day – Scrawl
    Remember The Theremin – The Cannanes + Steward
    Rememberance – Rhythm & Noise
    Reminiscing – Buddy Holly
    Remote Control – The Clash
    Renaissance Fair – The Byrds
    Render Your Heart – Trinity
    Rends-moi Demain – Robin Williamson
    Reno Dakota – The Magnetic Fields
    Reno Nevada – Mimi & Richard Fariña
    The Rent Is Always Due – Neil Young
    Reoccurring Dreams – Hüsker Dü
    Repatriation Is A Must – I Roy
    Repeal of the Licensing Laws – The Pogues
    Repetition – David Bowie
    Repetition – The Fall
    Repetition – Quasi
    Reptiles – Pylon
    The Republic – Gang Of Four
    Repulsion – Dinosaur
    Reputation – Shy Limbs
    Rescue  – Echo & The Bunnymen

  • J Neo Marvin

    “replace ‘baby’ with ‘Jesus’.”

    So won’t you please (Be my, be my Jesus)
    Be my little Jesus (My one and only Jesus)
    Say you’ll be my darling (Be my, be my Jesus)
    Be my Jesus now, whoa-oh-oh-oh…

  • Jesus, Jesus, don’t get hooked on me
    Jesus, Jesus, don’t get hooked on me’
    Cause I’ll just use you then I’ll set you free
    Jesus, Jesus, don’t get hooked on me…

  • J Neo Marvin

    Whoa Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,
    Whoa Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,
    J-J-J-J-J-J-Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,
    Oh Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,
    Come back Jesus, I wanna play house with you!

  • mud man

    Repent Walpurgis – Procul HarumReservations – Wilco …well, strictly that’s out in the 4th decimal place. Oh well. Dig it anyway.

  • J_Enigma32

    Remedy – Seether
    Remembrance – Mark O’Donnell  (From the Halo soundtrack)
    Repeating Yesterday – As I Lay Dying
    Reroute to Remain – In Flames
    Resurrection – Chimera
    Resurrection Code – Disharmonia Mundi

  • Remember Me“, by Diana Ross and the Supremes
    Remember You“, by the Zombies
    リモートコントローラー“, by Shiina Ringo
    A remete története“, by Hobo Blues Band
    Remind Me“, by Royksöpp
    Reno Dakota“, by the Magnetic Fields
    Reptile“, by Eric Clapton
    Repül a bálna“, by Republic (video brimming with early 90s regrettability)
    Repülő zenekar“, by Gemini
    “Rescue Me”, by Big Fuzz

  • We played this game once. We had to stop when we were all incapacitated by helpless laughter at the blasphemy in “Now I’ll never pray to another (oooh!) / Since I saw him hanging there”

  • Keulan

    There are quite a few songs that do sound like “Jesus is my boyfriend.” Not surprisingly, TVTropes has a page on this.

  • Remember – The Jimi Hendrix Experience
    Remembering Part 2 (New Day) – Thin Lizzy
    Remote Control – the Clash
    Rendezvous – the Rutles
    Requiem (Efter En Död Älghund) – Euskefeurat
    Requiem for Dissent – Bad Religion