Chick-fil-A Flustercluck: The Day After

“Had there been a Fox News back in 1960, I’m sure there would have been a Woolworth’s Lunch-counter Appreciation Day, too.”

“The people who organized boycotts of these bigots and the places they represented back then were similarly accused of ‘intolerance’ at the time.”

If Mike Huckabee had declared yesterday ‘Homeless Appreciation Day,’ would the response have been even half as large and loud?”

“It’s a systemic pattern of discrimination for a certain way of being a ‘family.'”

“Please stop redefining Christianity as a superficial cultural tribe that self-identifies through its particular tastes in facial hair, ‘relevant’ fashion, political stances, and the culture war loyalty test of the week.”

Bullying low-wage workers is never cool.

“‘I call it hater appreciation day,’ said Andrew, who asked that his last name be withheld out of fear he’d be fired. ‘It’s very, very depressing.'”

“Realize that behind this debate are real people — kids like the girl in Kentucky who fear for their safety, women like Sally Ride’s widow who are denied their spouse’s Social Security benefits.”

“Yes, Jane would know what you thought of her, and Jane would be right.”

To fear the anger and resentment of your neighbors for being who you are is not the freedom that the American dream promises.”

“Supporting the treatment of gays and lesbians as criminals is not compatible with being a free country with protection of freedom of speech, any more than slavery or segregation were.”

“One of the cases involved Aziz Latif, a former Chick-fil-A restaurant manager in Houston, who sued the company in 2002 because he was fired a day after refusing to participate in a group prayer to Jesus Christ at a company training program. Latif is a Muslim.”

A dog whistle-y way to say ‘God Hates Fags,’ topped with two pickles and served on a bun.”

Wayne Self: This isn’t about mutual tolerance because there’s nothing mutual about it.”

If we agree to disagree on this issue, you walk away a full member of this society and I don’t. There is no “live and let live” on this issue because Dan Cathy is spending millions to very specifically not let me live. I’m not trying to do that to him.

Asking for “mutual tolerance” on this like running up to a bully beating a kid to death on the playground and scolding them both for not getting along. I’m not trying to dissolve Mr. Cathy’s marriage or make his sex illegal. I’m not trying to make him a second-class citizen, or get him killed. He’s doing that to me, folks; I’m just fighting back.

All your life, you’re told to stand up to bullies, but when we do it, we’re told we are the ones being intolerant? Well, okay. Yes. I refuse to tolerate getting my ass kicked. “Guilty as charged.”

But what are you guilty of? When you see a bully beating up a smaller kid and you don’t take a side, then you are taking a side. You’re siding with the bully. And when you cheer him on, you’re revealing something about your own character that really is a shame.

Dallas Stevens: I was undone

As I spoke, I became overwhelmed and started to cry.

To my surprise, a woman who wore a “gay” American flag came to me and hugged me as to comfort me.

I was undone.

Here I was trying to show kindness, and it was being shown to me.

Although she had no idea that I am not a big hugger unless I know you and we are very close…

Either way, it set my heart on fire.

I still do not know how to process this.

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  • Jared Bascomb

    I may go so far as to match the contributions in response to Sherry. 

  • 08:00 Wake up
    08:05 Page Leon Fortunato
    08:10 Troll Rayford Steele

    Oh, damn. Who gave me the Antichrist’s agenda instead of the homosexuality one? I GOT RIPPED OFF.

  • ako: Where are you donating, again?

  • Lori


    I’d be buggered if I can remember if that’s Lori or someone else (sorry Lori, if I have you mixed up!)  

    It’s not me, but don’t worry about it. It’s Lliira unless I’m also mismatching names & story. That fact that we have several “L” names makes it tough to keep it straight.

    When it comes to keeping names and stories straight a recognizable avatar really helps me. Without one my recognition can be a little hit or miss and I don’t have the excuse of brain injury.

  • AnonymousSam

    Lliira, that has to be her — because I kept thinking the name was “Lorii,” remembering the double I. ^_^;

    For what it’s worth, I tend to look forward to posts by you too!

  • PJ Evans

     I was figuring that and ‘paying property taxes’ came under ‘and so on’.

  • ako


  • Ursula L

    So as a geek who never really got into Dr. Who, where is a good place to start if I’m trying to get into the franchise? 

    Do you have a way to watch the BBC in some form, either as available in Britain or on something like BBC America?

    Because a new season will be starting at the end of August.

    If you have access to it, then I’d suggest you start by watching Seasons 5 & 6 between now and then, as you’ll be able to smoothly transition into the new episodes, and you’ll know the story arc of the current companions.  

    Fit in the Season 4 episodes “Silence in the Library” and “Forest of the Dead” if you have time.  A different Doctor than the two seasons I recommended, but it does introduce a key character in the season 5/6 story arc. 

    That way, you’ll be able, if you want, to participate in online discussions as the new episodes are released.  Which can be a lot of fun, if you’re that sort of person.  

    And you hang out here.  So you’re likely the sort of person who likes picking apart and discussing stories online.  


    After that, you can do what you want.  Starting from the beginning of the new series might be fun, or jumping in to the old series.  

    You do want to be aware that many early episodes from the old series have been lost, probably forever.  So starting at the very beginning will likely be frustrating, and if you try to “catch up” you’re likely to never actually get to the point of experience new episodes as they are released.  Also, the style and pacing of television was rather different when the earliest episodes were made.  So if you decide to start there and don’t care for it, the problem may not be that you don’t like the franchise, but  rather that you don’t care for stories told in the way that stories were televised then.  

  • W33B33 weebee

    Reply to Ursula L.

    Yeah, I remember sitting back and watching old stuff like Lost In Space, and this show about a submarine with a bright yellow submersible stealth jet. Completely different feel from stuff today, and I’d imagine that some people simply couldn’t get into it just through the production value and acting style differences of the older shows.

    Basically, though, I figure if you can watch the old BSG, other than Battlestar 1980, and not cringe, old style Who shouldn’t be a problem.

    Reply to SherryLevine

    On a significantly less pleasant topic, I’ve attempted to look up Homosexual V. Heterosexual crime statistics, but in attempting to be completely fair in the search haven’t found anything that both I and SherryLevine can say is relatively free of Bias. I checked the world fact book and a few other Federal sources, but it seems that they usually don’t ask the sexual orientation of the criminals they arrest.

    Perhaps I could cross-reference a violent crime rate map with a map of homosexual concentrations in the country, but that wouldn’t be very reliable since factors other than the sexual orientation of the people involved will surely be different and some people may be lying about their sexual orientation. The test doesn’t really fit the scientific method.

    I’m afraid I’m stumped here. If you aren’t willing to provide me with exact statistics, perhaps a location or a good tactic for searching for them would be acceptable. Though I must say that I rather object to the “You’re too stupid to understand so I’m not going to share my findings” line of argument, especially in a field as relatively easy to understand as statistical analysis.

  • Lori

    Thank you. That’s nice of you to say.

  • If someone is arguing against same-sex marriage, is sexual orientation even relevant?  After all, the person doesn’t want any person of any orientation to marry someone of the same sex.  So it would seem that the statistics to look at would be the crime rates among, say, men married to men vs. men married to women.  This would mean you’ll have to look at crime rates outside of the US in places where SSM has been legal for a while if you want a good sample size.

    Alternatively, maybe you should look at the crime rates of single people vs. married people.  It may turn out to be the case that, if we want to reduce crime, we need to ban marriage entirely–at least if we’re taking troll-logic to be the only kind of reasoning that matters.

  • Where is Fearlesson? I was waiting for him to come back and lecture me on how HORRIBLE my views on rights were… I guess he’s busy – I’m sure he won’t disappoint later though… 

    I am flattered that you thought of me in my absence.  You are also correct in your speculation that I was busy.  Per your expectation, I will try not to disappoint, though I think your assumption of what I would say is a bit off.  

    Actually, I am pleased that you brought up the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  It is actually what I was thinking of when I was asking you what human rights are earlier, but I did not want to lead the question too obviously.  While there is room for some disagreements on the fine details of what constitutes a human right, the UDHR seems like a good guideline in this case, insofar as it is generally agreed on by a wide diversity of nations and cultures.  

    I feel that this is important because debate is impossible unless all sides of the issue have some central agreed upon ideas around which to argue.  Otherwise, you just have two sides talking past each other rather than to each other.  I am glad that you were the one to bring up the UDHR, as it shows that we have more in common than might be assumed.  

    By way of example, you have expressed disgust and horror at the prospect of things like rape and pedophilia.  On this, I do not think you will find much disagreement from the people here.  I would even be willing to wager that virtually all the people in this blog community hate those things as much as you do.  I for one support the strictest of penalties for such heinous crimes.  I would certainly not condemn your values for opposing anyone who would violate another person’s informed consent.  In this, I believe that we have shared values.  

    However, where I think that we differ is in set logic.  There are pedophiles and rapists in society, we agree on that fact.  A fraction of those pedophiles and rapists identify as non-heterosexual, this is also true.  But the rest of those pedophiles and rapists are, logically, self-identified as heterosexual.  That is to say, I assert that rape and pedophilia are issues all their own, which do not share a relationship with a perpetrator’s sexual orientation.  

    To put it as a modus tollens, “If the rate of rapists and/or pedophiles is not substantially different among non-heterosexuals than it is among heterosexuals, then rape and pedophilia are issues independent of sexual orientation.  The rate of rapists and pedophiles is not substantially different among non-heterosexuals than it is among heterosexuals.  Therefor, rape and pedophilia are not related to a person’s sexual orientation.”

    Modus vivendi.

  • we sh0uld reply t0 tr0lls in character as the h0mestuck tr0lls matching 0ur 0wn astr0l0gical signs

  • W33B33 weebee

     LOL. I’d like to inform you that you just made my Text to speach reader have a heart attack. Also, I’d go along with you but I don’t follow Homestuck so I’d be totally lost.

  • After playing some Fallout New Vegas this morning, I’ve decided that internet trolls would be more entertaining if the mental voice I use when I read their posts is that of a super mutant: 

  • Ursula L

    Basically, though, I figure if you can watch the old BSG, other than Battlestar 1980, and not cringe, old style Who shouldn’t be a problem. 

    It’s not a problem if you know what you’re getting into.

    But if, as I suggested, you’ve just sprinted through seasons 5&6 of new Who, in order to be able to jump in when the new episodes start, you could find yourself quite confused if you don’t know the history of the franchise and you decide to go back to the very beginning.

    Slow paced half-hour episodes, in black and white, put together into multi-episode stories.  With half the episodes missing.  

    It’s not just a matter of being comfortable with television production styles from half a century ago.  It’s knowing that you’ll be negotiating your way through a sort of historical or anthropological archive, with some parts carefully saved, some that have been painstakingly reconstructed from fragments, and some that you’ll have a hard time getting your hands on at all. 

    Comfort with other science fiction of the time will help with some issues of pacing and style.  It’s the missing episodes that are really an issue for someone wanting to start from the beginning.  

    It’s almost its own art form, when an audio track, still photographs, snippets of silent film from when someone pointed their 8mm camera at their television screen, and whatever else they can find, are put together, by people working from memory of what they saw decades ago, to try and tell a story.   

  • W33B33 weebee

     Ah, yes. Completely forgot how much of Old Who has vanished into the darkness. I stand corrected.

  • Most of the missing episodes are available as “audio books” which are basically the sound (all of the missing episodes still have audio available mostly due to nerdy kids in the 60’s with tape recorders) from the episodes with some narration edited in by one of the actors.

  • ConservativeWhitebread

    Where are yoooou SherryLevine come at me bro

  • aunursa

    Are you anursa’s little sister?

    My evil long-lost little sister that I never knew I had? 

    The internet has plenty of information for what to do if you find that you are a character in a horror movie, and specific advice if you have to battle zombies or vampires.  But, alas, there’s no help for me if it turns out that I’m just a character in a bad soap opera.

  • Consumer Unit 5012

    we sh0uld reply t0 tr0lls in character as the h0mestuck tr0lls matching 0ur 0wn astr0l0gical signs


    D–> And furthermore, I would have to type like this guy.

  • EllieMurasaki

    Not to mention I’d have to read Homestuck. I am a little afraid of reading Homestuck Haven’t figured out why.

    Hey, if we’re gonna play the deliberately-off-topic card, –trailer for Fistful of Rupees, in which Legend of Zelda is reimagined as a Western. I am dying to see this.

  • But, alas, there’s no help for me if it turns out that I’m just a character in a bad soap opera.

    Top of the list would be stay out of hospitals.
    If you have an identical twin whom you haven’t seen for years, make sure everyone knows.
    Always get DNA tests. If you think you aren’t biologically related to a family member, you’re probably right.

  • Lori

    Always have the DNA tests done at an outside lab, never at the local hospital and do it under assumed name to prevent the bad guy from altering the results.

  • W33B33 weebee

    Don’t forget, be extremely careful of risky activities. If you go around racing fast cars or flying around the country you’re inevitably going to crash and end up in a Coma. If you’re always that paranoid person who is wringing their hands about how everything’s going to happen to you they might keep you around as comic relief and write you off quietly when the viewers get irritated… or several years later.

  • W33B33 weebee

    This thread may or may not be dead, but….

    Found something. This factsheet, I believe, is where the local troll got her HIV facts. Turned out to be a lot easier to find than the data on violent crimes, and also seems to support her claims with the understanding of the data I’ve got, but also seems to state that the increased vulnerability is primarily an issue of not getting the right information, for example, see the percentage of infectees who don’t know they’re infected or do not know of prevention issues.

    Let me make it clear, I do not know anything about this. I’m Canadian, and the only places I’ve heard of the CDC are during reports of SARS stuff and while playing Syphon filter, so I’m not gunna go one way or the other on this, just throwing it up here so you guys can get a look at the data.

  • PJ Evans

     I gather from reading it that it’s intended for public distribution, to inform those most at risk. CDC is pretty solid as a source – but those numbers are a small percentage of the US population, much less than 1 percent.

  • ako

    Given the silence from the troll, I’m going to call a final total.

    Thanks to the inspiring Sherry Levine, I have now donated precisely sixty-one dollars to the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.  

  • john

    The safe way to do it is to set up a new account using a public library computer. No private info available to accidentally leak.