Up to Us

Up to Us August 3, 2012

May the sunrise bring hope where it once was forgotten

“Up,” Ticklepenny Corner
“Up Above My Head,” Maria Muldaur & Tracy Nelson
Up Against the Glass,” The Botticellis

Up All Night,” Green
Up Around the Bend,” Creedence Clearwater Revival
Up in This,” Don McCloskey
Up the Hill Backwards,” David Bowie
Up the Spout,” Mateo Messina
Up to the Mountain (MLK Song),” Patty Griffin
Up, Up and Away,” Kid CuDi
Up Where We Belong,” Joe Cocker
Uphill Battle,” Sarah McLachlan
Upside Down,” Jack Johnson
Uptight (Everything’s Alright),” Stevie Wonder
“Uptown,” Prince
Upward Over the Mountain,” Iron & Wine
“Us,” Michael Been
Us Amazonians,” Kirsty MacColl

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  • Up the Khyber” – Pink Floyd
    “Upon a Golden Horse” – Page & Plant
    Uprising” – Muse
    Upstairs” – Wolfsheim
    Us” – She Wants Revenge
    Us and Them” – Pink Floyd
    Useless” – Depeche Mode
    Uselink” – Depeche Mode 

  • cminus

    “Up Against The Wall”, Patti Rothberg
    “Up All Night”, Slaughter
    “Up In Arms”, Foo Fighters
    “Up So Close”, Cake
    “Up The Beach”, Jane’s Addiction
    “Up The Canyon”, The String Cheese Incident
    Up There“, Satan, The Dark Prince
    “Up To Me”, Jethro Tull
    “Up Too Late”, Pat McCurdy
    “Uprising”, Muse
    “Urami Bushi”, Meiko Kaji (梶芽衣子)
    “Uranus, The Magician”, Zubin Mehta; New York Philharmonic
    “Us And Them”, Pink Floyd

    Most recommended: “Uprising”, which sounds like Joe Strummer, Gary Glitter, and China Mieville collaborated on the anthem for a proletarian revolt.  The rest of Muse’s output is less evocative, but this one works well.  I might have recommended “Us And Them”, which has a combination of fine musicality and an excellent message, but I’ve recommended Pink Floyd before and Fred still doesn’t have any, so I’m going to guess he just doesn’t like them.

    Given the focus of this blog, I am amused by the presence of Satan’s Disney princess number from “South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut”.  The song itself is one of the few totally SFW songs in the movie, but the video has a couple of bits in questionable taste, as one would expect from South Park.

  • “Up in Flames” – Joe Satriani
    “Up in the Sky” – Joe Satriani
    “Uphill Battle” – Sarah McLachlan
    “Ural” – Apocalyptica
    “Us 2 Little Gods” – Dido

  • friendly reader

    “Urami Bushi” – Meiko Kaji (from the second “Kill Bill” soundtrack)
    “Uruk Hai, the” – Howard Shore (from “The Lord of the Rings,” of course)

    and I think we’re supposed to stop at “us,” but since the preceding comment went through the “us–“s, I’ll add those:

    “USA #03” – from the Texhnolyze OST that I haven’t listened to in ages, but holds a place in my heart as it was my first ebay purchase.

    Oh, and searching, should you ever choose something with “un-“, hoo boy. I might even have some non-OST stuff!

  • J Neo Marvin

    Up – Tall Dwarfs
    Up & Down – Donner Party
    Up & Down – The Serpent Power
    Up And Down – Tara Key
    Up Around The Bend – Creedence Clearwater Revival
    Up From The Skies – The Jimi Hendrix Experience
    Up In Heaven (Not Only Here) – The Clash
    Up in Her Room [Long Version] – The Seeds
    Up In The Air – Hüsker Dü
    up on cripple creek – the band
    Up On The Roof – The Drifters
    Up The Hill Backwards – David Bowie
    Up The Khyber – Pink Floyd
    Up The Wolves – The Mountain Goats
    Up Warrika Hill – Augustus Pablo
    Upbeat Version – Impact All Stars
    The Update – The Beastie Boys
    The Upful One – Big Youth
    Upfull Living – Augustus Pablo
    Uphill – Can
    Ups And Downs  –  Paul Revere & The Raiders
    Upside Down – The Jesus & Mary Chain
    Uptight (Everything’s Alright) – Stevie Wonder
    Uptown – Prince
    Uptown Babies Don’t Cry – Max Romeo
    Uqalile Ukumba Nomona – Joshua Sithole
    Uranium –  Kraftwerk
    Uranium Rock  – The Cramps
    Us And Them – Easy Star All Stars
    Us and Them – Pink Floyd
    Us Fish Must Swim Together – The Subhumans

  • Ganimed

    Up in Heaven (Not Only Here) – The Clash
    Up Jumped the Devil – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
    Up the Beach – Jane’s Addiction
    Up the Bracket – The Libertines
    Up the Hill Backwards – David Bowie
    Up to Me – Jethro Tull
    The Update – Beastie Boys
    Upside Down – The Jesus and Mary Chain
    The Upstairs Room – The Cure
    Uranus, The Magician – Holst
    US Government – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    Us or Them – The Cure

  • Urban Decay – The Nameless Mod Soundtrack (Link to someone playing Audiosurf using the track, you can get the soundtrack for free here.)

  • I might even have some non-OST stuff!

    I never will.

  • “Up All Night,” Unwritten Law
    “Up and Away,” Dave Matthews
    “Up from Below,” Edward Sharp & the Magnetic Zeros
    “Up in Smoke,” Blackberry Smoke
    “Up in the Sky,” Oasis
    “Up on Cripple Creek,” The Band (like, 4 versions)
    “Upbeat Song,” Jason Boots
    “Upon the Wind and the Waves,” The Waterboys
    “Uptight,” Green Day
    “Uptown Downhome Good Ol’ Boy,” Garth Brooks
    “Us of Lesser Gods,” Flogging Molly.

    Really, other than the Flogging Molly song, which is utterly sublime, there’s not much worthwhile in there.  I like “Up on Cripple Creek,” “Upbeat Song,” and “Up in the Sky,”  but I assumed I’d have nothing in this category, mostly because I don’t listen to any of the other songs in this group, like, ever.  I’m surprised I have them on my mp3 player.

  • wanderingoutlaw

    Up in Heaven (Not Only Here) – The Clash
    Up on Cripple Creek – The Band (2 versions plus the one below)
    Up on Cripple Creek – Bob Dylan and The Band
    Up to Me – Bob Dylan
    Up to Me – Roger McGuinn
    Up Where We Belong –  Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes
    Ups And Downs – Paul Revere & The Raiders
    Uptown – Roy Orbison
    UR – Alanis Morissette
    Urban Legends – Swirling Eddies
    The Uruk-hai – Howard Shore (LOTR: The Two Towers soundtrack)

  • Vermic

    “Up in the Sky” – Oasis
    “The Update” – Beastie Boys
    “Uppers & Downers” – Aliotta, Haynes & Jeremiah
    “Upstairs in My House” – Men At Work

  • plotnothot

    Up In Flames-Coldplay
    Up To The Wolves-The Mountain Goats 
    Up With The Birds-Coldplay
    Us Against The World-Coldplay

  • Theo

    Lots of songs this time.

    Up Against the Wall – Tom Robinson Band
    Up Against the Wall – Full Metal Jacketz
    Up Around the Bend – Hanoi Rocks (CCR cover)
    Up in Canada – Larry Norman
    Up in Heaven (Not Only There) – the Clash
    Up on Cripple Creek – the Band (2 versions)
    Up the Junction – the Bad Shepherds
    Up to Me – Bob Dylan
    Up to Me – Roger McGuinn (Dylan cover)
    Up to My Neck in You – AC/DC
    Up to No Good – Rancid
    Up Yer Heart – the Humpers
    Upfield – Billy Bragg
    Uppgång & Fall – Ebba Grön
    Upside Down – the Jesus & Mary Chain
    Uptight – Green Day
    Uptight (Everything’s Alright) – Stevie Wonder
    Uptight Maggie – Go Home Productions (Stevie Wonder/Rod Stewart mashup)
    Uptown – the Crystals
    Urban Kids – Chelsea
    Urban Kids – Alternative TV
    USA – the Pogues
    Used – Rocket from the Crypt

  • banancat

     Up all Night – One Direction
    Uptown Girl 

    – Billy Joel

  • If anyone’s interested, there’s a mashup of Muse vs. Amy Winehouse–“Uprising Back”–available on the Bootie Mashup blog.  The site includes many, many other fun things, like my current favorite:  Metallica vs. Herbie Hancock, “Master of Doin’ It.”

  • cminus

    I do have some of the Bootie mashups, although neither of those.  My favorite so far is LL Cool J vs. Dexy’s Midnight Runners, “Knock Out Eileen”.