Hear why it’s sung here, oppositioner

“Traditional journalism jobs may be dwindling, but the Internet offers many new possibilities for writers.” (via AZspot)

“If our self-government fails us, it is because we have listened to the fundamental heresy that our national government is something alien to us.”

“Conservatives cannot govern well for the same reason that vegetarians cannot prepare a world-class boeuf bourguignon: If you believe that what you are called upon to do is wrong, you are not likely to do it very well.”

Giving more money to those who do not have much is better for the economy.”

“Churches and food banks across the country don’t have the capacity to help every person in need. And they won’t magically gain that capacity if we cut SNAP.”

“The First Amendment can and should protect religious institutions from performing a ceremony they feel is counter to their doctrine, but it should not be invoked to prevent the State from recognizing that ceremony if performed privately or by another religious institution without such prohibitions.”

Paul Ryan honors Jesus while disavowing his ethical teaching, and denounces Ayn Rand while clinging to her Antichrist ethics.”

“Bishop Tebartz-van Elst, 52, doesn’t only embrace luxury when he travels to India to visit poor children and nuns.”

“We want Muslim neighbours to denounce extremists in their religion around the world? We Christians need to do the same.”

“With such problems in their heart, spelling is probably low on their list of priorities.”

“It dehumanized white people in the sense that their understanding of what it means to be human is limited by race.”

“Some are actual heroes; some are war criminals on behalf of ‘one of the worst [causes] for which a people ever fought’ and then terrorists on behalf of apartheid.”

“I think that what needed changing is attitudes, or myself, or maybe some other people I know.”

“Phyllis, because she came first, especially had a lot more walls to knock down.”

Church Sign Epic Fails, Vol. XXVIII

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  • I love these link posts. They make digging up relevant facts quickly so much easier when someone says something unforgivably stupid on Facebook.

    That happens a lot :P

  • AnonymousSam

    A conservative estimate of $21 trillion dollars (and as much as $32 trillion) just sitting in offshore bank accounts throughout the world. Ah, what a wonderful number. I think I’ll carve it on the foreheads of the fallen nobility when they’re first against the wall when the revolution comes.

  • pshrock1

    And it’s a backwards “Stairway to Heaven” reference in the blog title. I do believe this is a first for Christian blogging.

  • It seems that reinstating comprehensive controls over capital flows might start shaking loose that tree of money. It’s a bit unreal to imagine twice to three times the entire annual production of the USA just siting locked up for the benefit of a fortunate few. (>_<)

  • Albanaeon

     And it doesn’t even really benefit them, if you get down to it.  There’s nothing to buy.  There’s no treasure that can’t be gotten.  It’s a pissing contest taken beyond absurdity and destroying everything around it in a storm of avarice.

  • Monala

    the Charlie Pierce article (the “fundamental heresy” link) is one of the best and most genuinely patriotic I’ve ever read.

  • Monala

    And the Bread for the World article (“Churches and food banks”) rocks, too!

  • Div School Survivor

    Not sure how I feel about criticizing the message just because the sentiment is misspelled or grammatically suspect.  In the cited case, the vileness of the sentiment speaks for itself.
    Our host, after all, consistently uses “it’s” as a possessive and I still respect his message.  And spelling “raghead” correctly doesn’t make me any more inclined to think the users of the phrase are any less ignorant.

  • “Renewal begins where the efforts toward making due (sic) with less are made,” 

    And I’m sure that Tebartz-van Elst does make “due” with less.  He may well pass up the Cristal for Dom Perignon, for example. 

  • JRoth95

    I’ve actually been to Limburg, and walked around the cathedral – it’s magnificent. But I did feel that it was missing a certain element of secrecy and private luxury, so I’m glad the bishop has stepped up on that.

  • Re: the Paul Ryan/Ayn Rand – While I generally agree with Bean’s points on Ryan, the attacks on American liberals seem bizarre to me. Demanding that liberal be more authoritarian and less inclusive is rather missing the point of liberalism, in my opinion.

  • +1 internets for the Hitchhiker’s Guide reference.