Another list: Where are all the Christian LGBTQ bloggers?

So in response to the perennial and dismissive question, “Where are all the Christian women bloggers?” I’ve been collecting links. A lot of links — more than 400 so far.

I’ve been calling that list o’ links The Bonfire. (I suppose you could also think of it as a kind of virtual binder full of women — although the point has much more to do with un-binding.)

Along the way I’ve also been trying to compile another list of LGBTQ Christian blogs. As with the Bonfire, this started as something for myself — for the benefit of my own RSS feed subscriptions. But I also want to share this list here for the same reasons I want to share that other list. Because there are some terrific voices, writers, artists and thinkers here who deserve to be heard whether or not the tribal gatekeepers deign to permit them a “seat at the table.” And because by sharing this list, I hope that others can alert me to still other blogs and voices that I’m unaware of and missing out on.

So here’s my list so far. It’s still too short, and I still haven’t come up with a snazzy name for it yet. I’d appreciate any help you can provide with either of those.

  1. Anarchist Reverend
  2. Are Women Human?
  3. The Bible in Drag
  4. Bilgrimage
  5. The Body Is Many
  6. Brian Gerald
  7. Canyonwalker Connections
  8. Clattering Bones
  9. Crumbs From the Communion Table
  10. Harriet Long
  11. I’m Christian. I’m Gay. Let’s Talk.
  12. Jottings
  13. Mel White
  14. Mel’s Musings
  15. MyOutSpirit
  16. Peter Toscan’s A Musing
  17. Presbyqueerian
  18. Queering the Church
  19. Radical Mary
  20. Shirley-Anne McMillan
  21. The Sweet Bi and Bi
  22. Thoughts Required; Pants Optional
  23. The Wild Reed


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  • Lunch Meat

    You absolutely must have Odd Man Out ( on there.

  • A couple of my favorites, more mainstream though since that’s where I tend to wade.

  • AnonaMiss

    The part of me that values puns above all else thinks it would be more appropriate to call this list the Bonfire, because of what some would call the people who are in it…

  • Sircool2320

    One LGBT Christian blog you might consider in this regard:

  • Journey Through The Field of Life is worth a read:

  • Jeff Weskamp

    Holy Monsters and Headless Bullies

  • There’s also Coming Out Christian, here on Patheos. 

  • Jeff Weskamp

    Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters, by Alvin McEwen

  • Alison

     Agreed. Odd Man Out amazingly inspiring and eloquently written, and the blogger is a very good friend of mine who I view as one of my primary Christian examples.

  • *raises hand* I started blogging before my transition, so I don’t know if the name is necessarily quite right anymore, but it’s catchy so I’m keeping it: Gay Christian Geek

  • pseudon mousie

    It’s more “pop culture” than “theology” but worth the read.

  • Kiba

    Father Geoff Farrow:

    A Catholic priest that came out during Prop 8 and against it and has since been suspended. 

  •  Oh snap! Thanks for the link :)

  • Ian needs a nickname

    This is a really good idea.

  • Chris
  • Brien Ashdown

  • Thanks for this list – and for including my own Queering the Church, and some of my blogging internet friends and collaborators. I look forward to exploring your suggestions, and the others already proposed in this comments thread.

    There are several additions I can think of off-hand, but I do not want to list them yet without proper thought: no point in alienating my net friends because of a careless oversight! I’ll publish my own list, at my blog and here, after proper consideration – something I have been thinking of doing, in any case. To be getting on with, take a look at the list I compiled a few years back – (I’ve not yet checked the links though: it’s quite possible some are now dead or dormant).

    When I started blogging myself, part of my inspiration was the example of progressive grass roots internet activists in the political sphere – who call themselves “netroots”. In that spirit, I propose “queer pewroots”. 

  • I only really follow Slacktivist so I don’t have any links to add… but I do love that stained glass window >_> that’s fantastic.

  • mertz

    You gotta put “I Like Guys” on this list!

    Here are some other great Christian LGBTQ resources:

  • PandaRosa

    The term “Christian Quiltbag” just sounds so cozy.

  • Hi mertz,

    I used to read Confessions of a Christian Collegian (College Jay). It was well written. It’s inactive now, but still probably a good resource.


  • There haven’t been any posts since April – but :

  • Pseudonym

    Candace Chellew-Hodge writes for Religion Dispatches.

  • Suenord
  • Nick

    How can you not have Andrew Sullivan on this list?

  • Not purely Gay (but commonly) is Registered Runaway, which is a wonderful collection of blog posts from different authors.

  • Deborah Arca

    Coming Out Christian … by Kimberly Knight … here at Patheos!  She’s awesome.   Thanks for lifting up all of these voices, Fred.

  • cassandratoday

    Virtus, Amor, et Misericordia at  Young lesbian Reformed Catholic.

  • cassandratoday

    Well, and .  But I don’t post often, so I should be near the bottom of the list. I’m a transwoman inching toward switching my ordination candidacy from the mainline Presbyterians to the Progressive Christian Alliance.

  • Catholic Boy Richard  –

  • Kittredge Cherry

    Jesus In Love Blog on LGBT Spirituality and the Arts

    In recent months you have linked to my posts about gay saints Sergius and Bacchus, lesbian martyr FannyAnn Eddy, Adam and Steve paintings by Tony De Carlo, and Jemima Wilkinson, a queer American preacher reborn in 1776 as “Publick Universal Friend.”  Thanks for the past links, and I hope to be included on the List That Dare Not Speak Its Name

  • Antoinette H.

    Please add to your list, a lovely blog kept by a gay ex-priest from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. His reflections are gentle but quite no-nonsense, and they have given me hope as a bisexual Orthodox Christian.

  • Carl Gregg (The Project Director and blogger is The Rev. Dr. Stephen V. Sprinkle, who is also Director of Field Education and Supervised Ministry, and Professor of Practical Theology at Brite Divinity School, Fort Worth, Texas, a post he has held since 1994. An ordained Baptist minister, he is the first open and out Gay scholar in the history of the Divinity School, and the first open and out LGBTQ person to be tenured there.)