The Bonfire: A big giant (but far from complete) list o’ Christian women bloggers

The Bonfire: A big giant (but far from complete) list o’ Christian women bloggers September 30, 2012

Here’s my big giant list o’ links from the other day in a more convenient form.

This is not a list of the “top” Christian women bloggers, or the best, or the most popular. It’s just a list of those I’m aware of thus far.

Please let me know of any names I’m missing here and I’ll add them to the list and post the new, improved, updated and expanded Bonfire every little bit after collecting more names.

No Billboard-style ranking here. That would involve looking up stats and inventing some pseudo-quantitative, pseudo-objective formula, and that just seems like a lot of work that would only result in making it harder for anyone to find particular names in this list. This is an exhibition, not a competition, (so please … no wagering).

The name “Bonfire” here comes from Sarah Bessey:

So I am no longer standing beside your table, asking for a seat, working and serving and hoping to be noticed and then offered a seat or arguing for my right to a seat. I don’t care to sit here any more. I have no desire to be indoors, in your neat boxes. …

And someday, I’ll throw my arms around you when you break up that table to use it for kindling and toss it out the window to the outside. We’ll build a bonfire and we’ll dance around the old arguments together, laughing.

  1. Adventures in Baby Wearing
  2. Alise Write
  3. An Inch at a Time
  4. The Anchoress
  6. Annie at Home
  7. Anthea Butler
  8. Any Day a Beautiful Change
  9. Are Women Human?
  10. Aspire 2
  11. At Home With Our Faith
  12. Betty Duffy
  13. Biblical Homemaking
  14. Bits of Splendor
  15. The Blue Room
  16. Bohemian Bowmans
  17. Candace Chellew-Hodge
  18. Carole Smith Turner
  19. CBE Scroll
  20. Charlotte Was Both
  21. Cheesewearing Theology
  22. The Christian Woman
  23. Coming Out Christian
  24. Contemplate
  25. The Contemplative Society
  26. Cortney Dale
  27. The Crimson Rambler
  28. Crystal St. Marie Lewis
  29. Danielle Shroyer
  30. Deborah Koehn Loyd
  31. A Deeper Story
  32. Dianna E. Anderson
  33. A Disciple’s Steps
  34. Domestic Kingdom
  35. Dorothy’s Gloss
  36. Dreaming a Better World
  37. Driftwood
  38. Dry Bones
  39. The Dude Abides
  40. Elizabeth Esther
  41. Ellen Painter Dollar
  42. Eternal Echoes
  43. Eve Tushnet
  44. Everyday Awe
  45. The Exponent
  46. Faith Imagined
  47. Faith in Community
  48. Faith in the Numbers
  49. Faith Permeating Life
  50. Fellowship of Saints & Sinners
  51. Feminism and Religion
  52. Feminismxianity
  53. Finding Rest
  54. First Day Walking
  55. Flunking Sainthood
  56. The Forbidden Gospels
  57. Full Hands … Full Heart
  58. Godspace
  59. Grace Rules
  60. Graceful
  61. Halfway to Normal
  62. The Hem of His Garment
  63. Her.meneutics
  64. Hillsideslide
  65. Holley Gerth
  66. Hollywood Housewife
  67. A Holy Experience
  68. Holy Hellions
  69. How to Talk Evangelical
  70. Imagine Justice
  71. Imperfect Prose
  72. (In)Courage
  73. In the Name of Love
  74. The Incorrigible Gingers
  75. Jamie the Very Worst Missionary
  76. Jen Hatmaker
  77. Jenn LeBow
  78. Jenni Catron
  79. Jennifer Luitwieler
  80. Jesus in Love
  81. Jo Hilder
  82. Journey to Beauty
  83. Joy in This Journey
  84. Just Catholic
  85. Karen Spears Zacharias
  86. kathy escobar
  87. Kelley Nikondeha
  88. Kem Meyer
  89. Kingdom Grace
  90. Kristin Ritzau
  91. Kwok Pui Lan
  92. Laura Ziesel
  93. A Life Profound
  94. Lisa Colon DeLay
  95. Lisa Notes
  96. Lisa-Jo Baker
  97. Live Shamelessly
  98. Love, Grow, & Overflow
  99. Love Is What You Do
  100. Mama Monk
  101. Margaret Feinberg
  102. The Messy Middle
  103. Modern Reject
  104. Momastery
  105. Mothering Spirit
  106. Natalie’s Narrative
  107. Newlife
  108. Nish Happens
  109. No Longer Qivering
  110. O My Family
  111. That Old Black Church
  112. One Degree
  113. One Hand Clapping
  114. One Thankful Mom
  115. The Painted Prayerbook
  116. Pam Hogeweide
  117. Preacher on the Plaza
  118. Quiet Anthem
  119. A Quiet Simple Life
  120. Rachel Held Evans
  121. Rachel Marie Stone
  122. Rachelle Gardner
  123. Radical Mary
  124. Reluctant Pilgrim
  125. Renewing Your Mind
  126. RevGalBlogPals
  127. Rogue Reverend
  128. Roxy Composed
  129. The Run a Muck
  130. Sarah Bessey
  131. Sarah Over the Moon
  132. Sarah Posner
  133. Sarcastic Lutheran
  134. A Seat at the Table
  135. See-Through Faith
  136. SheLoves Magazine
  137. A Silly Poor Gospel
  138. Simple Mom
  139. Simply Church
  140. Sorta Crunchy
  141. Soul and Culture
  142. Spiritual practice, faith, and life
  143. Steph (in) Dialogue
  144. Still Waters
  145. Story in the Middle
  146. Stray Thoughts
  147. Study in Brown
  148. Sue’s Views
  149. Suzannah Paul
  150. Tamara Out Loud
  151. Thin Places
  152. Thorns and Gold
  153. Towanda’s Window
  154. Tribal Church
  155. Tropic of Cancer
  156. Unchained Faith
  157. Unequally Yoked
  158. An Unfinished Symphony
  159. The Upward Call
  160. Virtual Abbess
  161. Walk by Faith Ministry
  162. Walking Toward Jerusalem
  163. WIT (Women in Theology)
  164. With Pen in Hand
  165. The Wonder Years
  166. Words Half Heard
  167. Works in Progress
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  • Clattering Bones

    I’d love to be on this list!

    http://www.clatteringbones.comAbout: “Clattering Bones is a queer Presbyterian and recent seminary graduate, trying to figure out how to help bridge the gaps between the queer world and the church world.  In this journey, she writes about the nuances of her experiences of race, gender identity, and sexuality as they get played out in her religious life.  Mostly, she wonders what it would be like if we allowed ourselves to see every person we meet as a child of God, and how we might live into the notion that our religious experience can make us more.”

  • Carol Kuniholm

    Thank you for noticing those of us trying to find room at the table – and for taking the time to look beyond the obvious.
    I’d love to see a similar list of “global” Christian bloggers. We need to hear from the voices harder to hear; they often have much to learn from. Here’s one I read regularly to get that list started:
    I do find myself wishing I’d started with a blog name that started with “A” rather than “W” But thank you!

  • adrianwarnock

    Did I miss any female blogger listed on this  other list who has say more than 1000 Twiter followers? If so I will add them to my list

  • Kimer Workman

    I have a blog and I’m Christian! I’m a preacher’s wife, second carer, it’s crazy!  Come for a visit!

  • Thanks for including me in this list. My humble blog gets lots of traffic and I never know why. Blog on! :)