Election Day 2012 Losers

Here are a few of the big losers from Election Day 2012:

The white evangelical religious right

“On multiple levels, Tuesday’s election results seemed to mark a dramatic rejection of the Christian right’s agenda.”

They represent a coalition in decline — white religious conservatives — while Obama has a more diverse one, made up of various religious and non-religious voters, whites, blacks, and Latinos.”

The Religious Right took a drubbing at the polls yesterday as voters rejected not only Mitt Romney but also some of the most extreme Republican candidates, even those in races that should have been easy Republican victories.”

The U.S. Catholic bishops

“From the bishops’ inflexible opposition to the Affordable Care Act, to the decision to file dozens of lawsuits in an election year against a rule the administration had already promised to change, to the several high profile partisan statements by bishops across the country, there can be no question that the Catholic bishops decided this year to cast their lot with a single party in a way that is genuinely new.”

Catholics … voted for Barack Obama over Mitt Romney by 50-48.”

Super-PAC donors

“Sheldon Adelson and his wife, Miriam, have been the two biggest individual donors of this election, handing candidates and super-PACS more than $53 million (that we know of), including $20 million to Restore our Future, the super-PAC created to put Mitt Romney in the White House.”

“Rove effectively told Adelson and other hyper-wealthy donors, ‘Give me your money and I’ll deliver the election results you want.’ The checks came. The victories didn’t.”

Prop. 32 backers spent more than $50 million.”

The Southern Strategy; divide-and-conquer politics; white resentment; Donald Trump

“These are the men who bet the farm on White Supremacy and lost big.” (See also.)

“Put simply, the Republican Party … will soon become a retirement community for aging conservatives. The party’s position on immigration is disastrous, and it is at odds with the party’s own values. … No party can win if it appeals only to white and older Americans.”

America is tired of discrimination, of exclusion, and of unthinking oppression — the belief that people have to live their lives according to someone else’s views rather than their own free will.”

The loser one! [sic] … We should have a revolution in this country!”

Voter suppression

“While in-person voter fraud is virtually non-existent, what is all too real is the GOP’s unconscionable effort to stop people with the wrong complexion from voting.”

Despite long lines, voter suppression laws and Republican efforts to discourage voting, President Obama won reelection last night.”

“They ‘purged the rolls.’ They passed nit-picking voter ID laws. … They sent letters to challenge the registrations of people who lived at the same address for half a century, claiming they thought it was a vacant lot. They sent poll-watchers to challenge random voters at the polls. … They restricted registration. Drove Acorn out of business. Arrested a high school teacher for registering her students. … They got caught dumping Democratic registrations, and forging signatures to get a Republican candidate on the ballot. They put up billboards threatening fraudulent voters with jail time. … They took away early voting. … Fewer polling places. Fewer machines. …”

Beltway Republican punditry, spiritual hunches

Submitted Without Comment

I’m just going to say bluntly, we were wrong. … Karl Rove, Michael Barone, Dick Morris, a whole group of us, frankly, misunderstood what was happening in the country.”

“According to Glenn Beck and David Barton, those who are ‘spiritually attuned’ were calling the race for Romney.”

Social Darwinism as health policy

“Now Obamacare is here to stay. Sure, a single illness won’t wipe out your life savings, but at what cost? A lower one! Now you’ll have to wait in line for hours for medical care instead of immediately not getting any.”

Patriarchy; gray-faced men with $2 haircuts

“Democrats scored decisive Senate wins in Missouri and Indiana after candidates supported by the tea party and evangelical Christians made controversial remarks on rape, pregnancy and abortion that appeared to cost them the support of more-moderate voters in their party.”

“Get people back to work and stop trying to control people through misogyny and other random American Taliban nonsense.”

“Mourdock and Akin lost because they each made the mistake of actually trying to explain an increasingly common position by Republican officer-holders, including Paul Ryan.”

“Bob Casey remains Pennsylvania’s senator, defeating Republican Tom Smith, who compared pregnancy from rape to having a child out of wedlock, with 58 percent of women’s votes. Heidi Heitkamp, a Democrat running for Senate in North Dakota, has a slight lead over Republican Rick Berg, who only supports abortion exceptions for the life of the mother and not for rape victims.”

Now let us honor Mr. Former Congressman Walsh with a montage.”

“This year’s ‘War on Women’ — the brutal attacks on Planned Parenthood, the assault on birth control (culiminating in the right’s vicious vilification of Sandra Fluke), the record numbers of abortion restrictions on abortion wending their way through the state legislatures (the most notorious of these being the ‘transvaginal probe’ laws), the rape-friendly comments by Akin, Mourdock, et al., the refusal of major Republican candidates to endorse even the mildest policies to promote gender equity (such as fair pay, via the Lily Ledbetter Act) — all of these phenomena helped clarify the stakes, and raised women’s consciousness about the dangers the Republican party poses to their freedom and their economic survival. Women came out to the polls in droves — this year, they represented fully 54 percent of the electorate.”

Talk-radio tea-party right wing

“Republican Rep. Allen West (FL), the bomb-throwing tea party darling elected during the 2010 tea party wave, was projected as defeated in a close race by Democrat Patrick Murphy.”

FreedomWorks, the group that had fomented, trained, and marshaled Tea Party activists to great effect in 2010, thought it would have reason to celebrate.”

Homophobia as effective electoral tool

“It was a historic night for supporters of marriage equality, where advocates are headed for success in four of four ballot measures.”

“The effort to recall Troy Mayor Janice Daniels officially passed early Wednesday morning.”

Franklin Graham

“[The Grahams] are feeding the bigotry of the racists under a cloak of Christian conservatism.”

“When ‘the greatest proclaimer of the gospel in the last century,’ as one Southern Baptist called Graham, embraced Mormonism last [month], he confirmed conservative evangelicals’ worst fears about the 2012 election.”

The War on Drugs

Marijuana legalization referenda won big in Colorado (with 54.5 percent supporting at last tally) and Washington (55.4 percent). … Massachusetts, which has already decriminalized recreational use of marijuana, passed an initiative fully legalizing medical use.”

“It’s no longer risky for the political class to get worked up about standing in support of marijuana legalization because the trends at this point are obvious.”

Mitt Romney

“And then he was gone, as vague and evanescent a figure as he always was, a strange and out-of-focus politician who surrounded himself with a baffling opacity that, within six months, I predict we will barely remember his campaign at all.”

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  • Sgt. Pepper’s Bleeding Heart

    So, how’d the first day of the millenium of darkness work out for everyone?

    I have an important question: will the darkness be caused by some kind of structure cast over the USA landmass, or will there be an interference with the rotation of the earth. Cos if the latter, will that mean I am about to be subject to 1000 years of light? That could really bugger up my sleep cycle.

  • EllieMurasaki

    Oh, is the Mayan apocalypse starting? I thought that wasn’t for another month.

  • Loki100

    National Review has lost their collective minds. It’s almost funny how desperate they are to try and find some way out of this without repudiating any part of the Republican Party’s platform.

  • Could be worse. It could be a Ford Pinto insurance plan.

  • I didn’t know, for example, that heroes of direct-mail fundraising like
    Richard Viguerie ended up delivering hardly any of the money to
    political causes; somehow it ended up swallowed by overhead, otherwise
    known as the fundraisers themselves.

    I called it. I freakin’ called it.

    I knew Rove had sticky fingers with OPM.

    It’s either a very scintillating testament to my understanding of the predictability of right-wing governments and movements, or a really sad indictment of the predictability of self-serving behavior by complete assholes.

  • Sgt. Pepper’s Bleeding Heart

    Chuck Norris said that if Obama won America would enter 1000 years of darkness.

  • EllieMurasaki

    He’s Chuck Norris. Darkness is afraid of him. The fuck’s he worried about?

  • Ima Pseudonym

    They’re doubling down on the derp.


    They’re most likely going to make scapegoats out of anyone left in the party that still has to look right to see Torquemada and throw them out over this recent series of failures.  And then they’re going to try to push even farther into fringe territory.  As someone else put it, they think the problem is that they weren’t fucking the chicken hard ENOUGH.

  • Even as they absorbed Mr. Romney’s defeat, the party’s top elected
    officials, strategists and activists said they believed that Republicans
    had offered a persuasive message of economic opportunism and fiscal

    Where the hell were these folks when Dubya Bush was proposing budgets that spent money like it was water, and awarding military contracts to his and Dick Cheney’s buddies in the oil industry?

  • Oh wow, that article.

    “The party has to continually ask ourselves, what do we represent?” said Senator Marco Rubio … “But we have to remain the movement on behalf of upward mobility, the party people identify with their hopes and dreams. People want to have a chance.”

    Anyone who believes the Republican party is really about upward mobility has to have had their eyes clawed out and eardrums popped by an angry but very patriotic eagle (you can tell it’s patriotic by how much it wants to maim innocents). I’m also pretty sure the fact that Rubio was able to say that with a straight face and then not spontaneously burst into flame is a strong argument against a loving God.

    As an aside, I’d also like to point out this…


    All I can think is “Dewey Defeats Truman.”

  • The flag-draping and flag-waving practically drips off those “President-elect” pages. And the “decency and hope” one-liner? Talk about chutzpah! This is the same guy who blithely dismissed almost half the potential electorate as permanent welfare bums.

  • reynard61

    From the article:

    “The coming debate will be centered on whether the party should keep pursuing the antigovernment focus that grew out of resistance to the health care law and won them the House in 2010, or whether it should focus on a strategy that recognizes the demographic tide running strongly against it.”

    Because nothing says “sanity” (let alone “electability”) like doing the same shit over and over and over and expecting a different, winning result.

    “Even as they absorbed Mr. Romney’s defeat, the party’s top elected officials, strategists and activists said they believed that Republicans had offered a persuasive message of economic opportunism and fiscal restraint.”

    Um…there’s a pretty big difference between “opportunism” and “opportunity”. This sentence tells me that the Republican so-called “leadership” obviously has no clue what it is. And something tells me that until they learn, they’re going to have great difficulty winning future elections.

  • EllieMurasaki

    Be fair. There are things where repeating the unsuccessful action long enough will eventually bring success. I’m thinking right now of the women who voted while they were forbidden to and the people of color who filled up lunch counters that wouldn’t let them be customers, but there are many other examples.

    But one does have to be able to tell the difference between a situation where each repetition gains ground and one where each repetition loses ground, and a situation where one is ethically obligated to make the attempt even if futile and one where making the attempt is entirely unethical especially if successful.

  • reynard61

    Point taken.

  • He’s Chuck Norris. Darkness is afraid of him. The fuck’s he worried about?

    Apparently, he’s worried about Nate Silver.

  • Sgt. Pepper’s Bleeding Heart

    The “Chuck Norris is so tough” meme is a joke, right? We’re not really meant to be impressed by him, surely.

  • Yeah. There are silly ones like:

    “Chuck Norris’s keyboard doesn’t need a CTRL key. He is ALWAYS in control.”

  • EllieMurasaki

    Of course it’s a joke. Whether we’re meant to be impressed, hell if I know.

  • I don’t know, I’m starting to think he’s bought into them, at least.

  • MikeJ

    Another name to possibly add to list of casualties in the war on vaginas: John Koster who was running in a newly redrawn WA-01. Local Republicans are blaming his loss on “the rape thing”, but I think he was going to get stomped anyway. DelBene won by 8, but I’d guess she was going to win by at least 6 even if he wasn’t such an idiot.

  • The UK flag upside down is supposed to be a distress signal. Theoretically. In actual fact, the difference between the Union flag upside down and right way up is quite subtle, and people likely wouldn’t notice.

    The Irish flag is a simple vertically divided tricolour, so it would be impossible to fly it upside down.


  • Isn’t the Union Jack (pardon my ignorance if that’s only the naval version of the flag, and not all the versions)  completely symmetrical? How can you fly that upside down?

  • As I recall, the stripes are a little wider on one side, either clockwise or counter-clockwise, than the other, and that’s what makes it not quite mirror-symmetrical  about any axis.  I think it does have rotational symmetry, though.

  • Aiwhelan

    Countries with symmetrical flags will have a version with the image in a corner for just that reason.

  • That’s pretty bloody subtle. Not sure if the naked eye from ~few kilometers away could spot it.

  • Fusina

     He was repeating a line from a Reagan speech given on Oct. 27, 1964. I looked it up.

    The link is here http://www.ronaldreaganmemorial.com/tgcdetail.aspx?p=TG0923RRS&h1=0&h2=0&sw=&lm=reagan&args_a=cms&args_b=1&argsb=N&tx=1736

  • Some of the old Yugoslav republics had flags which were basically permutations of the slavic tricolors; flying some of them upside down could make you think you were seeing a different republic’s flag, I think. (most notably Croatia’s – if you fly it ‘upside down’ you reproduce the old Yugoslav flag)

  • Sgt. Pepper’s Bleeding Heart

    I assumed everyone who relays them is taking the pissed out of him. Hmm.

  • MikeJ

     Weird. The 1000 years of darkness thing is the last graf of Alas, Babylon too.

  • Not only would you have to spot it, but also remember which way it’s supposed to be, and to top it off, that depends on which side of it you’re looking at.

  • Yeah, the wolves in wolf clothing are defeated. Pity that the wolves in sheep’s clothing are triumphant. 

  • Guest

    The wolves in sheep’s clothes got us health care. Good enough to get my vote.

  • Um…there’s a pretty big difference between “opportunism” and
    “opportunity”. This sentence tells me that the Republican so-called
    “leadership” obviously has no clue what that difference is.

    No.  They had it right.

    They were just hoping that the American citizens don’t know the difference.  And nearly 50% of us don’t.

  • The predictions of the Republicans going to war with themselves were made in 2008 as well.  I suppose those were correct, but what they got us was the Tea Party.  Not sure another Republican civil war will work out much better.

  • My favorite is already the one I saw first:

    Nate Silver doesn’t think this song is about him. He’s 78.3% sure it is.

  • You mean very little he cares to show for it – wouldn’t surprise me if he’s got a lot  to conceal in the Cayman Islands …

  • It wasn’t so much a civil war as a thinly disguised attempt to confuse people by astroturfing a movement that looked like a right-wing third party but really just became a way to pull the Republican party rightward as well as make a noise machine that would fight tooth and nail against anything the Democrats did or said.

  • fraser

     Civility is fine. But not as much as honesty and principle. There are issues where there’s no workable middle ground or not one we should live with. “Let employers who don’t want to cover health insurance” opt out of the mandate isn’t a compromise, for instance, it negates the mandate.”

  • Jim Roberts

    To be fair, fees from PAC election ads have been a massive boon to local TV stations in small markets like New Hampshire.

  • fraser

    An amazingly self-righteous jerk–what can you say when someone thinks spitting at Dems is a form of sticking it to the man?
    Though at the same time he’s so pathetic, I almost feel sorry for him. Thinking that wearing a “Democrats are communists!” button is some kind of proud statement or that anyone over the age of 10 is actually going to have hurt feelings. Or talking about how he’s going to go to grocery scores and scream about the evil of food stamps (and then he’ll probably assume people are backing away from him because they can’t handle the truth.
    But almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, and the guy is a douche.

  • fraser

     The dude reminds me of all those people who were going to “go Galt” in 2008. But he’s probably closer to Ann Althouse’s suggestion that it’s now morally acceptable to not leave tips for wait staff as they voted for Obama.

  • fraser

     Remember, Rubio also insisted that even though the Lily Ledbetter Act is a bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad idea, he totally supports the right of women to equal pay.

  • fees from PAC election ads have been a massive boon to local TV stations 

    Yeah, I try to remind myself of that every time I see the total amount of money we spend on zero-sum competitions… the wealth that money represents isn’t being destroyed, it’s being transferred to people providing services, who use it to pay rent and feed their families. Spending is good.

    Sometimes it’s hard to remember that.

  • Carstonio

    There’s a strong argument that having Obama as president actually means higher ratings for Fox News, which enables whites to exercise their resentment.


    And the charts here confirm what Fred has been saying all year, which is that evangelicalism as a political movement is defined by race. Even among Catholics, the difference in the white vote and the Hispanic vote is striking.


  • Still, there’s spending money on useful things (like buying a car) and just blowing cash on counterproductive stuff (like buying a few keys and it all going up your nose).

    I’d rather that $400 million have gotten spent giving people on welfare a rainy day fund.

  • Münchner Kindl

    Others may choose to leave the U.S. for good (Costa Rica, Switzerland, Italy, Argentina, Hong Kong, Israel).

    There’s so much hilarity there – just because Switzerland is/was a good place to park your money and expensive to live there, doesn’t mean it’s a libertarian paradise. Yes, the Swiss stay out of the EU and other groups, but they still have a normal welfare system. Yes, they are very tight in who they let into their country as resident – but they don’t judge by skin colour. Just because you’re white doesn’t mean a US citizen is welcome with open arms. Esp. if he’s not a rich millionaire like Romney but a dumb uneducated whiner = libertarian of this type.

    Italy: Yes, under Berlusconi, machism reigned and his ties to the Mafia didn’t help the corruption. But Berlusconi’s gone now and even with corruption, Italy is still a European state. They have a traditional strong communist party and population behind it. And it’s majorily catholic and … well Italians. Do they count as white already for these weird folks? Against blacks or brown, maybe, but living there permanently?

    Still others may want to personally separate themselves from the United
    States here in North America while still living under communist rule

    That must be a different country from the United States of America which are here in North America but definitly not under communist rule in any meaningful  use of that word.

    Are you married to someone who voted for Obama, have a girlfriend who
    voted ‘O’. Divorce them. Break up with them without haste.

    Granted, he calls himself liberatarian, not Republican, but still – what a nice way to show family values by divorcing.

    Boycott Business who accept Welfare payments

    He only knows one form of welfare – EBT. Is he going to boycott all the banks that were bailed out by the govt.? What about the car industry? Will he stop using HFCS because of the subsidies for corn? No, of course not.

    “Only Nazis support Seat Belt laws”

    Yes, that’s a well-known historic fact. I wish he would do that first – anybody wearing a button like that shows you immediatly that he’s a crazy loon* and can be disregarded. http://notalwaysright.com/from-very-important-to-very-impotent/24754

    I doubt his claim that he has any friends he can cut off, though. Family, yes, even orcs have them and are not born from the ground. “Friends” on facebook, maybe (going by the South Park episode how quickly you can get hundreds of friends). But friends in real life with that attitude who think different? Not likely, I think.

    *Not intended as disrespect to mentally ill people who didn’t choose – there are words we want to use to express our disgust with people who start out mentally normal and willingly move into crazy-land by denying reality.

  • Jim Roberts

    Oh, it’s was an epic waste of money in a lot of ways, no question. Not a total waste, though.

  • Lori


    Um…there’s a pretty big difference between “opportunism” and
    “opportunity”. This sentence tells me that the Republican so-called
    “leadership” obviously has no clue what that difference is. 

    I’m inclined to think it was a Freudian slip. Their message is about opportunism, they just don’t usually own that in public.

  • Lori

    I think we’ll have to wait until the 2014 midterms to know what to think about the Tea Party takeover. It helped the GOP immensely in 2010, but it cost them this year. I think the House in 2014 will be tell us which one was the real picture and which one was the momentary blip.

  • The_L1985

     Except for the gay Americans, the poor Americans, and the female Americans.

    Which adds up to pretty much all of us, since:
    – 50% of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck
    – 2-10% of Americans are gay
    – Half of Americans are female

    If we assume that openly-gay Americans are not poor (a bad assumption, granted, but it doesn’t change the numbers by a HUGE amount), and that female Americans make up half of each of the other groups (which is actually more sensible), then that makes 76-80% of Americans that won on Tuesday.