Coming down to ‘Earth’

I’m going down, down, down and coming up again …

Back to Earth,” Willie Nelson
Center of the Earth,” Nick Giaconia
Earth and Sun and Moon,” Midnight Oil

Earth Has No Sorrow,” Vigilantes of Love
Earth Household,” Daniel Amos
Earth Intruders,” Bjork
I Feel the Earth Move,” Carole King
The Lines of My Earth,” Sixpence None the Richer
Little Earthquakes,” Tori Amos
“Mother Earth,” Brooks Williams
Peace on Earth,” U2
The Unattainable Earth,” Daniel Amos
We’ll Inherit the Earth,” The Replacements
What on Earth Will You Do (For Heaven’s Sake),” Johnny Cash

I’ve lost track of Nick Giaconia, but he’s a good guy. Got to hang out with him on a visit to Philly back on June 17, 1994. I remember the date because the plan was to grab some cheesesteaks and watch Game 5 of the NBA Finals, but instead we wound up watching a live broadcast of a slow-moving white Ford Bronco pursued by every police car in Southern California. He formed a band called “Mattie Groves,” because of the old folk ballad, but it’s a bit hard to Google that name, because of the old folk ballad.

Bonus video: Years before I ever heard Tapestry, the first time I heard “I Feel the Earth Move” it was sung by Loretta Swit on The Muppet Show.

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  • Bificommander

    Edge of the Earth, 30 Seconds to Mars

  • Bificommander

    There’s also Mother Earth by Within Temptation, but I personally like Neverending Story, which also mentions ‘Mother Earth’ much better.

    And okay, it’s not technically ‘Earth’, but I’ll count Cynical World too, because I believe there’s no reason not to plug Yuki Kajiura, ever. I might even stretch it a bit further and count Fairyland

  • Overalt på vor jord, with Poul Bundgaard
    Dejlig er jorden, with Gasolin
    Both are in danish, though :/ Do they still count? This is my first entry in a music thread

  • wanderingoutlaw

    Humans From Earth – T-Bone Burnett
    Mother Earth (Natural Anthem) – Neil Young & Crazy Horse
    Mother of Earth – Mick Harvey
    Salt of the Earth – The Rolling Stones

  • “New World Coming” by Accept
    “Against the World” by Accept
    “Black Earth” by Arch Enemy
    “Planet Caravan” by Black Sabbath
    “Children of the Sea” by Black Sabbath
    “Falling off the Edge of the World” by Black Sabbath
    “Letters from Earth” by Black Sabbath
    “Earth Messiah” by Cathedral
    “Ultra Earth” by Cathedral
    “Not of this World” by Danzig
    “Pain in the World” by Danzig
    “The End of the World” by Dio
    “Revelation (Mother Earth)” by Ozzy Osbourne
    “I Don’t Want to Change the World” by Ozzy Osbourne
    “Back on Earth” by Ozzy Osbourne
    “Dying World” by Pentagram
    “The World Will Love Again” by Pentagram

    I could probably do this all day long if I wanted.

  • “Walk This World” – Heather Nova

  • Magic_Cracker

    “Not To Touch The Earth,” The Doors
    “The Round Stones Beneath The Earth,” Neil Young
    “Falling Off The Face Of The Earth,” Neil Young
    The Colour Of The Earth,” PJ Harvey
    “When I Am Laid In Earth,” Leontyne Price
    “Earth Angel,” The Penguins

  • Sam Kabo Ashwell

    Heaven’s Here on Earth, Tracy Chapman
    Earth Died Screaming, Tom Waits
    Humans from Earth, T Bone Burnett

  • Magic_Cracker

    Meant to link, Round Stones Beneath The Earth,” Neal Young (feat. Gary Farmer)

  • phranckeaufile

    I’m astonished by two omissions:

    “Heaven is a Place on Earth” by Belinda Carlisle.
    And if you’re going to cheat and include “World” songs, how can you miss “It’s the End of the World As We Know It”?

  • “Rape of the World” and “Heaven’s Here On Earth”, Tracy Chapman :-)

  • mud man

    From Heaven Above To Earth I Come, Martin Luther. 
    Came on the Concordia giveaway from the other month. Most of those settings are too treacly to be bearable to me; this one actually is kind of quiet and meditative in a dreadfully sincere sort of way. Bonus harpsichord chorus!

  • Walk This Earth Alone” – Lauren Christy (from the Great Expectation Soundtrack)
    Last Night On Earth” – U2
    Planet Earth” – Duran Duran

  • imathers

    All the Things That Go to Make Heaven and Earth – The New Pornographers
    The Day the Earth Stole Heaven – Nine Horses
    Earth Angel – Clinic
    Ends of the Earth – Hot Chip
    Hello Earth – Kate Bush
    Hole in the Earth – Deftones
    Hollow Earth Theory – Aarktica
    I Feel the Earth Move – Carole King
    Pull Me Back to Earth – Friendly Fires
    To the Edge of the Earth – Michael Nyman

  • Michael Jackson – Earth Song (how do you do those blue links? Is it regular HTML?)

  • Away from home right now, but I know I’ve got While the Earth Sleeps, a nice collaboration by Peter Gabriel and Deep Forest.

  • Proper links (the ‘a href’ and all that) don’t always show up in alternate ways of reading Disqus resulting in some miscommunication recently, so just paste in the raw URL like you did and it’ll turn into a link.

  • interleaper

    Messiah / For behold, darkness shall cover the earth – Handel, perf. Tavener Choir & Players
    This Bitter Earth – Aretha Franklin
    When The Earth Moves Again – Jefferson Airplane
    California Earthquakes – Mama Cass
    Law (Earthlings On Fire) – David Bowie
    Intention Of The Earth – Nobuo Uematsu
    Cursed Earth – Nobuo Uematsu
    Revolution Earth – The B-52’s
    Oh Mother Earth (Embrace) – N’Dea Davenport
    Falling To Earth – Toyah
    Salt Of The Earth – The Rolling Stones
    Astragalus Chikyuu Sugoroku [Astragalus Earthly Backgammon] – J. A. Seazer
    Earth, Wind and Fire – Earth, Wind & Fire
    Chikyuu wa Jinbutsu Chinretsushitsu [The Earth As A Character Gallery] – J. A. Seazer

  • Andy

    Earth Juice — Return to Forever
    Earth is Not Room Enough– Groundhogs

  • Dafydd Dick

    DEVO – Planet Earth
    The Misfits – Earth A.D.
    The Ramones – Planet Earth 1988

  • rm

    My Last Days on Earth — Bill Monroe
    I Feel the Earth Move — Carole King
    What on Earth Will You Do (For Heaven’s Sake) — Johnny Cash
    Ghost of an Earthworm — Loch Lomond
    Mother Earth — Memphis Slim
    Falling Off the Face of the Earth — Neil Young
    Earth Angel — The Penguins
    Heaven’s Here on Earth — Tracy Chapman
    The Savingest Man on Earth — Uncle Eck Dunford
    For the Beauty of the Earth — Veggietales

  • This Island Earth – The Nylons.

  • This Island Earth – Glass Tiger
    Hello Earth – Kate Bush
    Sons of Earth – Moonspell
    Myearthdream – Edenbridge
    Mother Earth – Within Temptation

    I’m not going to cheat by using “World”, partly since I’ve got too many of those, but I will add a few more that have the concept of earth:

    Terra Firma – Delerium
    Sacred Ground – Queensrÿche

  • My all time favourite band Love & Rockets did an album called Earth, Sun, Moon (with varying representations of the punctuation), which included the title track & “Here On Earth”.

    “Hello Earth”, Kate Bush
    “Heaven On Earth”, Mission UK
    Messages From Earth & title track, Christopher Franke, Babylon 5 soundtrack

  • Theo Axner

    Earth AD – the Misfits
    Earth Died Screaming – Tom Waits
    En Dag Var Hela Jorden Såld – Cornelis Vreeswijk
    Flat Earth Society – Bad Religion
    Frid På Jord – Sofia Karlsson
    Jordbyggarlåten – Garmarna
    Kärlek & Respekt Till Moder Jord – Johan Johansson (Swedish-language cover of ‘Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth’)
    Last Girl on Earth – the Presidents of the United States of America
    Last Night on Earth – Green Day
    Mother Earth (Natural Anthem) – Neil Young
    Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth – Sparks
    No Earthly Good – Johnny Cash
    Planet Earth 1988 – the Ramones
    Salt of the Earth – the Rolling Stones
    Sommarkort (En stund på jorden) – Cornelis Vreeswijk
    Song for the Earth Liberation Front – David Rovics
    Soul Searching on Planet Earth – the Wildhearts
    The Day That the Earth Stalled – Bad Religion
    Vaggvisa för Bim, Cornelis och alla andra människor på jorden – Cornelis Vreeswijk
    When the Earth Moves Again – Jefferson Airplane