Songs about ‘War,’ what are they good for?

The sound of gunfire, off in the distance …

Civil War,” Guns N Roses
Echo Wars,” Peter Case
Emotional War Games,” Tonio K.

Everybody Loves a Holy War,” Mark Heard
Hate and War,” The Clash
He War,” Cat Power
Heartbreak Warfare,” John Mayer
Holy War,” Matthew Sweet
Indian Wars,” Bruce Cockburn
Life During Wartime,” Talking Heads
Post-War,” M. Ward
Rich Man’s War,” Steve Earle
War,” Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
War Pigs,” Cake
When the War Came,” The Decemberists

I’m sticking here to songs with the actual word “war” in their titles. A list of songs about war would be too long — longer even than a list of songs about trains. It’d be a really good list, though, so maybe we’ll try that some future Friday.

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