‘New’ songs for a new year

We been standing in one place for too long a time …

Anything New,” Jeffrey Gaines
Brand New,” BoDeans
Brand New Dance,” Emmylou Harris
Brand New Day,” Eurythmics

Brand New Day,” Van Morrison
Brand New Lover,” Marshall Crenshaw
Emperor’s New Clothes,” Sinead O’Connor
Found Someone New,” Susan Tedeschi
A New Car!” Daniel Amos
The New Dark Ages,” Tonio K.
New Deep,” John Mayer
New Direction,” Echo and The Bunnymen
New Gold Dream,” Simple Minds
“New One,” Unlikely Cowboy
“The New Physics,” Lost Dogs
New Roman Times,” Camper Van Beethoven
New Sensation,” INXS
New Slang,” The Shins
The New Soft Shoe,” Gram Parsons
New Song,” Howard Jones
New Soul,” Nael Yaim
The New Timer,” Bruce Springsteen
New Toy,” Lene Lovich
New Year’s Day,” U2
Patient Hope in New Snow,” Bright Eyes
Starting a New Life,” Van Morrison

That’s all the “news” I’ve got (minus the New York, New Orleans, etc., or the songs about news in the journalistic sense).

Got Annie, Sinead, Emmylou (twice) and Susan Tedeschi all in one list. Not bad.

Alison Wadsworth of Unlikely Cowboy also has terrific pipes, but I couldn’t find a video for their song, so here she is doing Harry Nilsson’s “Without You” on the ukelele,

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‘That’s why we are here’
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‘That’s why we are here’
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  • PseudoPserious

    “Brand New Day”,Neil Patrick Harris

  • wanderingoutlaw

    “All The Young Punks (New Boots And Contracts)” – The Clash
    “Brand New Cadillac” – The Clash
    “Brand New Key” – Melanie
    “Hope You Like the New Me” – Richard Thompson
    “New Blue Moon” – Traveling Wilburys
    “A New England” – Billy Bragg
    “New Feeling” – Talking Heads
    “New Lace Sleeves” – Elvis Costello & The Attractions
    “New Morning” – Bob Dylan
    “Part of the New America” – The Groceries
    “Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day” – Jethro Tull
    “A Strange New Cottage In Berkeley” [Poem] – Allen Ginsberg
    “When Jones’s Ale Was New” – Roger McGuinn

  • Day At The Beach (New Rays From An Ancient Sun) – Joe Satriani
    New Blues – Joe Satriani
    New Day – Joe Satriani
    A New Level – Pantera
    New Morning – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
    The New Wild West – Jewel

  • Vermic

    Well, the left side’s so insensitive it makes the right side cry
    The imagination plagiarizes, the humor’s gone dry
    I’m a gray matter basket case, I don’t know why
    The last good thought I had was to kiss my brain goodbye

    “Brand New Beat”, Madness
    “Brand New Sucker”, Jonathan Coulton
    “(Dawning of A) New Era”, The Specials
    “Dog New Tricks”, Garbage
    “I Need a New Brain”, Pajama Slave Dancers
    “I Want a New Duck”, Weird Al Yankovic
    “I Will Buy You a New Life”, Everclear
    “New Age Girl”, Deadeye Dick
    “New Blue Moon”, Traveling Wiburys
    “New Dress”, Rancid
    “New Generation”, Oingo Boingo
    “New Genious (Brother)”, Gorillaz
    “A New Hope”, Blink-182
    “New Song”, Howard Jones
    “New Wave Dancing”, Ben Vaughn

  • New Born King” – Beborn Beton
    The New American Way” – Dropkick Murphys
    New Thing” – Fuel
    Dog New Tricks” – Garbage
    New Heart For Christmas” – Kill Hannah
    The New Flesh” – Nine Inch Nails
    A New Machine, Pts. 1 & 2” – Pink Floyd
    New World” – Soul Asylum
    Brand New Day” – Sting
    New Song” – The Who

  • Lorehead

    Symphony № 9, “From the New World” — Antonin Dvořák.

    The second movement is a particular favorite, and some beautiful lyrics have been set to it.

  • mud man

    My New Name, Toots and the Maytals
    A New Song Shall Now Be Begun, Martin Luther

  • noyatin

    New New Minglewood Blues
    New Potato Caboose
    New Speedway Boogie – All Grateful Dead

    New Song for the Morning – Hot Tuna

  • interleaper

    Brave New World — Iron Maiden
    Brave New World — Toyah
    New Continent — Nobuo Uematsu
    New Horizons In Music Appreciation (Beethoven’s 5th Symphony) — Peter Schickele
    New Model Army — Radio Pyongyang
    New Radio — Bikini Kill
    New Rose — The Damned

  • Interleaper beat me to The Damned, but I have an ace up my sleeve…

    New Race — Radio Birdman

  • spinetingler

    The Partridge Family – Brand New Me

    yes, I went PF.

  • “Let the River Run”, Carly Simon song for the movie “Working Girl”
    Let the river run

    Let all the dreamers

    Wake the nation

    Come, the New Jerusalem

  • A brand new Liberace

  • Theo Axner

    Skipping over the ones that have been posted already…

    Brand New Cadillac – Vince Taylor
    Brave New Christmas – Anne Feeney
    Brave New World – Motörhead
    Gonna Be a New World – Mojo Nixon
    Good News – Neurotic Outsiders
    Greetings to the New Brunette – Billy Bragg
    Happy New Year – Todd Snider
    I Want a New Drug – Huey Lewis & the News
    In the Presence of a New God – the Dictators
    New Age – the Velvet Underground
    New America – Bad Religion
    New Church – the Adverts
    New Connection – Todd Snider
    New Danville Girl – Bob Dylan
    New Dark Ages – Bad Religion
    New Day Dawns – the Adverts
    New Feelings – Soul Asylum
    New Girl in Town – the Ramones
    New Leaf – Bad Religion
    New Math – Tom Lehrer
    New Pleasure – Richard Hell & the Voidoids
    New Pony – Bob Dylan
    New Rose – Guns ‘N Roses
    New Sensations – Lou Reed
    New Values – Iggy Pop
    (New Wave) Polly – Nirvana
    New Wind – 7 Seconds
    The New World – X
    Newboys – the Adverts
    Nya Gungor & Karuseller – Euskefeurat (“New swings and merry-go-rounds”)
    Nya Skrytvalsen – Povel Ramel (“New bragging waltz”)
    The Other Newest One – the Germs
    She’s Got a New Spell – Billy Bragg

  • banancat

    New – No Doubt

  • borealys

    Brand New Car – Uffie
    Brand New Colony – The Postal Service
    Brand New Low – Treble Charger
    Dog New Tricks – Garbage
    First Day (In the New Hometown) – Luke Doucet and the White Falcon
    I Can’t Be New – Susan Werner
    I Will Buy You a New Life – Everclear
    Make a New Dance Up – Hey Ocean!
    New and Improved – Michael Giacchino
    The New Babysitter – Michael Giacchino
    New Enemy – Sarah Harmer
    New Loneliness – Sarah Harmer
    New Love – Hey Ocean!
    The New Maybe – The Tragically Hip
    The New Number 2 – Boy
    New Slang – The Shins
    A New Way to Bleed – Evanescence
    New Year’s Eve – The Walkmen
    New Year’s Day – U2
    These New Friends of Yours… – Paper Moon
    This is That New Song – Badly Drawn Boy
    What’s New – St Germain

  • mountainguy

    A new day yesterday – Jethro Tull

  • Geo X

    I just wanted to make note of Ultravox’s classic “New Europeans.”

  • Amaryllis

    Brand New Cadillac – The Clash
    Brogan ur agan a-nochd (I Have New Shoes Tonight) – Julie Fowlis *
    Happy New Year – Lightnin  Hopkins
    Happy New Year Blues – Blind Lemon Jefferson
    Mo Bheannachd dhan bhailidh ur (My compliments to the new bailiff) – Julie Fowlis *
    The New Bob – Silly Wizard
    New Day – Hot Soup
    The New Exchange – The Broadside Band
    New Potatoes – Possum Ridge String Band
    New Town Bridge – Trian
    New Whitehall – Brass Monkey
    New World Galop – The Federal City Brass Band
    A New Year Carol – Anonymous 4
    A New Years Gift – Theatre of Voices
    Novus annus adiit – Anonymous 4

    * I don’t care if the Julie Fowlis songs are “new” in Gaelic, they totally count. And anyone who enjoyed the music in Brave should go listen to more of Julie Fowlis.

  • reynard61

    How can we have gotten this far without anyone mentioning this?

  • DorothyD

    Our love needs a transfusion so let’s shoot it full of wine

    Brand New Day – Sting
    Brand New Day – Van Morrison
    Brand New Sidewalk – Nickel Creek
    Except the New Girl – Chris Isaak
    New Beginning – Tracy Chapman
    New Coat of Paint – Tom Waits
    New Round – Beck
    New Test Leper – R.E.M.
    Newborn Friend – Seal

    That Beck video is really trippy…

  • rizzo

    New Potato Caboose and New Speedway Boogy by the Dead.