Celebrity songs: Jean Arp to Christopher Columbus

Let’s try a new twist — songs with famous people in the title. As always, I’m going alphabetically (by last name, where there is one), but feel free to stretch a bit if you’ve got a good song you want to squeeze in here.

Think of it like that game where you’re hosting a dinner party with anyone from human history. This list would make for an interesting evening.

I’m gonna tell it like a comeback story …

Faust Arp,” Radiohead
Beethoven (I Love to Listen To),” Eurythmics
Roll Over Beethoven,” The Beatles
Roll Over Beethoven,” Chuck Berry
Brimful of Asha,” Cornershop
Biko,” Peter Gabriel
“Biko,” Paul Simon

William Blake,” Daniel Amos
I May Just Have to Murder James Blunt,” Mitch Benn
Albert Camus,” Titus Andronicus
Art Carney’s Dream,” The Swirling Eddies
Kit Carson,” Bruce Cockburn
Charlemagne in Sweatpants,” The Hold Steady
Ray Charles,” Chiddy Bang
Mr. Columbus,” Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
World Before Columbus,” Suzanne Vega

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  • Carstonio

    Would Vincent by Don McLean count?

  • Oliver Boy (All of Our Boys) by Flogging Molly– the Oliver in question being Cromwell.

    “Oh Oliver boy, now you are gone/But we’re still here where we belong/Forgiveness being our strength you’ll never see”

  • Cheney’s Toy by James McMurtry

    “You’re the man/Show ’em what you’re made of/You’re no longer daddy’s boy/You’re the man that they’re all afraid of/But you’re only Cheney’s toy” 

  • Natalias

    Where oh where is Bette Davis Eyes??

  • Launcifer

    Either side of Bette Davis’ nose, probably.


  • Roll Over, Vaughn Williams (Richard Thompson); Cortez the Killer (Neil Young); The Eyes of Nostradamus (Al Stewart)…there have to be more!

  • Carstonio

     The modern version is Steve Buscemi Eyes.

  • Joan of Arc (Leonard Cohen); Jesus Christ (Woody Guthrie);

  • St. Peter’s Bones (Girlyman)

  • Redcrow

    The only song with a famous person in title on my computer is Murakami by Surganova And Orchestra. Maybe I should break my own rules and include songs I have on compact discs. Then, at least, we’d have Grace Kelly, Brodsky and Sappho…


  • wanderingoutlaw

    “The Ballad of John and Yoko” – The Beatles
    “The Ballad of Mary Magdalen” – Richard Shindell
    “Billy Graham” – Swirling Eddies
    “Blame It On Cain” – Elvis Costello
    “Blind Willie McTell” – Bob Dylan
    “Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream” – Bob Dylan
    “Bob Dylan’s Blues” – Bob Dylan
    “Bob Dylan’s Dream” – Bob Dylan
    “Buzz Aldrin” – Robert Johnson And Punchdrunks
    “Cortez the Killer” – Neil Young
    “(David Bowie I Love You) Since I Was Six” – Brian Jonestown Massacre
    “A Front Row Seat To Hear Ole Johnny Sing” – Shel Siverstein
    “George Jones Talkin’ Cell Phone Blues” – Drive-By Truckers
    “I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone” – Sleater-Kinney
    “I Want Elvis For Christmas” – The Holly Twins
    “Joe Hill” – Billy Bragg
    “John Brown’s Body” – Pete Seeger
    “Merry Christmas, Maggie Thatcher” – Elton John
    “Mr. Churchill Says” – The Kinks
    “The Night Hank Williams Came to Town” – Johnny Cash
    “Pablo Picasso” – The Modern Lovers
    “Pretty Boy Floyd” – Woody Guthrie
    “Song for Bob Dylan” – David Bowie
    “Song to Woody” – Bob Dylan
    “Victoria” – The Kinks
    “William Butler Yeats Visits Lincoln Park And Escapes Unscathed” – Phil Ochs

  • “Joe Meek” – Wreckless Eric. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIa7q9FlOxI

  • urbicande

    Camera Obscura, “Dory Previn”

  • Magic_Cracker

    “Boom Boom Mancini,” Warren Zevon
    “Brian Boru’s March,” the Chieftains
    “Davey Moore,” Bob Dylan
    “The Devil,” P.J. Harvey
    “Milestones,” Miles Davis”Original Faubus Fables,” Charles Mingus
    “Tranesonic,” John Contrane
    Triumph of General Ludd,” Chumbawamba (6:50 mark)

  • zmayhem

    “Jean Arthur” – Robbie Fulks (A kid’s temper and a queen’s will / Wrapped pretty and made to kill / Whoever’d outsmart her / Didn’t know Jean Arthur.)

    “Paul Cezanne” – 5 Chinese Brothers (Cezanne’s father wanted him to be an advocat, but Paul just looked at him and went, “Mais non, pa! I want to be a painter; I know I can!” Now his ouvre’s in the Louvre and he’s Paul Cezanne)

  •  Well, more likely decayed to dust by now.

  • Jenora Feuer

    How is there no They Might Be Giants here yet?

    – Meet James Ensor (Belgium’s famous painter, dig him up and shake his hand, appreciate the man!)
    – James K. Polk
    Those ae just off the top of my head.  TMBG did a number of historical figure songs…

  • Raymond

    Achilles Last Stand – Led Zeppelin
    Ballad of Danny Bailey – Elton John
    Ballad of John Henry – Joe Bonamassa
    Bo Diddley – Bo Diddley
    Carl Perkins Cadillac – Drive By Truckers
    The Day John Henry Died – Drive By Truckers
    Frank and Jesse James – Warren Zevon
    Hank Williams You Wrote My Life – Watermelon Slim
    If You Don’t Like Hank Williams – Hank Williams Jr.
    John Lee Hooker for President – Ry Cooder

  • Interior Lulu” – Marillion (Louise Brooks)
    Anastasia” – Voltaire (Anastasia Romanov)
    Buck’s Boogie” – Blue Öyster Cult (Buck Dharma)
    Elvis Ate America” – Passengers (Elvis Presley)
    Elvis Presley and America” – U2 (Elvis Presley)
    Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle” – Nirvana (Frances Farmer)
    Jackie’s Strength” – Tori Amos (Jacqueline Kennedy Onassas)
    Joan Crawford” – Blue Öyster Cult (Joan Crawford)
    The Marshall Plan” – Blue Öyster Cult (George Marshall)
    MLK” – U2 (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)
    Mr. Popeil” – Weird Al Yankovick (Ron Popeil)
    Muhammad, My Friend” – Tori Amos (Muhammad)
    Yes, Anastasia” – Tori Amos (Anastasia Romanov)

  • christopher_y

    Charlemagne – John Cale
    Andy Warhol – David Bowie
    Jesus – Velvet Underground
    George Jackson – Bob Dylan
    Bessie Smith – The Band

  • “Abraham, Martin and John” (Lincoln, King and Kennedy), the version I have is by Kenny Rogers.
    “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way?” (Hank Williams) by Waylon Jennings.
    “The Ballad of Weldon Chan” by Karen James (for Canadian values of celebrity.)
    “Captain Kidd” and “Captain Morgan” by Tempest (both pirate songs.)
    “Casey Jones” by various people, I have it covered by Spike Jones.
    “A Drop of Nelson’s Blood” (Admiral Nelson, “Nelson’s blood” being a slang term for grog) the version I have is by Marc Gunn.
    “Elvis Died Today” by Paul &^ Storm.
    “Gallio’s Song” (Lucius Junius Gallio Annaeanus, best known for appearing in Acts 18:12-17) by Rudyard Kipling, sung by Leslie Fish.
    “If James Taylot Were On Fire” by Paul & Storm.
    “Joe Hill” by “Earl Robinson
    “John Henry” (though his real person status is doubtful), the version I have is by Pert Near Sandstone.
    “John Muir’s Passion” by Bruce Burnside
    “Lincoln’s March” by Bryce Dessner
    “Lincoln and Liberty” I have it by Ronnie Gilbert
    “Nugget Man” (Robert C. Baker, the man who invented the process that made chicken nuggets economically viable) by Paul and Storm.
    “Round and Round Hitler’s Grave” by the Almanac Singers.
    “Thanks, Mr. Roosevelt” (FDR) by George Formby.

  • Brunel by The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing
    Steph(v)enson by The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing
    Victoria’s Secret by The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing (referring to Queen Victoria, naturally)
    Tesla Coil by … waaaait for it! …The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing

    Terrible name-droppers, those fellows.

  • noyatin

    “Elvis Presley Blues” – Gillian Welch
    “Fables of Faubus” – Charles Mingus
    “Jackie Wilson Said” – Van Morrison
    “Kid Charlemagne” – Steely Dan
    “Mr. Crump Don’t Like It” – Beale Street Sheiks
    “Pablo Picasso” – John Cale
    “So Long Frank Lloyd Wright” – Simon & Garfunkel

  • LouisDoench

    Yes, also the saddest song ever.

  • LouisDoench

    “Elvis is Everywhere” by Mojo Nixon
    “Michelangelo” by Emmylou Harris
    “Emmylou” by First Aid Kit
    “Boots Like Emmy Lou” by Janis Ian
    “Lucystoners” By Amy Ray
    “Faye Tucker” By The Indigo Girls 

  • Magic_Cracker

    Re: “Fables of Faubus”/”Original Faubus Fables”: do you know of a good recording where you can hear all the words? I had great one, years ago, on a knock-off bootleg CD, that I’ve lost and never been able to replace.

  • zmayhem

    Remembered a few more:

    “Velvet Underground,” “Pablo Picasso,” “When Harpo Played His Harp” and “Walter Johnson” – all by Jonathan Richman, both with and without the Modern Lovers.

    “Jesus and Elvis” – Greg Brown

    Also, Louis – yay First Aid Kit! I’ve only heard a bit of them but love them dearly, and I’ve never met anyone else who’d even heard of them.

  • Werner von Braun Tom Lehrer
    Also, doesn’t have the name in the title but How Bad Do You Want It starts with “Robert Johnson went to the crossroads . . .”
    And of course, there’s Tim McGraw, by Taylor Swift

  • Vermic

    To keep my list from being twice as long, I classified anyone pre-20th century as “historical figure” instead of “celebrity” and didn’t include them.  It turns out I have a lot of songs that reference famous people!  And most of them (the songs) are humorous!

    “The Ballad of Chasey Lain”, Bloodhound Gang
    “Ballad of Elvis and Priscilla”, Red Elvises
    “Barry Bonds Press Conference: The Musical”, Paul & Storm
    “Biko”, Peter Gabriel
    “The Biz Vs. The Nuge”, Beastie Boys
    “Brian Wilson”, Barenaked Ladies
    “Clint Eastwood”, Gorillaz
    “CNR”, Weird Al Yankovic (Charles Nelson Reilly)
    “Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance”, Jonathan Coulton
    “Defreeze Walt Disney”, Pajama Slave Dancers
    “Elvis and Bears”, Red Elvises
    “Heather Graham”, Da Vinci’s Notebook
    “It’s Margaret Cho”, Skankin’ Pickle
    “Jackie Wilson Said (I’m In Heaven When You Smile)”, Dexys Midnight Runners
    “Mao Reminisces About His Days in Southern China”, Camper Van Beethoven
    “Michael Caine”, Madness
    “Old Keith Richards”, Paul & Storm
    “Otis Redding”, Everclear
    “A Talk With George”, Jonathan Coulton (George Plimpton)
    “Tom Cruise Crazy”, Jonathan Coulton
    “What Would Brian Boitano Do?” South Park
    “Who Killed Bobby Fuller?” Black 47

  • banancat

    Judas – Lady Gaga

  • Magic_Cracker
  • ChristianPinko

    “Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us” – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss
    “Dancing with Joey Ramone” – Amy Rigby
    “Joan Crawford” – Blue Oyster Cult
    “Frank and Ava”  – Suzanne Vega

    “Sigmund Freud’s Impersonation of Albert Einstein in America” – Randy Newman

  • Andy

    “The Modern Adventures of Plato, Diogenes, and Freud” — Blood Sweat and Tears

  • MikeJ

    Alex Chilton – The Replacements
    Einstein on the Beach?
    Tanya by Camper  Van Beethoven is taken from Patty Heart’s nom de guerre. (How I long to see your face photographed in 15 second intervals….)
    Frank Sinatra – Cake
    Oliver’s Army – Elvis
    Hurricane – Bob Dylan
    Rockefeller Skank – Fat Boy Slim
    Mao Reminisces About His Days In Southern China – Camper Van Beethoven

  • MikeJ

     My apologies. Further research has shown that Fatboy Slim’s song is actually entitled “Rockafeller Skank” , and does not *exactly* use the name Rockefeller.  I’d still include it simply because the name was meant to imply Rockefeller, and because of Jay’s retirement.

  • Hth

    David Duchovny, why don’t you love me?

  • interleaper

    Alexander the Great — Iron Maiden

    Boadicea — Enya

    Mister Crowley — Ozzy Osbourne

    The Ballad of Marshall McLuhan — Radio Free Vestibule
        (lyrics only)

    Mingus Eyes — Richard Thompson

  • MikeJ

    Casanova – Roxy Music
    Kneel and Buzz by Meat Beat Manifesto is a play on Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin
    Houdini was the title of and album by the Melvins, but no track with that name.  That album *does* have the track Joan of Arc on it though
    John McLaughlin by Miles Davis is not only named for John McLaughlin, he plays on it. 
    George Square Thatcher Death Party by Mogwai
    The Day that Thatcher Dies by Hefner 
    Bob Mould Hates me by Mold (That’s the b-side of Sonic Youth at Disney World)
    Kerouac by Morphine
    Hey Jack Kerouac by 10,000 Maniacs
    Duke Ellington by The Mountain Goats

  • MikeJ

    Two more:
    Stand Down Margaret – The (English) Beat
    Margaret on the Guillotine – The Smiths

    (both related to the Mogwai and Hefner tunes referenced above)

  • first time comment

    The Ghost of Stephen Foster –  the Squirrel Nut Zippers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJzWGkgFcTU

  • Amaryllis

    I seem to have a lot of “people” songs, too.

    The first three all refer to Tommy Armstrong, the Pitman Poet:
    His hands were made of rubber, his feet were made of clay,
    His throat was made of sawdust, but his words were made to stay.

    Armstrong’s Army – Jez Lowe
    The Birth of the Lad – Tom Gilfellon
    Pitman Tom – The Whisky Priests

    Then there are those who are only famous because the great O’Carolan dedicated a tune to them. But I’d be happy to remembered to history that way myself.

    Lady Athenry – Derek Bell
    Lady Blaney – Derek Bell
    Planxty George Brabazon – The Chieftains
    Sir Festus Burke
    Carolan’s Concerto – The Chieftains
    Carolan’s Devotion – Derek Bell
    Carolan’s Draught – De Danaan
    Carolan’s Quarrel With the Landlady – The Chieftains
    Carolan’s Ramble to Cashel – Northern Lights
    Carolan’s Receipt – Derek Bell

    And some other musicians:
    Al Bowlly’s in Heaven – Richard Thompson
    Deirdre Collis – Trian

  • Amaryllis

     But wait– there’s more! So,  kings and other such big names, last names from A to C (mostly– does Attila
    have a last name? or Canute? And does it matter if he was really Knut?)

    A Little Attila – Ute Lemper
    Garrett Barry’s – Matt Molloy
    Boadicea – Enya
    Bonaparte’s – Eliza Carthy
    Bonaparte’s Retreat – The Chieftains
    Madame Bonaparte – Alistair Anderson and Richard Thompson
    Poor Boney – Norma Waterson
    Brian Boru – Alan Stivell
    Brian Boru’s March – The Chieftains
    Brian Boru’s March – Loreena McKennitt
    Canute – The Oldham Tinkers
    The Carrollton March – David and Ginger Hildebrand
    Carroll’s 2 of April – David and Ginger Hildebrand
     (my Catholic-school history texts made a great fuss over Charles Carroll, the Only Catholic Signer; these are from a collection of music from the Carroll family home)
    James Connolly – Andy Irvine
    James Connolly – Black 47 (same man, different song)

  • Erin

    Allison – Pixies (Mose Allison)
    Bela Lugosi’s Dead – Bauhaus
    Bill Murray – Gorillaz
    Brian Eno – MGMT
    Buddy Holly – Weezer
    Bukowski – Modest Mouse
    Christian Dior – Morrissey
    Christine – Siouxsie & the Banshees (Christine Costner-Sizemore)
    Crack Hitler – Faith No More
    Cyrano De Berger’s Back – X
    (Don’t Cut Me Down) Mary Quant in Blue – The Dylans
    Elvis F*****g Christ! – The Cramps
    Elvis Song – Liz Phair
    Gary Gilmore’s Eyes – The Adverts
    General Patton – Big Boi
    Henry Kissinger – Eric Idle
    Hurricane – Bob Dylan (Rubin “Hurricane” Carter)
    Jesse James – The Pogues
    Josephine – Tori Amos (Josephine Bonaparte)
    KRS-One – Sublime
    Lee Van Cleef – Primus
    Like a King – Ben Harper (Martin Luther King, Jr.)
    Mamie Van Doran – Catfight!
    Maria Bartiromo – Joey RamoneMarlene Dietrich’s Favorite Poem – Peter MurphyMeeting Paris Hilton – CSS97 Bonnie & Clyde – EminemNixon’s Spirit – Paul Oakenfold & Hunter S. ThompsonOliver Cromwell – John CleesePenis Song (Not the Noel Coward Song) – Eric IdlePocahontas – Neil YoungPolitical Song for Michael Jackson to Sing – MinutemenRachbottomoff – Pansy Division (Sergei Rachmaninoff)Rosa Parks – OutkastRubik’s Cube – Agent RibbonsShakespeare’s Sister – The SmithsShanne Bradley – The PoguesSit on My Face Stevie Nicks – The RottersSt. Theresa – Joan OsbourneTony Randall – Bikini KillTravolta – Mr. Bungle2 H.B. – Roxy Music (Humphrey Bogart)Vera – Pink Floyd (Vera Lynn)What Would Joan Jett Do? – The Launderettes
    Where’s Bill Grundy Now? – Television Personalities
    Yo George – Tori Amos (George W. Bush)

  • Sam Kabo Ashwell

    Not David Bowie, Tori Amos
    Fidel Castro, The Skatalites
    Johnny Cash’s Mama’s House, Emily Wells
    Baldwin Brothers, Celph Titled feat. Majik Most
    Lady Day and John Coltrane, Gil Scott Heron

  • I was surprised how many results I got, even deleting ones for whom there’s no “historical” record (which is why I kept Augustine of Hippo – who left writings behind – but not Mary Magdelene)

    I think I winnowed out any that were mentioned before, but here goes:

    XTC Vs. Adam Ant – They Might Be Giants

    Bach Goes To Limerick – Steeleye Span (Johann Sebastian Bach)

    Joan Baez Suite – Sharon Isbin (Joan Baez)

    Ingrid Bergman – Billy Bragg & Wilco

    Biko Drum – Christy Moore (Steven Biko)

    Blake’s Jerusalem – Billy Bragg (William Blake)

    Me, Marlon Brando, Marlon Brando And I – R.E.M.)

    Lady Lyle / Liz Carroll’s – Paddy O’Brien (Liz Carroll, a champion Celtic fiddler)

    Suite: Judy Blue Eyes – Crosby, Stills & Nash (Judy Collins)

    Thunderclap For Bobby Pyn – Sonic Youth (for Bobby Pyn a.k.a. Darby Crash, co-founder of The Germs)

    Joan Of Arc – Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (Joan d’Arc)

    Charlie Darwin – The Low Anthem (Charles Darwin)

    Robert De Niro’s Waiting – Bananarama

    Hugo Diaz – Mi Buenos Aires Querido (Hugo Diaz, Argentinian musician)

    Story Of Bo Diddley – The Animals

    Joe Dimaggio Done It Again – Billy Bragg & Wilco

    Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream – Bob Dylan

    Amelia – The Story (Amelia Earhart)

    Sir Duke – Stevie Wonder (Duke Ellington)

    Sean Flynn – The Clash (Sean Flynn, photojournalist who disappeared in Cambodia)

    Galileo – Indigo Girls

    The Legend of John Henry’s Hammer (Live) – Johnny Cash

    Joe Hill – Joan Baez (Joe Hill, early labor leader)

    I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine – John Doe

    Buddy Holly – Weezer

    Wolfman Jack – Todd Rundgren

    Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing – Minutemen

    Casey Jones – Jerry Garcia & David Grisman

    Kubla Khan – Cusco (for the 5th Great Khan of the Mongol empire and founder of the Yuan Dynasty)

    Me And Billy The Kid – Joe Ely

    B.B. King Was Wrong – John Gorka

    The Name’s LaGuardia – Tom Bosley (Yes, Tom “Richie’s Dad” Bosley. He played NY Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia in the Broadway musical “Fiorello!”)

    Stagger Lee – Lloyd Price (for the famous criminal from post-Civil War St. Louis)

    Stagger Lee – Sleepy LaBeef

    The Ballad of John and Yoko – The Beatles (John Lennon & Yoko Ono)

    Longfellow Serenade – Neil Diamond (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

    Alasdair MacColla – Clannad (for a 17th century Scottish soldier and patriot)

    The Ballad Of Mary Magdalene – Richard Shindell

    Rene and Georgette Magritte With Their Dog After the War – Paul Simon

    Steve McQueen – Sheryl Crow

    Happy Birthday Bill Monroe – Butch Baldassari (for the father of Bluegrass)

    O’Carolan’s Welcome – Alizbar & Ann’Sannat (Turlough O’Carolan, legendary Irish musician)

    I Dreamed I Saw Phil Ochs Last Night – Billy Bragg (about the protest singer)

    Be My Yoko – The Bobs (Yoko Ono)

    Picasso’s Last Words (Drink To Me) – Paul McCartney & Wings (Pablo Picasso)

    Pocahontas – Neil Young

    The Journeys Of Marco Polo – Cusco

    Marco Polo – Loreena McKennitt

    Madame De Pompadour – BBC National Orchestra Of Wales (from the Doctor Who soundtrack)

    William Powell – Leo Kottke

    Elvis Imitators – Steve Goodman

    Elvis Ate America – Passengers (Brian Eno and U2)

    There’s A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop Swears He’s Elvis – Kirsty MacColl

    Rasputin (Live) – Boiled In Lead (Gregor Rasputin, Russian mysticist)

    Roy Rogers – Elton John

    Haile Selassie – Bright Eyes

    Don’t Sit On My Jimmy Shands – Richard Thompson (Jimmy Shands, Scottish accordion musician)

    Don’t Sit on my Jimmy Shands – The Elders

    Bessie, Bessie, Bessie – Fats Waller (Bessie Smith)

    Song Of Bernardette – Jennifer Warnes (Bernadette Soubirous, 19th century Catholic saint)

    Andy Stewart’s / The Harsh February – Phil Cunningham (Andy Stewart, Scottish musician, frontman for Silly Wizard)

    A Cannon By Telemann – Steeleye Span (Georg Phillipp Telemann, 18th century composer)

    St. Teresa – Joan Osborne

    For Pete’s Sake – The Monkees (Peter Tork)

    Harry Truman – Chicago

    Walt Whitman’s Niece – Billy Bragg & Wilco

    The Night Hank Williams Came to Town – Johnny Cash & Waylon Jennings

    Brian Wilson Said – Tears For Fears

    Virginia Woolf – Indigo Girls

    Lester Leaps In – Count Basie & Kansas City Seven (Lester Young)

  • Orion Silvertree

    High-five for Marillion!

    Also see: The Low Anthem; “Charlie Darwin” 

  • In addition to the Tori Amos already mentioned (I’d never heard of “Not David Bowie” before – thank you!) there’s  “Josephine.”

    Kate Bush has “Joanni”  and “Houdini“.

    And of course there’s Rick Wakeman’s album “The Six Wives of Henry VIII”, whose six instrumental tracks are named appropriately.

    And Neil Diamond: “The Last Picasso

  • Cynical Bystander

    Grant Hart – The Posies

    Hank (Williams), Karen (Carpenter) & Elvis – The Young Fresh Fellows(I dreamed I saw) Phil Ochs – Billy BragTony Adams (Brit Footballer) – Joe Strummer & The MescalerosJohnny Appleseed – Joe Strummer & The MescalerosI dreamed I saw St Augustine – Bob Dylan Phil Ochs Bob Dylan Steve Goodman David Blue and me – John Wesley Harding
    Courtney Love – Nerf HerderVan Halen – Nerf HerderFor the singer of REM – fIREHOSE
    I’m gonna dig up Howling Wolf – Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper
    David Bowie wants Ideas – BongWater
    Lord Byron’s Luggage – Warren Zevon