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Jeremiah 22:16

He judged the cause of the poor and needy;
then it was well.
Is not this to know me?
says the Lord.

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LBCF, No. 181: ‘Meet the Steeles’
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LBCF, No. 181: ‘Meet the Steeles’
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LBCF, No. 181: ‘Meet the Steeles’

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  • What kind of a commie liberal pinko bastard is the god person anyway?

    Which is a silly way of saying that now that my life has calmed down a bit I hope to be able to rejoin the commenters here, first I’ve got a lot of back posts to get caught up on though.

  • SisterCoyote

    Chris! Good to see you around again!

    (That’s actually been applicable to the last few verses, really… it’s awesome.)

  • Matri

    Liberal contamination! *cuts verses out*

  • Foreigner

    *weighs Bible after all the librul contamination has been cut out*

    We’re gonna havta rename this ‘the Good Pamphlet’.