Celebrity songs: Rick James to Jim Morrison

Courage built a bridge, jealous tore it down …

Rick James Style,” The Lemonheads
“Jasper Johns,” Twitchen Vibes
“Jung and the Restless,” Steve Taylor
My Name Is Lisa Kalvelage,” Ani DiFranco
“Kasparov vs. Deep Blue,” Moxy Fruvous
Hey Jack Kerouac,” 10,000 Maniacs
Up to the Mountain (MLK Song),” Patty Griffin
Kohoutek,” R.E.M.
I Wanna Be Your J.Lo,” Cansei De Ser Sexy
Bela Lugosi’s Dead,” Bauhaus

So let’s see: Two musicians, two pacifists, an actor, a writer, a painter, a psychotherapist, a chess master, and an astronomer. That’d be another very interesting dinner party. (Yeah, OK, “Kohoutek” is probably named after the comet, but the comet was named after the astronomer, so I’m counting it.)


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  • Bryantgries

    Michael Jackson – Fatboy Slim
    (She Thinks She’s) Edith Head – They Might Be Giants 

  • Mrs Grimble

    So where does Jim Morrison fit in?

  • phranckeaufile

    “Hurricane,” Bob Dylan

  • urbicande

    Hawkwind, “Black Elk Speaks
    Rachel Bloom, “F**k Me, Ray Bradbury

  • Jurgan

    “Alex Chilton” by The Replacements

  • Magic_Cracker

    Hands of Victor Jara,” Chuck Brodsky

    Victor Jara’s Hands,” Calexico”Victor Jara,” Arlo Guthrie”Death of Victor Jara,” Rod MacDonald BandPreguntas por Puerto Montt, Victor JaraChile Stadium, Victor Jara (his last song, English translation)

  • Sam Kabo Ashwell

    (Missed D-H. Going with D-M this time.)

    Dschingis Khaani Mori, Borte
    Tom Dooley, Doc Watson
    Like Dylan In The Movies, Belle & Sebastian
    Clint Eastwood, The Upsetters
    Clint Eastwood, Gorillaz
    A Century of Elvis, Belle & Sebastian
    Calling Elvis, Dire Straits
    Pretty Boy Floyd, Woody Guthrie
    Marcus Garvey, Burning Spear
    Mr. Holmes (John Holmes), The Herbaliser
    The Ballad of Tom Jones, Space and Cerys Matthews
    Christine Keeler, The Skatalites
    Stetson Kennedy and Joe Dimaggio Done It Again, Billy Bragg and Wilco after Woody Guthrie
    Nelson Mandela, The Special AKA (also, approximately a million other songs with Mandela in the title)
    Marx and Engels, Belle & Sebastian
    Mr. Bobby (Bob Marley), Manu Chao
    Creek Mary’s Blood  (Mary Musgrove), Nightwish
    Serge (Sergio Leone), Folk Implosion
    Serge (Serge Gainsbourg), The Herbaliser

  • Elvis Christ” by Death Ride 69

  • No songs to contribute, but Jack Kerouac wrote a poem called “A Pun for Al Gelpi” (http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/houghtonmodern/2008/06/13/kerouac-a-smile/) – and Al is a professor emeritus at Stanford; we’re in the same choir.

  • CarolynTheRed

    Barenaked Ladies: Be My  Yoko Ono, and Brian Wilson


  • Picasso’s Last Words (Drink to Me) – Paul McCartney and Wings

  • Magic_Cracker

    That reminds me:

    Charlie Parker Looked Like Buddha, Jack Kerouac & Steve Allen

  • LE

    “Biko” Peter Gabriel

  • Magic_Cracker

    Woops. Should have waited till we got to the Ps

  • Jon Frater

    Mandlebrot Set, Jonathan Coulton
    Nugget Man, Paul & Storm

  • phranckeaufile

    “Moves Like Jagger,” Maroon 5

    Every Taylor Swift song

  • pharoute

    Bela Lugosi … The missing years. – Little Jack Melody

    Calamity Jane – Supreme Beings of Leisure

  • Theo Axner

    Jack the Ripper – Motörhead
    Jack the Ripper – Nationalteatern
    Jack Uppskäraren – Cornelis Vreeswijk (Jack the Ripper)
    George Jackson – Bob Dylan
    George Jackson – Fairport Convention
    King James Version – Billy Bragg
    Frank and Jesse James – Waren Zevon
    Jesse James – the Pogues
    Blues för Victor Jara – Cornelis Vreeswijk
    Robert Johnsong – the Nomads
    Janie Jones – the Clash
    Janie Jones – the Neurotic Outsiders
    The Death of Mother Jones – Gene Autry
    The Ballad of the Kingsmen – Todd Snider
    Henry Kissinger – Monty Python
    Laurel & Hardy – the Equals
    Anna-Greta Leijons ögon – Besökarna
    Till Sara Lidman – Cornelis Vreeswijk
    Will Ni Höra Så Ynkelig En Händelse? (The Lincoln Ballad) – Freddie Wadling
    Abraham, Martin & John – Dion/Bob Dylan (Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy & Robert Kennedy)
    Louis Qutorze – Bow Wow Wow (Louis XIV)
    Alma – Tom Lehrer (Alma Mahler)
    Free Nelson Mandela – the Special AKA
    Lord Marlborough – Fairport Convention
    Blind Willie McTell – Bob Dylan
    Who Killed Marilyn? – the Misfits
    We Are Motörhead – Motörhead
    Moulty – the Barbarians
    George Murphy – Tom Lehrer
    Popens Mussolinis – Nationalteatern
    Till Jan Myrdal – Cornelis Vreeswijk

  • ospalh

    Lobachevsky, Tom Lehrer
    Lincoln Bataillon, Ernst Busch
    Auf auf, zum Kampf, about Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg,
    Joan of Arc and Maid of Orleans by OMD
    Ballad of Helen Keller and Rip Van Winkle Moldy Peaches… Lynn, Pink Floyd

  • rm

    Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way? — Waylon Jennings
    Hank and Lefty — Emmylou Harris
    Has Anybody Here Seen Hank? — The Waterboys
    I Dream a Highway — Gillian Welch
    Emmylou — First Aid Kit


    and the Elvis songs:

    Graceland — Paul Simon
    Elvis is Dead — Living Colour
    Riding With the King — John Hiatt
    Blue Moon Revisited (Song for Elvis) — Cowboy Junkies
    Boy From Tupelo — Emmylou Harris
    Elvis Presley Blues — Gillian Welch
    Elvis Cadillac — Rickie Lee Jones


  • Amaryllis

    Beloved and little the month of dear February…

    Missing the B’s, but in time for the K’s, today is the feast of St. Brigid of Kildare. Or, for a more Pagan celebration, it’s Imbolc.

    Whether Saint or Goddess, some Brigid songs:
    Braiding the Flame of Brigid – Minette Quick
    Brighid – Kellianna
    Brighid’s Kiss – Tritini
    Gabhaim molta Bride – Claire Roche
    Song to Brighid – Lisa Thiel
    Totus orbis Brigide – Canty

  • Amaryllis

    The moon is climbing through the sky with the child by the hand…

    Jack the Ripper – The White Stripes
    Jesse James – Bruce Springsteen
    Victor Jara – Christy Moore
    Levi Johnston’s Blues – Ben Folds

    Kelly the Boy From Killanne – The Clancy Brothers (the Irish one)
    The Kellys Wouldn’t Run – The Ragged Band (the Australian one)
    Kennedy’s Reel (Ril an Chinneidigh) – Denis Murphy (pick your favorite Kennedy, I guess)
    The Testimony of Patience Kershaw – The Unthanks (you’ve got to earn your daily bread…)

    Marie Laveau – Dr. Hook
    Gentleman Jack – O’Hooley and Tidow (Anne Lister– whether J or L, no one likes a Jack-the-Lass)
    Lorca’s Novena – The Pogues

  • Amaryllis

    And I have enough M’s for a separate entry.

    Lament of MacCrimmon – Sheila Chandra
    Rob Roy MacGregor – The Homespun Ceilidh Band
    Lament for Mick Mackey – Anne Mulqueen
    Rude Awakening – Andy Irvine (stretching a point for Aeneas Mackintosh, outward bound on a final trip)
    Elsie Marley – The High Level Ranters  (the wife that sells the barley, hinny was apparently a real person)
    Murder of Maria Marten – Shirley Collins
    Douglas Mawson – Andy Irvine
    Joe McCann – Christy Moore
    Gabriel McKeon’s – Christy Moore
    White House Blues (McKinley’s Gone) – Flatt & Scruggs
    Angels Playing Football (Jackie Millburn)  – The Whiskey Priests
    Mingus Eyes – Richard Thompson
    Pictures at a Mondrian Exhibition – Marcel Worms
    The Ballad of Harry T. Moore – Sweet Honey in the Rock – the song is based on a poem by Langston Hughes, whose birthday is today.

    Down in the bassThat steady beatWalking walking walkingLike marching feet.

  • Sgt. Pepper’s Bleeding Heart

    Jandamurra/Pidgeon  —  Paul Kelly
    Lady Madonna (yeah, ok, cheating) — The Beatles
    Mack the Knife (?) — Frank Sinatra

    I missed earlier, so I’m also going to put in a plug for Gough, by The Whitlams. (Gough, woo!)

  • spinetingler

    Smokin’ Dave and the Premo Dopes – Gimme Keith Richards’ Blood


  • Ursula L

    While  not a song about a celebrity, here is my brother, singing on television, in Albania.  


  • Joe Hill, Harry Simms (old labor songs)
    Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky, Werner Von Braun (Tom Lehrer)
    So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright
    Who Killed Norma Jean?
    Who Killed Davey Moore?