4 years ago: ‘Dismaying’

Feb. 16, 2009, on this blog: ‘Dismaying’

“Not believing in Missouri” doesn’t affect the Show-Me State one way or another. To say that you don’t “believe in” Missouri is really to say that you deny it exists — that its existence is a fact you refuse to accept. That’s delusion No. 1. Delusion No. 2 is a corollary to that refusal — the idea that your belief or disbelief somehow makes it so. These are delusions because Missouri does, in fact, exist, and because its existence is not conditional upon your “belief” in the reality or unreality of that fact. Both of these deluded notions, I think, are a part of what many of those respondents meant when they told the pollster that they “do not believe” in evolution.

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  • I’m curious. Your 2009 post seems to say there has long been a consensus that Genesis does not support a young Earth. If so, why was Archbishop Ussher’s chronology taken so seriously that it found its way into many printed Bibles? 

  • Oh for crap’s sake, Patheos. The entry Fred linked to here has comments. But try paging through to the others in the same time vicinity and the comments are blank. (>_<)

  • I thought it was Canada that didn’t exist.

  • Baby_Raptor

    Canada has to exist. How else would they use it as an evil spectre to scare people RE universal healthcare?

    And where will right-wing people with no respect for irony meters threaten to move to?

  • PatBannon

    You’ve all got it wrong. It’s Wyoming that doesn’t exist. Wyoming is actually an old Italian word for “No state here.”


  • Lori

    So when I was in “Wyoming” that one time, where was I?

  • A fugue state.

  • No, Fred had it right.  It’s thermal conduction that doesn’t exist.
    Heat transfer is caused by sinfulness.

  • Is it absolute zero in Heaven?  Someone call a theologian!

  • Of course.  Didn’t you ever hear something impossible as ‘when Hell freezes over?”

  • PatBannon

    Colorado, I suspect. It’s a whole conspiracy over there.

  • Or kidnapped by Tuco Salamanca.

  • The one in Michigan or the one in the Cayman Islands?

  • You guys all thinking you really exist are so cute.

    Everyone knows the northern hemisphere was just a bad dream.

  • Lori

    This is an important question. Even with climate change Hell, MI freezes over pretty regularly.

  • Lori

    Sneaky bastards.

  • Lori

    I was traveling with my parents and my brother’s in-laws (long story), so that’s entirely possible.

  • For a moment, I dreaded further horrors from my homestate were to ensue upon opening this.

    They’re making this very hard for me. I used to cling (tightly) to the lack of secession on Missouri’s part in my extreme youth in school. Down here in North Carolina, as anything got worse, that remained my adamant declaration of origin. Of late, not so much.
    And, in truth, I think I lived in a pocket of weird–which I managed to do for a good chunk of time in NC as well…

  • Fogeyman

    I LIVE Missouri and still don’t believe in it.

  • David Starner

    Which seems like a bad example, since it does whether we believe that Missouri exists. We don’t believe the Confederate States of America exists, and it doesn’t. People who live in Transnistra believe it exists, so it does in a way, but most people who don’t live in Transnistra don’t believe it exists, so Transnistra doesn’t exist in the way that officially recognized, UN-seated nations do. If belief in Missouri became an odd marginal belief in the US, if Kansas had drawn up lines for districting its eastern section and its so-called representatives couldn’t get access to Congress, it wouldn’t really exist.

  • AnonymousSam

    I’m pretty sure there are people who believe in the Confederate States of America and in the ongoing Cold War with Russia, who’s only the most recent ally of the nefarious United Nations, the Jewish overlords who control commerce and politics across the planet. Pretty sure there’s some overlap in those beliefs, too.

  • And don’t forget the one in Norway.

  • Thanx! I knew there was one I forgot.