4 years ago: Why I’m peeved

Feb. 18, 2009, on this blog: Why I’m peeved

I found it almost impossible to communicate with those people. We had a common vocabulary, but the words all seemed to mean different things. The accounts of creation seemed, for them, to have nothing to say about divine intent or divine affection, but only about divine technique. The story of Noah seemed to be nothing more than a complicated word problem involving the measuring of livestock capacity in cubits. The story of Adam giving names to all the animals seemed, to them, to be a reason not to learn about biodiversity.

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  • Puts me in mind of a cookbook. Doesn’t matter who you’re making the food for, or when or where or why, it just gives the basics. 
    Maybe that’s not so bad.

  • MikeJ

    I could love to read a cookbook that was nothing but poetry and allusions to folk tales that nobody alive has ever heard, with jokes and music and dancing thrown in, but with no recipes.

    I wouldn’t try to actually cook anything using it, but it would be a fun read.

  • Halcyon

    I can’t be the only one who thinks that needs to happen now, right?  “The Slacktivist Cookbook:  A fun read, but you probably shouldn’t try to cook with it.”

    Left Behind Custard:  First, separate the eggs as though they were the unbelievers being left behind to face the horrors of tribulation by a loving God.  Next…  (Fun fact: I have no idea whether making a custard requires separating eggs.  Like the authors above, I have chosen not to let small limitations like “knowledge” get in my way.)

  • Anyone here familiar with Scripture Cake?
    Left Behind Custard sounds rather fun, if you describe it right.