Republican Party continues its outreach efforts

The Republican Party, Sam Tanenhaus writes, “is and will continue to be the party of white people.” But Republicans aren’t sitting back and accepting this fate. They’re boldly continuing their winsome outreach efforts to attract a more diverse array of voters — women, blacks, Latinos, LGBT citizens, college students, disaster victims and more.

Here is an incomplete collection of such efforts from recent weeks.

• Michael Walsh of The National Review explains Republican efforts to attract more women voters.

• The Republican Party continues its outreach efforts to win over Latino voters.

• Republican mega-donor Foster Friess explains his plan to win over “urban” voters.

• Republican National Committee rolls out ‘REDMAP,’ an effort to appeal to voters who dislike having their votes counted.

• Rep. Lou Barletta, R-Pa., continues GOP outreach efforts to Latino voters.

• Former executive director of the South Carolina Republican Party Todd Kincannon begins Twitter outreach to win over African-American voters.

• Former executive director of the South Carolina Republican Party Todd Kincannon also begins outreach effort to win over voters who might like a see a picture of his penis.

• New Mexico Republicans court the votes of crime victims.

• Arizona Republicans seek to make their party seem cool and not-at-all creepy and authoritarian to young people.

• Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is reaching out to voters with sick or dying family members.

• Wisconsin state Sen. Glenn Grothman extends Republican Party outreach to African-American voters.

• Bill Clayton is only a humble alderman in Rapid City, S.D., but he too wants black voters to remember his words when they think of the Republican Party.

• House Republicans continue efforts to charm women voters.

• House Republicans strategize outreach to win over voters down the shore.

• 22 male Republican senators make overture to win over women voters.


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  • hidden_urchin

    They’re making new episodes every day now!

    Aired nightly on Fox?

  • Carstonio

    If David Brooks were defining the Overton window, it would shoot off the house and into the woods like it was fired from a catapult. Imagine Brooks responding to the counter-suggestion that Republicans should only propose policies that Democrats universally agree with.

  • CharityB

    This sort of nonsense is David Brooks’s bread and butter. He wrote an article a few weeks ago about how it was Al Gore’s fault that Republicans tend to oppose efforts to deal with climate change, even the ones that they themselves helped develop just 10 years ago. His central argument was that, because Gore became a liberal icon, this repulsed conservatives so much that they had to fight against everything he stood for. Brooks practically concedes that Gore is right and that Republicans know it, but argues that it’s still somehow Gore’s fault that Republicans are throwing a lethal temper tantrum due to their dislike of him.

    It kind of reminds me of Newt Gingrich’s blamed Barack Obama for the failure of his (Gingrich’s) attempts to smear Mitt Romney during the last GOP primary. For the part of personal responsibility, these guys hate taking the blame for anything they say or do.

  • Carstonio

     That’s what I mean by immaturity. Avoiding blame is part of it. My point is about the obviously personal issues they have with both Gore and Obama. Most likely they view both as pretenders to authority, as if the two are tyrannical older siblings and folks like Brooks are resentful younger ones.

  • Here’s a politician behaving badly in a way that really is just silly:

    After a bit of political mockery involving his head photoshopped onto a porn star’s body:

    …he wants to make lewd, coarse, filthy Photoshopping illegal and punishable with a fine of $1,000.

    He fulminated to Fox News: “No one has a right to make fun of anyone. It’s not a First Amendment right.”

  • This kind of thin-skinned response to parody is characteristic of authoritarian thinking and is reminiscent of dictators throwing strops over criticism of any kind.

  • MaryKaye

    Among Bonewits’ 11 signs of a dangerous cult I have found “does not tolerate humor directed at the leaders” to be one of the most useful and telling. It’s easy to identify, hard for them to hide, and you really do not want to be involved with any organization with this trait.

    My very dignified professorial mother felt similarly; one of her contributions was to volunteer for the yearly “throw a baseball and dunk a professor” attraction at the college fair.  I wish I had a picture of her doing it.

  • AnonymousSam

    And I’m sure Fox News nodded and made agreeing noises, and later that same broadcast, mocked elderly women some more…

  • Carstonio

    Growing up, I wanted to hit classmates who made fun of me or laughed at me. A few times I actually lashed out when they did this, and almost always they seemed shocked at my reaction. But public officials are fair game for satire  because they choose to serve in those roles, and their positions give them automatic power advantages over their satirists.

  • Yeah, it’s why I specifically made reference to people with power, etc.

  • hidden_urchin

    He really doesn’t know how the internet works, does he? Anyone want to take bets on how long it is before he gets ‘shopped into some gay porn or the like?

  • fraser

     Brooks wrote a lengthy column about how Our Leaders failed to understand what was going on in Iraq. Somehow he neglected to offer the personal example of his columns explaining our occupation was brilliant and there was zero risk of internecine religious conflict in Iraq.

  • fraser

     No “most likely.” I think for a large chunk of the Republican base, they believe getting a president they don’t support is conclusive proof that government has been taken over by evil. I know plenty of Repubs who swore they could never vote for a disgusting draft avoider like Clinton, but they had no problem with W or Romney avoiding the draft.

  • Carstonio

    Yes, there are some absolutist notions of political warfare involved. My point is about the reasons why Gore and Obama (both Barack and Michelle) push the base’s buttons. They simply don’t want to be told what to do by specific people, meaning blacks and women and “pointy-headed intellectuals.” To hear them talk during the First Lady’s push for healthy eating, one would have thought the Trans Fat Gestapo was arresting folks with potato chips in their cabinets.

  • Consumer Unit 5012

     Someone really needs to explain to Republicans that ‘Bipartisanship’ doesn’t mean ‘being twice as partisan’.

  • Consumer Unit 5012

     Here’s a theory that Obama is now using himself as the straw man extremist. If so, it’s astounding to see ostensibly grown men acting like 5-year-olds, even while the tactic itself seems clever.

    I’ve said it before – if the Democrats want to win the next elections, all they have to do is get Obama to declare the last week in October National Not Setting Yourself On Fire Week.  The teapublicans can’t vote if they’re all in the burn ward….

  • Matri

    Is it wrong for me to laugh AND like this post?

  • Tricksterson

    Can I put my money on “Already been done”?

  • Gay porn? How…mundane. I’m expecting 4Chan and the like to get a bit more creative than that. Maybe something involving one cup, a goat, or both.

  • Turcano

    Um, isn’t he aware that there has already been a rather highly-publicized Supreme Court decision on that very issue?  I think they made a movie about it and everything.

  • Ima Pseudonym

    Checked his twitter.  Calling him a neanderthal is an insult to neanderthals.