2 years ago: The Beastly Counter-revolutionary counter-Revelation

Feb. 22, 2011, on this blog: The Beastly Counter-revolutionary counter-Revelation

That stuff about lamb’s horns and dragons is kind of trippy, but it’s far, far saner than what John MacArthur is saying.

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  • On a related note – GREAT news: Tim LaHaye hates the script for the new “Left Behind” movie! There may yet be hope!


  • I thought the whole point of him buying it out from Cloud Ten was so he could get his own personal imprint on a reboot of the series. WTF.

  • ohiolibrarian

    Horns LIKE a lamb? Since when did lambs have horns? Do they even have nubs?

  • Vermic

    “The plot line is nothing like the book. The only thing they retain are the names of the people, and maybe places,” LaHaye added.

    I’m feeling better and better about this project!

  • John Small Berries

    From the original article:

    Biblically speaking, I would have wished the American government, which
    has a history of Christianity, would have risen up and said “this is
    wrong, this is forbidden for people to do this, this is intolerable.”

    Wait a minute… “Biblically speaking”, there would be no American government  if the Colonists had “submit[ted] to the powers that be because they [were] ordained of God”.

    I wonder if MacArthur similarly deplores the First Amendment rights he possesses only because those Colonists explicitly rejected that Christian teaching?

  • Lunch Meat

    I feel like we should arrange regional slacktivist gatherings to go see it. Maybe if there are enough of us, we could reserve a group showing and snark openly and loudly with no one to be annoyed!

  •  That may be the best idea I’ve heard all day.

  • AnonymousSam

    Wouldn’t be the first time a writer has had little or no actual input on the content of a movie. Ursula K. LeGuin had an insightful article on how the Sci-Fi Channel, in her opinion, completely ruined their production of Earthsea by writing her out of the production process and ignoring the things she demanded of the producers (like a multicultural cast in light of Earthsea’s wide variety of skin tones — instead, 99% of the cast was white with one black man, who of course, plays the aged mentor).

  • AnonymousSam

    I’ve been wishing we could have a slacktivist gathering regardless. Having a group to MST3K the movie would be great.

  • Looks like LaHaye just discovered one of the hazards of trying to take control away from an indie producer who would probably have accepted creative direction from him and Jenkins. :P

    Not that I’m TOO broken up about it, mind. ;)

  • Vermic

    Wouldn’t be the first time a writer has had little or no actual input on the content of a movie.

    The number of things Tim LaHaye and Alan Moore have in common has now increased from zero to one.  Maybe the apocalypse really is closer than we think.

  • I would certainly like online viewings and snarkings of the DVD when it comes out… online. I wouldn’t be able to attend any regional gathering, and even if I could, I wouldn’t want to pay to see something I find morally abhorrent. 

  • AnonymousSam

    A Ventrilo server could be a thought.