9 years ago: You Don’t Know Dick

March 9, 2004, on this blog: You Don’t Know Dick

Unless otherwise noted, the following 24 Fun Facts About Dick are from Jane Mayer’s article “Contract Sport” from the Feb. 16-23, 2004, issue of The New Yorker.

21. While still the CEO of Halliburton, Dick Cheney became the head of Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush’s vice-presidential search committee. “Cheney demanded reams of documents from the candidates he considered. In the end, he picked himself.”

22. Dick Cheney almost certainly has not done paid work for former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein since Feb. 2003.

23. In the year 2000, Dick Cheney did paid work for both Saddam Hussein and George W. Bush. How many other people can say that?

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  • I always felt a man who didn’t go with Rich or Rick (just to choose among two of my friends named Richard) was telling you something when he wanted to be known as Dick.