8 years ago: Hermeneutics

March 13, 2005, on this blog: Hermeneutics

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So this gorilla walks into a bar. The gorilla slaps a $10 bill on the counter and says, “Give me a beer.”

Bartender figures what does a gorilla know? So he gives him the beer, but only gives him $1 in change. It’s a slow night, though, so the bartender figures he should make some conversation. “We don’t get many gorillas in here,” he says.

Gorilla says, “Yeah, well at $9 a beer I’m not surprised.”

The Fundamentalist Interpretation …

"Trump is totally not racist and how dare anyone suggest otherwise."

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  • Baby_Raptor

    I tend to over-think things a lot…My fiance often jokes that  it would be my special talent, if such a concept could be made into a Cutie Mark. Example: The other day, a friend and I were debating whether or not the underclothes of the females in WoW races would actually work as intended or not.

    But these guys…Turning a math proficient gorilla into the Anti-Christ is beyond me. It would be respectable, if their attitudes weren’t so damaging. 

  • SororAyin

     Residents of FundyLand seem to think that proficiency in any mathematical or scientific endeavor is evidence that one is the Antichrist.

  • Baby_Raptor

    That permanently disqualifies me from being the antichrist then…I failed Algebra 1 three times and Geometry twice. 

  • P J Evans

     Hey, you tried. That’s more than a lot of people who gave up the first time. (I remember getting an about-to-fail notice in geometry.  Proofs still make my eyes glaze.)

  • Hexep

    Are there a lot of intentions to go around in the world of hosiery, underdrawers, and intimate apparel?

    Granted that I have never played World of Warcraft (I did once, for a month, 8 years ago), I vaguely recall that they’re a very medieval-ish sort of people, so I’d assume that their regards for undergarments sort of work on, well, level 1 – cover up the thing that I use to pee, level 2 – keep my tits from bouncing around too much. I think they’ve gotta get through, well, their Newton and their Kepler before they can progress to more well-designed lingerie.

  • ErikTheRed

    A true alpha male would write about HIMmeneutics. Truly, you have been corrupted by feminism.

  • Edo

    I’m not sure if you’re a troll or a parody troll, but this got a laugh out of me, and I want to thank you for that.

  • Baby_Raptor

    We were discussing the fact that about half the races have strapless bras. My, admittedly limited, experience with strapless bras leads me to believe that they wouldn’t provide much in the way of support as the chest would fall out of the bra once the woman got too active. 

    So, yeah. Not really fanciness so much as the typical females getting impractical armor because hotness. 

  • EllieMurasaki

    Eric the Red is a genuine troll. EriktheRed is a parody of same.

  • Oh, dear lord&lady. Are we going there? Is this going to be like Scott and Scottbot and not_scottbot? Because, seriously, we have all BEEN there and there’s a reason I didn’t buy the T-shirt.

    (If it’s not going to be like that, well, then, nevermind.)

  • Hexep

    To be fair, though, the bra as we know it wasn’t invented until, like, 150 years ago? And if it took that long for real women to invent it, I think we can excuse these fantasy women for not having come up with it yet? I mean, hindsight’s easy.

  • arcseconds

     It’s not just ‘impractical’, it kind of… well, encourages us to rethink our entire notion of ‘armour’ :]

    Having breast-plates in place of a breastplate seems a good way to guide blades into your heart.