Hop on pop — Bergoglio now ‘Pope Francis’

Er, I mean, habemas papem.

White smoke at the Vatican. CNN is killing time waiting for news of who has just been chosen as the new pope and head of the Roman Catholic Church.

So if you’re reading this, you were snubbed yet again.

I defer to SNAP, which provides a list of “promising prelates” as well as a list of a “dirty dozen” cardinals they do not want to see become pope.

Update: And the winner is …

Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina, archbishop of Buenos Aires and a Jesuit. His Wikipedia entry is already labeled “Pope Francis.”

Here’s hoping Pope Francis lives up to his namesake.

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  • http://blog.trenchcoatsoft.com Ross

    I’ve read that Pope Francis has made public statements saying that QUILTBAG folks should be treated with respect and dignity and not oppressed.

    Clearly, he has a different understanding of what treating someone with respect and dignity and not oppressing them looks like. But it gives me hope that the Vatican might come around if we just give them another two or three hundred years.

  • christopher_y

    What’s become of Disqus? It’s displaying in a completely different format. Which I do not like because it no longer has the option to show “newest first”, which means that you have to scroll through all the comments you’ve already read to discover if anybody’s said anything recently.

    I blame the Pope. This can’t be a coincidence.

  • http://mmycomments.blogspot.com/ mmy

    There is still an option to select “newest first.” Look for the word ‘Discussion’ on the far left of the row under the ‘leave a comment’ box. Click on the down arrow next to the word and you have the option to have comments threaded by newest, oldest or best.

  • Eminnith

    That only shows newest comment threads, not newest comments. Not helpful, Disqus.

  • Nick Gotts

    On Bergoglio’s connections with the Argentine “Dirty War” junta, whatever the truth of the specific allegations against him, the Argentine church was up to its neck in collaboration, and there are several photos of Bergoglio himslef hobnobbing with Videla.

  • pepperjackcandy

    Why are the comments suddenly nested? I don’t think they were last night.

    Will logging in fix it?

  • http://www.oliviareviews.com/ PepperjackCandy

    After accidentally attempting to sign in in the wrong place, and signing in correctly, it looks like no, signing in will not correct it. Maybe it’s my browser?

  • Lori

    It’s not you, it’s Disqus. Nothing you can do about it and if reports are correct, also nothing Fred can do about it.

  • Eminnith

    Next to the “Share” link there’s a gear thing with an arrow you can click for the options “Login” and “Send Feedback.” If we all send feedback, will it help?