5 years ago: Development

March 14, 2008, on this blog: Development

This is happening everywhere. People like the Donerys own their own home, but not the land it sits on. When the landowners have the opportunity to make a bigger profit from some other use of that land, the Donerys and the hundreds of thousands of others like them, are forced to move. Their houses, in most cases, either cannot be moved or cannot be moved for a price they can afford.

About 22 million Americans live in nearly 10 million manufactured homes. That’s a huge portion of the low-income housing in this country.

""Now if only the Democrats would have Republican politics without having Republican ethics...""

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"...That seems obvious in retrospect."

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"To scare more voters into countering the polls?"

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"I can't think of any reason why Faux would lie about this. What am I ..."

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