‘Don’t touch that dial’

The truth about any one of us would shock all the rest of us.”

“I guess it’s just that knowing someone I care about who is in the same situation forces me to actually think about it instead of just swim with the rest of the fishes.”

“The whole concept of God taking time out from his busy schedule to match you with the that one perfect person for you is no different from athletes actually expecting God to intervene so they can win.”

“They were applying Biblical ideas found all throughout the Scriptures, but they were completely missing the point.”

It is easier for Barth’s Church Dogmatics to pass through the eye of a needle, than for an orthodox person to enter the kingdom of God.”

“Quoting a verse that implies that I would have been pummeled to death with a bunch of large rocks, and the ‘blood would be on my head,’ well — that doesn’t exactly win me over to anyone’s line of thinking.”

“If you’re a religious news journalist most of your job consists of talking to Christians so that they can tell you lies about each other. … I don’t know anyone who has been converted by the people they cover.”

“If we got education, health care and infrastructure right, a lot of our other economic problems would take care of themselves.”

“It has been great to meet you, and I feel like I’ve just learned so much — about myself, about concealed carry laws and purifying water — about more than I could name.”

“Your vocal run is gonna run the participation right out the building. Keep It Simple Whitney.”

“Mr. Moreland — having more stake in the proceedings, or rather less interest in pursuing what amounted to, in his opinion, a goose chase the likes of which only Mr. McNulty would subject himself — put his cigar in his mouth and looked down at the sketches which they had obtained from Scotland Yard.”

Church Sign Epic Fails: ‘Holy Sex'”


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