9 years ago: Walking the line

March 26, 2004, on this blog: Walking the line

Johnny Cash often related his respect for Billy Graham, but the evangelist’s admiration for — and emulation of — Cash isn’t always noted. Billy Graham had Johnny Cash hair.
"All of them, including Miriam."

Standing by
"But wouldn't that mean he wants to torture us forever?"

Standing by
"But that's what croquet is all about! Like bowls, it's really about knocking your opponent ..."

Standing by
"Sephiroth would have demanded a better story to be in."

Standing by

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  • Jurgan

    Did Billy Graham have a role in Walk the Line? I don’t remember seeing him, but I could be wrong.

  • Darn it. Every time Fred mentions Johnny Cash, I wind up listening to the one Johnny Cash song I have on hand… and that inevitably leads me to watching Undertaker videos. XP

  • vsm

    Not according to IMDb. Elvis was played by someone called Tyler Hilton.