6 years ago: Bread and Circuits

April 9, 2007, on this blog: Bread and Circuits

Consider, for example, the news that taking Vioxx involved greater-than-reported risk of heart failure. That was really big news for the many consumers who were taking the drug, but there were no headlines reading, “You Might Be in Danger of Heart Failure.” Instead, there were dozens of headlines reading, “You Might Want to Sell Your Shares in Merck.” The “you” of the second headline referred to a much smaller group, and carried a much less urgent message, but that’s (stupidly, indefensibly) how the Business section works. The much larger group, which needed to hear a much more urgent message, was forced to read between the lines in dozens of shareholder-focused stories that didn’t so much bury the lede as render it tangential to what they believed was most important: how increased risk of heart failure would affect share prices.

"I go for the rainbows on any kind of corvid. So gorgeous in the sun!"

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  • Cathy W

    The layoffs at Circuit City had the predictable results, I think – a former Circuit City storefront near my home is finally going to reopen with a new tenant next week, after sitting vacant since the chain went under.

  • Victor Savard

    ” ‘You’ Might Be in Danger of Heart Failure.” VS ” ‘You’ Might Want to Sell Your Shares in Merck.”

    Jeff we gods are going to be reading in between the lines here so if “I’M” wrong and this is not the way ‘you’ see “IT” just blame “IT” on Victor Egor, “I” mean ego who is boasting butt we gods know that he’s already died of a heart attack NOW!

    Fred! “You” have to tell these humans http://ashesfromburntroses.blogspot.ca/2013/04/faith-filled-friday-divine-mercy-flood.html?showComment=1365301335851 beings that they are to stop praying for Victor’s soul cause hell, I mean well YA know –boasts! if ‘you’ get my drift NOW?

    Hang in there Fred and just keep thinking, pause he, I mean “Positive” and saying to ‘you’ self, “wE CAN GET “IT” DONE” to get her, no, no, not Eve, I mean together “IT” will materialize with the help of U>S alien gods that is NOW!

    Long story short! ‘You’ should not believe all these ‘R’edeeming ‘B’lessed ‘C’hrist “ONE” % cells who really don’t exist and between ‘you’, “ME”, “ME” and “ME” they are no more important than ‘you’ know Grand Father Claus http://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=18142394&postID=1572476816158758118 and…..

    End YA say sinner vic!

    STOP THAT Victor! Don’t YA know that ‘you’ soul is at war and ‘you’ soul is in training and that we are out to get her, I mean out marching together so leave U>S alone or we might get laid off NOW!

    Left! Right! Left! Right!

    NOW I’ve been told that’s what they say, that Victor’s getting older nowadays! Butt I don’t care what ‘you’ say cause every dogs has his day.

    Left! Right! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DO51AThtPzc

    That’s silly sinner vic! If ‘you’ want to fight, why don’t ‘you’ join the army cause “I’M” married and too old to mess around with ‘you’ young wip her snap her http://www.blogger.com/profile/15443898648764230515 like the good old days NOW. Long story short! Why don’t ‘you’ stop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WvLfI_glQk cause “IT” is driving me crazy!


    Go Figure brothers and sisters in Christ! :)


  • nomuse

    “All the news that fits we print.” Nature of the thing.

    A decade or so back I listened to a classical station that didn’t break for local news, but did do a traffic report. So as I drove down the highway, I was treated to, “…and that’s the traffic for the penninsula. Moving to the corridor, that sniper is still active on 880…..”

  • P J Evans

    The CC near where I used to live was turned into a ‘Sprouts’ market. This is probably an improvement.