It’s ‘Left Behind Saturday’ this week, sorry

It seems I won’t get today’s installment up today.

I want to step back from the pages of Nicolae this week to look at Steve Fouse’s helpful, if somewhat confused, profile “Tim LaHaye, the Bible Belt, and the Sun Belt: More Complex Than Kansas.”

Fouse did some hard work with LexisNexis to paint a picture of LaHaye’s influence and agenda during the later decades of the 20th century, and there’s a lot of interesting stuff in this article. Unfortunately, it’s all directed toward a thesis about the “complexity” of the religious right agenda that pretty much proves the opposite of what Fouse thinks it does. (Yes, reflexive anti-feminism and a terrified reaction to modernity comes in more than two simple flavors. But no, that doesn’t really make it “complex.”)

That leads to the bewildering conclusion that LaHaye retreated from politics, “creating a popular fictional series that had little or no political effect.” Unpacking the multiple layers of epic wrongness in that claim is taking a bit longer than I’d planned, so we’ll get to that tomorrow.

In the meantime, here are a couple of videos to illustrate how little influence and political effect Tim LaHaye’s apocalyptic eschatology has in America in 2013. First, Pat Robertson explaining that America risks “the wrath of Almighty God” by pursuing a Middle East peace plan:

And second, Rachel Maddow contrasts MSNBC and CNN’s coverage of President Obama’s trip to Israel with the coverage from Fox News:



"So long as Trump avoids a toothbrush moustache, they will remain so indefinitely."

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  • First?

    Anyway, take your time, Fred. We will be waiting to tear the next few pages a new one until then.

  • No problem with the delay. Don’t worry about it.

  • aunursa

    The Official Left Behind Movie Facebook page
    – Thank you for 5000 “Likes”

    Sylvia *** *******

    I have all the left behind series book and all the movies that has been made. not to happy about who will be playing in the new one coming up so not sure I will buy it or not.
    22 hours ago

    Brad **** ******
    awesome movie, really makes you think
    22 hours ago

    Deborah **** *******
    Waiting patiently, can’t wait to see the new movie.
    20 hours ago

    Aaron ******
    You should do a Lord of the Rings type of thing, and put the members of this account on the credits of the movie!! :)
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    I can hardly wait for the new movie … there hasn’t been a good christian movie in a while …
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    Now is the time of Salvation. So you won’t be left behind.
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  • Brad **** ******

    awesome movie, really makes you think

    … that you seriously need to get your hands on some better books.

  • Adamlangfelder

    Can’t wait for the next installment

  • ReverendRef

    Sylvia *** ******* I have all the left behind series book and all the movies that has been made.

    Marge ***** I can hardly wait for the new movie … there hasn’t been a good christian movie in a while …

    And Jesus wept.

  • LoneWolf343

    Confirmation bias. Except for trolls, all you are going to get on Facebook like pages are rabid fans, and next to none in the way of smart ones. It’s not not really a good cross-section of a viewing audience.

    This is true even for good stuff, like on the Chesterton like page. Used to follow it, until it got creepier in their quote selections. Too much “attacks on the family” and not enough “dignity of the poor.” The breaking point was when something horrid and incongruous was linked on the like page: The American Thinker. Dafuq?

  • Victor Savard

    (((It seems I won’t get today’s installment up today.)))

    Fred! It was during my first blog when a guy by the name of Wintermute asked me to include you and long story short, when I started my second blog you were there. Longer story short, you really made me laugh with your “Left Behind” post but now I really don’t know what to make of it anymore. Are you UPSET with these guys and/or are they somehow making you rich NOW? Anyway, I might have been around more often but as soon as I rubbed some that loved YA the wrong way and because, I guess that they were not able to sway me as far as Adam and Eve were concerned, let’s just say that I was politely told in so many words that they would acknowledge my existence after I pulled my head out of my ass and……..

    End Victor! Listen Victor, the world ended in the year 2000 and not in the early 90’s after YA killed yourself NOW so please go into the other room and let me finish this unless you alo want to be “Lelf Behind” cause there is no magic crystal around here unless you count FearlessSon and you believe that he, still luv.s YA NOW!

    OK folks! I know that there’s no way that most of YA happy people want to go , so “IT” is to your advantage to co-operate with U>S (usual sinning) gods cause we at least all agree that Victor can still be his own worst enemy in reality NOW! Right? Long story short, if we gods don’t help him before he start a new turd, “I” mean a third blog when his Canadian Federal Election starts, “IT” might just be too late for the human race as we know “IT” NOW!

    Please Just humor Victor until we can figure out what to do with that “ONE” % Jesus cells and as for that “ONE” % soul cell, well, whatever YA do, don’t any of YA Slactivights be telling him that he’s a “jolly” old man while looking his soul in the eyes cause YA might as well be telling him that his old Gibson guitar is in need of repair.

    This is Top Secret but we gods have helped him elect his last 3 or 4 human Canadian Prime Minister and we’re tired of priming these guys so if “IT” is OK with YA sinners, we’re thinking of creating our own human dolls and then we’ll put life into them when the time is right and many of you know who will be a LOT happy her NOW!

    Hey we gods don’t want to force any humans at this time but “I” was talking to “ONE” of OH Leary and A man Dah soul cells and they both agree that these would make a great investment for these humans and they wouldn’t even know the difference and we alien gods could use our sibliminal to con vince them that human children are no longer needed in the flesh and this would make you humans a LOT better off NOW.

    For the love of money, “I” mean for the love of mommy we alien gods owe “IT” to these good, bad human beings wo man who find “IT” hard to work and raise a family at the same time in this twenty first century NOW.

    The rest of the alien gods have been talking to The Iron man without a human heart and says that there’s no such things as hero and machinery is eventually going to take over this world but don’t worry humans cause we alien gods will create YA a new world NOW.

    I’ve heard “IT” said that you can’t serve two master but we alien gods are the alpha and if YA don’t believe me just ask Victor’s Senior doctor, who asked him how they could help him and his souls asked him who he wanted to talk to and Victor’s souls simply asked him which “ONE” of The Alphabet boys he really wanted to talk to and then started naming out the alphabet.

    Don’t blame me cause I told Victor to try and get some sleep but he couldn’t because the aliens would take over so he said but his wife spiritual sisters convinced him to go and get a kneedle to help him sleep but long story short, they just locked him UP for his own protection and later he committed spiritual suicide and now, his sins are cursed to see if we can save him cause Victor keeps telling U>S (usual sinners) that his GOD (Good Old Dad) is the same today as HE was Yesterday and will be Tomorrow so “I” ask YA could there be any Truth to any of “IT” and we really could all live forever in an UNBELIEVABLE LOVE.

    Victor! Victor! Victor! You can come back in NOW!

    What! Stop hiding and come face the music NOW. Don’t worry folks, I’ll just con vince “ONE” of his wife cells that he’s a Teddy Bear

    What! Stop hiding and come face the music NOW. Don’t worry folks, I’ll just con vince “ONE” of his wife cells that he’s a Teddy Bear and then she can tell him all about the fact of what HIS Eve GOD Angel really promised him NOW.

    Go Figure! :)


  • j_bird

    Left Behind Saturdays are just as good!

  • Like I do every year, I encourage everyone to wish a Haw-Haw-Haw-Happy Birthday to Jack T. Chick, who celebrates his 89th Rapture-free year today!
    And because it’s a delightful contrast, it’s worth mentioning that today is also the birthday of actor Ron Perlman.
    Less worthy of mention is the fact that it’s also the birthday of some guy named Jon, who is terribly amused to share a birthday with the Jack Chick and Hellboy.

  • Convince your wife that you’re a teddy bear? O.o

  • O dear fluffy kittens, how I love Rachel Maddow.

  • Baby_Raptor

    Take your time, Fred. We’ll all be here waiting. And we’ll eat up anything you post in the intermediary. ^_^

  • No worries ^_^

  • Dogfacedboy

    Happy birthday, Jon!

  • flat

    I believe the Fred in this segments understands me the best.

  • Nick

    That article has one *scary* picture of Tim LaHaye! “Hey, kids! Ya like ESCHATOLOGY!?!”

  • Nick

    Poor guy. Looks schizophrenic to me…

    Also, I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep now after seeing those “reborn baby” dolls he linked to. *shudder*

  • Tell some guy “Happy Birthday” for me! ^_^

  • Fusina

    Happy Birthday to you all.

  • That Other Jean

    Happy birthday, Jon! Hope it’s a good day for you.

  • DorothyD

    Happy Birthday, Jon.

  • Are there pictures of Tim LaHaye that are not scary? Saw one with the grandkids on his knee, and it looked like he was displaying his successful hunt. “Caught this one with nothing but a net and these two knobby old hands!”

  • For some people “really makes you think” doesn’t mean what the words would suggest. It’s actually a phrase that, translated for subtext and wishfulfillment, reads “really supports my preconceptions so people who think like me don’t have to think.”

  • Lori

    I hope that Jon guy has a wonderful birthday doing something he very much enjoys. Same to Ron Perlman. Jack Chick is on his own.

  • Victor Savard

    (((Poor guy. Looks schizophrenic to me…)))

    Nick! Is that any WAY to talk to a spiritual transvestight and beside ShifterCat’ been around here for a long time and she’s never said that to “ME”, “ME” and “ME”.

    I hear YA sinner vic! He’s just a new bee around here Victor and trying to make a name for himself also!

    Really NOW?

    Go Figure! :)


  • I wonder if this is why Jenkins writing has not improved, or why he thinks he can fleece people for writing masterclasses. He is in an echo-chamber of praise, with no one in the fandom willing to offer him constructive criticism and any attempt to do so marks someone as “no true Scotsman fan” so he can disregard it.

    The most painful part of these books for me is that they offer tantalizing promise, then consistently fail to realize it.

  • pinksponge

    Happy Birthday! And to Ron Perlman, too. :) (I’d like Jack Chick’s birthday to contain an epiphany that maybe, just maybe, he might be a little bit wrong about some things, and that it’s not too late to change … )

  • He looks like he has a case of adult-onset lycanthropy.

  • We’re never quite sure what Victor is trying to say, but he seems well-intentioned, so I try to save my ire for the jerks.

  • Happy Birthday, Jon! I your day’s been fabulous and your night is… well, whatever kind of night you were hoping for.

  • Nick

    Seriously lol. With a side effect of projectile cheek bones.

  • Nick

    Yeah, better to leave him alone. I just thought you were confused by him, I guess…

  • And now it’s Left Behind Sunday, apparently. ;p

  • Did I miss the NRA update this week?

  • Sorry, no NRA update this week it seems. Fred did write a lengthy post about the other ways in which Tim LaHaye has branched out to extend his theology and his politics beyond the strictly religious evangelism into lobbying and running businesses. The Left Behind series is but one arm of a many-tentacled beast.

  • Michael Snow

    Yes, leave it behind. May be exciting fiction but not found in the Bible.