3 years ago: L’affaire Waltke

3 years ago: L’affaire Waltke April 13, 2013

April 13, 2010, on this blog: L’affaire Waltke

Note that nothing Waltke said is controversial, or inaccurate, or hateful. Nor is anything he said unbiblical, un-Reformed or un-Christian.

Yet this video was later seen by the administrators of Reformed Theological Seminary — an odd group that isnot really interacting with the world. They were mortified, indignant, offended and stricken with the vapors. You know how that goes — they’re evangelicals and it was a day ending in “-y.” These are people who regard umbrage as one of the fruits of the spirit and here was an excuse for it.

And so Bruce Waltke was fired from RTS.


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