Lord won’t you tell us, tell us what does it mean

Scott Paeth shares a quote from the great theologian Karl Barth on listening to the voice of God:

God may speak to us through Russian Communism, through a flute concerto, through a blossoming shrub or through a dead dog. We shall do well to listen to him if he really does so.

And that choice of examples struck me kind of funny, seemed kind of funny sir to me.

It reminded me of what another pretty good theologian once wrote about the silence of God:

God may speak to us, and if God does, we shall do well to listen. But if we stand there long enough, that dog still won’t get up and run.

Paeth’s post also includes theologian Miroslav Volf addressing the duty to find beauty in everything. “Can you find beauty in a rotting dog carcass,” the interviewer asks.

Volf responds: “To see beauty — to see also beauty … you need to attend to the shape of the self, which gives quality to your vision. And then you can see what may be otherwise, or what maybe others do not see.”

Or, in other words, “Still at the end of every hard earned day people find some reason to believe.”

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  • Of course, this yields the possible interpretation that God may wish to communicate a message by letting people die and be horrifically injured in a terrorist bomb, which is what Pat Robertson has been saying all along…

  • LoneWolf343

    It’s possible. This leads to the question: “What if Pat Robertson is still deaf?”

  • Well, in Robertson’s case, I take that as a given. After all, somehow he’s managed to construe whatever God said as “The world will end on this date” on no less than two occasions (1982 and 2007).

  • One of my favorite Springsteen songs, even if I sometimes call Nebraska “Music to commit suicide to.”

  • Jamoche

    “Can you find beauty in a rotting dog carcass,”

    Well, there is that Nine Inch Nails video, though that was a fox.

  • kiwibrit

    not on subject but where has Slacktivist gone? everytime I click on my link the message “this page cannot be displayed appears. If I enter slactivist into google it brings up the same link but when I click on it the same cannot displayed message pops up. I only managed to get onto this page by going into Pathoes and finding a link to this particular page rather than Slacktivist, I also not the logo for Slacktivist is missing!

  • RickRS

    That’s happening on my work computer, but not my home machine…

  • WallofIllusion

    I was getting that two days ago. Try clearing your cache–that’s what helped for me.

  • “Yellow matter custard/Dripping from a dead dog’s eye…”
    Now who else thought of this when the dog caress was mentioned?