9 years ago: On your knees

May 6, 2004, on this blog: On your knees

In 1952, Congress passed a law establishing the National Day of Prayer as an annual religious observance. Quick: give me another sentence that uses the words “Congress,” “law,” “establish” and “religion.”

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Billy Graham is dead

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  • Jurgan

    Mel Gibson?

  • arcseconds

    Mel Gibson is a sentence that uses the words ‘Congress’, ‘law’, ‘establish’ and ‘religion’? 0_o

  • Carstonio

    No coincidence that this was the same era that Congress also made an unconstitutional addition to the Pledge of Allegiance. A pathetic attempt to show that we were better than those godless commies. The real alternative to the USSR’s endorsement of a particular position on religion was not endorsing another position – it was no endorsement of any position.

  • Nick

    No! Don’t you know your sanctified official James Dobson,Christian Coalition talking points?! There’s no such thing as “no endorsement of any position.”

    It’s either Stalin or the Republic of Gilead and you’ll eat it and like it!

  • The Guest Who Posts

    9 years later, this post is still perfect.

  • SisterCoyote

    I am strongly considering adding this as a quote to the “First Amendment Wall” on campus.

  • Happy Belated Day of Reason!