Take. My word for it.

Let me take a moment to take a stab at explaining the lack of posts here the past few days.

I took a step back to take stock and take into consideration whether or not I should take a day off my new night job, since this weekend seemed like a lot to take. But then I took into account the household budget, took a deep breath and figured I’d take my chances.

So I took a quick nap, took off to take in the final rugby match of the girls’ regular season, grabbed some take-out, took another nap, took a shower, took some Advil, took the dog out, took my coffee black and took the Yaris to take the back-roads to work, where I took on taking inventory until quitting time, when I took off like a bat out of Hell.

I hope you won’t take offense or feel like I’m taking advantage if I take a breather before taking on regular blogging today. The last few days have taken a toll.

Happily, though, I’ve found a remarkably versatile verb to help me take my best shot at taking on the challenge.

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  • esmerelda_ogg

    Tsokay, Fred. Sounds like the job is very physical and demanding.

  • AnonaMiss

    It’s OK, Fred. We know the first few weeks of a (structured, conventional) job are a pain after months of being your own master. Take care of yourself.

  • that Other Jean

    Please, take your time. Relax. Sleep. Do whatever you need to do. We’ll be here when you get back.

  • Hexep

    Tell you what – every day you miss a post, you can refund our subscription fees for the week.

  • What?!? I can’t get my fix of excellent christian/current events commentary on demand and for no charge because you need to sleep? For shame!

    Without the sarcasm, thanks for keeping this blog up at all as your life gets more hectic. I always enjoy reading your posts and I especially appreciate how they often can articulate a cogent argument against the principalities and powers of this world (for lack of a better descriptor) that I could sense, but couldn’t myself put into words.

  • Baby_Raptor

    Take as long as you need, Fred. We’ll be here when you’re done.

  • The_L1985

    Please relax, Fred. We don’t expect you to write nearly as often now that you’re working again, and we don’t want you to stress yourself. If the blog has to give, then it has to give.

  • JRoth95

    Hurray for a job, even one that sounds like it takes a lot out of you.

  • aunursa

    Just concentrate on the Friday Left Behind posts, and don’t feel as if you need to create new material for the rest of the week. ;-)

  • quietglow

    Congratulations on the job. Don’t worry about us, we’ll be around.

  • Launcifer

    Eh, I figure you’re doing me a favour by giving me something – anything – to read at two in the morning in the first place, so throw in a rugby match (so long as it’s Union rules) and we’re good ;). I’ll even put up with the fact that your page appears to be trying to sell me David Beckham today, just this once and seeing as it’s you.
    Also: congratulations and I hope that it all goes well in employmentland.

  • Take -take -take it all!

    “lack of posts here the last few days”? Seriously, Fred, you’re being a little too hard on yourself.

    Thursday song post? Yup.

    Sunday favorites? Yup.

    Every-so-often linkfest? Yup

    Reposts of your greatest hits? Yup.

    You’re on-pace as near as I can tell. Yeah, no NRA post, but lately those have been every-other week anyway.

  • It’s a cool blog.
    But your life trumps.
    More specifically:
    * Paying the bills trumps updating your blog.
    * Building relationship with your family trumps updating your blog.
    * Maintaining your health trumps updating your blog.

  • Do what you need to to. Then worry about the rest of it. Family and job take priority. We’ve all been there.

    We’re all rooting for you, and we can wait a bit for more posts. Don’t worry about it. Your blog; your schedule.

  • Congratulations on finding a job, and I know I speak for a heck of a lot of people when I say: Take your time. We will be here when you get back to posting, and whatever you write will be worth the wait.

  • Vermic

    Take, take, take; that’s what this relationship has become.

  • SisterCoyote

    Ow, Fred. Take all the time you need; life’s gotta happen, and you’ve gotta be able to breathe. After all the times and in all the ways this blog has been here for us… I think we’ve all got our fingers crossed for you.

  • Flying Squid with Goggles

    Know that we out here support you. We are here because we enjoy your voice, not here to make life more difficult or complicated for you. Any time and energy you need to devote away from this blog to something else in life, we will understand, and we’re not going to pressure you. Wishing you well right now! ;o)

  • Carstonio

    No problem, Fred. Please make sure you get the rest you need.

    My father worked evening and late-night shifts when I was very young. My mother was anxious that we didn’t wake him up with our playing. When my own children were that age, I would play with them on weekend mornings so my wife could get some sleep, and I found I had the same anxiousness. I kept expecting my wife to come out of the bedroom in a rage, and rant at me about my failure to keep the kids under control. But she has never been like that at all, and when I make a mistake of any kind I often wait for a tirade that never comes. It’s almost like hypochondria in the sense of preparing for the worst.

  • Point taken, Fred.

  • Nick

    I didn’t notice, to be honest. Seemed like you were still doing one a day, unless that *is* slow for you. I wouldn’t know…

  • flat

    two things Fred:
    make sure everything is fine with your new job and then focus on the left behind posts.
    Once you have found a good rhytm you can blog more.
    besides sometimes it is good to take some distance so you can get some perspective.

    ps we still don’t know what your new job actually is, so please mr Clark be so very kind to tell us what it is.

  • Take five, then.

  • LL

    Oh no, the guy who entertains me for free on the intertubes took a day off? I may have to entertain myself or read a newspaper or something? You monster …

  • Cathy W

    Getting used to shift work is nightmarish – I know I never quite got used to working a straight midnight shift. I hope you pull through the worst of it quickly, and we’ll still all be hanging on your every word when you’re more able to write them.
    Congrats on the new job!

  • JustoneK

    five what?

  • Ursula L

    I worked overnights for years. And one of the things I quickly realized is that I couldn’t think of my sleep as “naps” during the day. Long term overnights means setting things up so that you can get the equivalent of a full night’s sleep, uninterrupted, same as you would if you worked days. Earplugs, an eye mask, blackout curtains for the bedroom, etc. if needed. Turn of the phone, if you have to, and change your voice mail to let people know what hours you’re answering your phone, because you’re working nights and sleeping days.

    The same with meals – it is easy to fall into the trap of lots of snacks and junk food, because you aren’t eating at “real” meal times. Pack a healthy lunch for 3 am, and have a decent meal before and after work.

    Take care of yourself, and that means taking care to have good sleep habits and schedule.

  • LeRoc

    So many instances of the same verb in your post, I can’t take it anymore!

    (Congratulations on your job, and all the best in getting your new life organized.)

  • Take care, Fred.

  • ReverendRef

    Fred, relax. Even Jesus took time off for self-care.

  • Take the time you need. Work, sleep, and family are important, and these days it can be hard to find enough of any of them. Especially all at once.

  • Dawn Low

    Don’t feel bad about taking a break – we’re not going anywhere. I really appreciate the time you take in writing this blog.

  • Guest

    Take it easy.

  • Random_Lurker

    You’re a writer at heart, Fred.

    How many people deal with stress by finding new uses for a common verb? :)

  • DCFem

    I worked nights for a while, it blows. Sleep every minute that you can. And when you leave this gig, you can write about it the way you blogged about the newspaper business.

  • Take your time, Fred. We know how it is.

  • Lori

    Take all the time you need, Fred. I’m working 3rd shift these days too and it’s kicking my butt, so I totally understand.

    The only positive thing I can say about my situation is that it’s marginally better than the last time I worked 3rd. Back then I was working 12-8, this time it’s 10-6. Overtimes are a bit easier to manage when they start and finish earlier. The fewer hours one has to be awake past the latest one would prefer to go to to sleep, the better.

  • TheBrett

    I hope you won’t take offense or feel like I’m taking advantage if I
    take a breather before taking on regular blogging today. The last few
    days have taken a toll.

    Not at all. My dad worked graveyards, so I sympathize totally with the need for time to adjust. It’s rough.

  • Boidster

    The fact that you are being paid to do anything besides write, teach, or consult on any of the many topics you cover here is a travesty. IMHO. People should be paying top dollar to listen to you instead of d-bags like Frank Luntz. (Many d-bags to choose from; chose Frankie at random.)

  • Barry_D

    Work gets into the way of everybody :)

  • Amaryllis

    Yes, take your time, don’t take on about it, take our compliments for all you do, and the good humor with which you do it, and take some sleep now and then.

    And take a poem to keep you company:

    I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow.
    I feel my fate in what I cannot fear.
    I learn by going where I have to go.

    We think by feeling. What is there to know?
    I hear my being dance from ear to ear.
    I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow.

    from The Waking, Theodore Roethke

  • LL

    I guess I’m in the minority that I loved working nights. I understand people with families (esp. kids) don’t find it delightful, but it worked for me. Less traffic. If you had stuff to do aside from work, you did it during the day, you didn’t have to take time off and explain to the boss.

    Maybe I’d feel differently now (it’s been 15 years since I worked nights). I still hate waking up early (ie, normal waking time to most of the rest of the world.

  • ohiolibrarian

    Do what you need to do and take care.

    Here’s an interesting link. Elizabeth Smart (former kidnap victim) writes about why abstinence education is problematic

  • Good luck! Taking it easy is always preferable to trying to get too much done too quickly. :O

  • Baby_Raptor

    I work nights now, and sleeping during the day is definitely not an easy thing to adapt to. My general sleep time right now is 10AM-6PM, which is pretty much prime day hours when everything happens.

    It takes a lot of adjustment, and you get your fair share of weird looks.

  • I haven’t noticed any slowdown…you gotta do what you gotta do, Fred…good luck!

  • Carstonio

    The writer doesn’t go far enough. The messaging of abstinence-only sex education doesn’t just “fall harder” on girls. It’s a repackaging of the very old sexist idea of female virginity being a commodity. The chewing gum analogy is not very far removed from the custom of waving bloody sheets after consummating a marriage. Blaming victims for rape is simply the flip side of this mentality.

  • Ursula L

    Yes, it does take work, and a deliberate decision to prioritize your sleep time.

    10am-6pm was about what I wound up sleeping when I did overnights, same as you. It gives enough time to eat something after work, and perhaps throw something into a crock pot for dinner time, and to get up around the time that someone with a day job would be getting home from work, allowing for family time.

    I know Bed Bath & Beyond sells sleep masks that have some padding around the edge, so that it can fit snugly against the face, blocking light completely but not pressing against the eyes. This made a big difference in helping me sleep during the day,

  • Eric the Red

    So we should set the over/under for your divorce to, say, 3 years?