Tune That Name: N-O

One day they’ll probably make a movie out of all of this …

Nan You’re a Window Shopper,” Lily Allen
For Nancy,” Pete Yorn

Poor Napoleon,” Elvis Costello
Believe Me Natalie,” The Killers
Nikita,” Elton John
Darling Nikki,” Foo Fighters
“Darling Nikki,” Prince and The Revolution
Noelle,” Daniel Amos
Oliver’s Army,” Elvis Costello
Something Like Olivia,” John Mayer
Otis and Marlena,” Joni Mitchell
Miss Otis Regrets,” Ella Fitzgerald
Miss Otis Regrets,” Kirsty MacColl

And I don’t have this version, but here’s one more “Miss Otis Regrets” — from Captain Jack.

No video link for Prince because the Purple One doesn’t like YouTube. But at least the video of his appearance in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame George Harrison tribute is back up. The first three and half minutes of that rendition of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” features a lovely performance from an all-star bunch of Wilburys before Prince steps forward and … well, just watch.

Legend has it that guitar never landed. It’s still hovering somewhere over Cleveland.

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  • wanderingoutlaw

    Nadine – Chuck Berry
    Nancy Whiskey – Roger McGuinn
    Nanook Rubs It – Frank Zappa
    Nettie Moore – Bob Dylan
    On Neal’s Ashes – Allen Ginsberg (poetry)
    Little Saint Nick – The Beach Boys
    Oliver’s Army – Peter Mulvey
    Ommie Wise, Parts 1 & 2 (What Lewis Did Last…) – Kate & Anna McGarrigle & Elvis Costello

  • Andrew Marchant-Shapiro

    Watch out where the huskies go, don’t you eat that yellow snow…

  • John Mayer?!

    Ugh. I’m disappointed, Fred.

  • urbicande

    Hmm…all I got is “Hang on the Bell Nellie

  • J Neo Marvin

    Seems So Long Ago, Nancy – Leonard Cohen
    Nancy Sin – Beat Happening
    Ned Kelly Was Born In A Ramshackle Hut – The Original Bushwhackers and Bullockies Band
    The Ballad Of Ned Kelly – Fotheringay
    Free Nelson Mandela – The Special AKA
    O’Driscoll (The Host Of The Air) – The Clancy Brothers And Tommy Makem
    Oliver Twisted – The Vaselines
    Orpheus – The Mekons

  • SisterCoyote

    Surprisingly, I’ve got something!

    O’Sullivan’s March – this version’s by the Chieftains.

    Hmmm. I dunno if N, for Jack Noir, counts, but if so: Blue Noir, and The Ballad of Jack Noir would work. That’s not any of his best, though – I highly recommend Homestuck Vol. 8 over pretty much anything else, though there is also a lot of good stuff in the early albums.

  • Maria

    Darling Nikki – Prince and the Revolution

    Ólavur Riddararós – Týr (okay, not an actual O, but it’s doesn’t exist in the English alphabet anyway)

  • Amaryllis

    Thank God it all goes by so quickly…

    Adieu Lovely Nancy – Solas
    Nancy Spain – Christy Moore
    Nancy Whiskey – Shane MacGowan and The Popes
    Nanna’s Lied – Brigitte Fassbender
    Wor Nanny’s a Mazer – Tom Gilfellon
    Neansin Bhan – Johnny Mhairtin MacDonnchada
    Nell Flaherty’s Drake – The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem
    Nettie Moore – Bob Dylan
    Nigel’s Blues – Barry Walsh
    Noirin – John Beag

    Song of Oisin – Anuna
    Oliver’s Army – Elvis Costello
    Omie Wise – Doc Watson

  • When a neighborhood friend of mine bought the cassette tape of Prince’s album*, she told me the first song had my name on it. I was of course interested, even if he had spelled it wrong. But she would never, ever play it for me. Fast-forwarded right through it every time.

    It was years before I found out why.

    * “Niki, you’re dating yourself.”
    “I would never. I’m a lousy date.”

  • Benjamin Thomas

    “Orestes” by A Perfect Circle is a really lovely peice of music – wonderful guitar work

  • Benjamin Thomas

    “Oliver’s Twist” is a rare and poorly recorded track by Dream Theater (my favourite band) which was never released because it eventually became two songs, the fantastic “Pull Me Under” from “Images and Words” and the somewhat sub-par (opinion not shared by most DT fans) “Erotomania” (the first part of the “A Mind Beside Itself” Suite based around the loss of faith from the album “Awake”)

  • Guest

    Thank god for the second amendment allowing gun ownership so you people
    can overthrow a tyrannical government. I mean, surely arrest and
    detention without trial, extrajudicial executions, torture (sorry,
    “enhanced interrogation”) and collecting masses of private information
    from citizens’ phone calls and emails constitutes a tyranny, right? I
    know this seems off topic, and I’m not suggesting any armed revolution,
    but my flippancy is to make a point. The US is now having to go through
    the same process as numerous other countries have- it is having to
    accept that the rhetoric espoused for so long about being “the greatest
    country on earth” and “defender of freedom” is just that- empty
    rhetoric. Every empire, from Greece and Rome to Britain, France and the
    USSR has prided itself that it has been spreading liberty. Every one has
    eventually had to come to terms with the very different reality. The
    scandal about the NSA collecting data from phone calls and internet
    activity is hopefully something that will make people see this
    discrepancy for what it is, and hold their leaders to account, the very
    basis of democracy.

    The shock for me is that it is this, a
    dreadful but none lethal incursion into people’s privacy, that has
    brought this discrepancy to light and not such other and far more lethal
    activities of the US (and UK- I know we’re in on this too) government
    through extrajudicial executions and drone strikes, execution without
    trial justified on the basis that by retroactive definition of anyone
    killed as a “terrorist”. This raises few hackles in either the US or
    Britain, and both countries deploy the language of “us and them” where
    “them” is “terrorists”. In London a brutal, bloody and horrific murder
    has been dubbed “terrorism”, in part because it allows the murderer to
    be treated more harshly and makes him an outsider, against whom no
    punishment can be too severe. This has been happening in both countries
    now for a decade, it is the groundwork for oppression as “terrorism”
    becomes increasingly loosely defined and therefore applicable to anyone
    who does things the government dislikes. People predicting this outcome
    ten years ago were viewed as paranoid. But now in both the US and
    Britain the language of “terror” has pervaded politics so completely no
    one from any party seems willing to step back from an increased security
    state. In both countries the full power of the state is being used
    against people who have no legal recourse, people who are being kept
    incommunicado in prisons without being told why, and without access to
    lawyers to help them. That the majority of the populations in both
    countries do not seem to care about this exposes the discrepancy between
    image and reality, and hopefully the US can now see itself for what it
    is- not some mythical bringer of democracy and liberty, but a state like
    myriad others that acts in its own self interest, even when that self
    interest impedes on others’.

  • Guest

    Erm… I feel like a bit of a tit now, as I posted this on the wrong page and now can’t remove it. It was supposed to be on the NSA article…I felt like Noam Chomsky when I wrote it as well.

  • dpolicar

    Well, you did say you know it seems off-topic.

    That just turns out to be more true than you’d thought.

  • Theo Axner

    Nadine – Chuck Berry
    William and Nancy’s Parting – John Wesley Harding
    Får jag presentera Fiffiga Nanette? – Cornelis Vreeswijk
    Young Ned of the Hill – the Pogues
    Hey Negrita – the Rolling Stones
    Nellie the Elephant – Toy Dolls
    A Drop of Nelson’s Blood – Jarvis Cocker
    Free Nelson Mandela – the Special AKA
    Nettie Moore – Bob Dylan
    Nick Carter – Travolta Kids
    Making Plans for Nigel – XTC
    Making Plans for Nigel – the Bad Shepherds
    Balladen om Nils Johan Einar Ferlin – Cornelis Vreeswijk
    Karl Nilsson – Povel Ramel
    Nimrod’s Son – the Pixies
    The Chantey of Noah and His Ark – Ricky Jay
    Noddy – the Anti-Nowhere League
    Penis Song (Not the Noel Coward Song) – Monty Python
    Planxty Noel Hill – the Pogues
    Näs Ingars polska – Folk & Rackare
    I Dreamed I Saw Phil Ochs Last Night – Billy Bragg
    Oedipus Rex – Tom Lehrer
    Kjaere Ola Mann – Dalarna Femund Spelmanslag
    Nämndemans-Ola – Garmarna
    Olive – Io Perry
    Food, Glorious Food / Oliver! – Mark Lester, Harry Secombe & Peggy Mount
    Oliver Cromwell – Monty Python
    Herr Olof – Två Fisk och en Fläsk
    Herr Olof och havsfrun – Folk & Rackare
    Balladen om Olsson – NJA-gruppen
    Teddy O’Neil – the Merry Wives of Windsor
    Ophelia – the Band
    Orpheus With his Lute – the Merry Wives of Windsor
    Damn You, Otto – the Merry Wives of Windsor
    Otto – the Replacements
    Ozzy – the Supersuckers