Tune That Name: P

Roll over and go back to sleep — it’s just a dream, that’s all …

Pam Berry,” The Shins
Pancho and Lefty,” Emmylou Harris
Pancho and Lefty,” Gillian Welch
Pancho and Lefty,” Townes Van Zandt

Peggy Sue,” Buddy Holly
Peggy Sue Got Married,” Buddy Holly
Peggy’s Kitchen Wall,” Bruce Cockburn
Outlaw Pete,” Bruce Springsteen
“Peter Gunn,” The Kingsmen
Peter Gunn Suite,” Ray Anthony
Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead,” Crash Test Dummies
Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead,” XTC
Polly,” Animal Collective
Polly,” Nirvana
Polly Come Home,” Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
Little Pollyanna,” Kristy Kruger
I Loves You Porgy,” Billie Holiday
I Loves You Porgy,” Nina Simone
Dear Prudence,” The Beatles
Dear Prudence,” Siouxsie and The Banshees

The video above for “Peggy Sue” is from a 1957 broadcast of The Arthur Murray Dance Party. Kathryn Murray prepares her television audience by warning them about the band about to perform:

They’re rock and roll specialists. Now, no matter what you think of rock and roll, I think you have to keep a nice open mind about what the young people go for. Otherwise the youngsters won’t feel that you understand them.

That intro is kind of like Buddy Holly’s glasses — archetypally square, yet somehow kind of cool at the same time.

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  • wanderingoutlaw

    Legend of Paul Revere – Paul Revere & The Raiders
    Me and Paul – Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson
    Pablo Picasso – The Modern Lovers
    Paddy West – Roger McGuinn
    To Welcome Paddy Home – Roger McGuinn
    Peggy Day – Bob Dylan
    Peggy-O – Simon & Garfunkel
    Penny’s Farm – Pete Seeger
    Pepe – Duane Eddy
    Percy’s Song – Bob Dylan
    Perry’s Victory – Roger McGuinn
    Peter Gunn – Duane Eddy
    Pretty Peggy-O – Bob Dylan
    Polly Put the Kettle On – Sonny Boy Williamson
    Polly Vaughn – Roger McGuinn
    Pretty Polly – The Byrds
    Pretty Polly – Roger McGuinn
    Puff, The Magic Dragon – Bonnie “Prince” Billy & Red
    Puff, The Magic Dragon – Peter, Paul & Mary

  • eamonknight

    Heh: Kudos for teasing us with my favorite artist from the late 70s through the late 90s.
    “Tell me: whooooooo put the bullet hole in Peggy’s kitchen waaaaall?”

  • Jamoche

    Pipefitter’s Clubhouse, from the Hard Core Logo tribute album

  • picklefactory

    Finally, an Animal Collective song!

  • picklefactory

    “Blues for Percy Carey,” Count Bass D
    “The Eyes of Stanley Pain,” Download
    “For Phoebe Still a Baby,” Cocteau Twins
    “La Voyage de Pénélope,” Air
    “General Patton,” Big Boi
    “Go Pato,” Pato Banton
    “Holly Up on Poppy,” XTC
    “Mr. Paris’s Monsters,” Two Lone Swordsmen
    “Pablo’s Heart,” Four Tet
    “Pamela,” Toto
    “Pancho and Lefty,” Townes van Zandt
    “Pandora (for Cindy),” Cocteau Twins
    “Parker’s Band,” Steely Dan
    “Parker’s Mood,” Charlie Parker
    “Paul Reubens,” Felt
    “Paul Revere,” Beastie Boys
    “Paul’s Birthday,” Caribou
    “Paula,” Pole
    “Pearl’s Dream,” Bat For Lashes
    “Peg,” Steely Dan
    “Perry,” Butthole Surfers
    “Persephone,” Cocteau Twins
    “Pete Standing Alone,” Boards of Canada
    “Polly’s Dress,” Hem
    “Porgy,” Billie Holiday
    “Prescilla,” Bat For Lashes
    “Pristeen,” Julian Cope
    “Roll ‘Em Pete,” Big Joe Turner
    “Snails and Lasers for Patricia Highsmith,” Matmos

  • Primitive — Annie Lennox
    Pretty — The Cranberries
    Peel Me A Grape — Diana Krall
    Pax Deorum — Enya
    Paper Bag — Fiona Apple
    Power of Two — Indigo Girls
    (Welcome to) Pagan Place — Laura Love
    Prospero’s Speech — Loreena McKennitt
    Possession — Sarah McLachlan
    Piano Black — Yoko Kanno
    Particle Man — They Might Be Giants

  • general_apathy

    Doc Pomus – Ben Folds
    Paul Robeson – World/Inferno Friendship Society
    Remnants of Percy Bass – Rasputina
    Porcelina of the Vast Oceans – Smashing Pumpkins
    Perry the Platypus’s Theme – Phineas and Ferb (Uh… yeah.)

  • I’d be hard-pressed to name my favorite song of all time, but if I did, it’d probably be “Lovers In A Dangerous Time.” The song you named is “Peggy’s Kitchen Wall.” The ‘hit single’ from that album is “If I Had A Rocket Launcher.”

    So why is it that, on seeing that image, my brain *immediately* started playing “Dust And Diesel”? I don’t get it.

    (One of the all-time great albums, though.)

  • Maria

    Dear Prudence – The Beatles
    Linda Paloma – Jackson Browne
    Paul – Eminem
    Paul (skit) – Eminem
    Paul Revere – Beastie Boys
    Pavlov’s Daughter – Regina Spektor
    Peg – Steely Dan
    Pinocchio – Budam
    PJ + Vincent & Matthew + Björk – Rasputina
    Pluto – Björk
    Polly – Nirvana
    Polythene Pam – The Beatles
    Porcelina of the Vast Oceans – The Smashing Pumpkins

  • Maria
  • Anything by Poe! Favorites include Hello, Haunted and Fingertips (the last is not entirely SFW…)

  • Sharla Hulsey

    Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore – Dolores Keane, or the Chieftains, or Wood’s Tea Co., or Andy Irvine and Paul Brady, or any other host of people.

  • Amaryllis

    Don’t look back
    for what’s dead now is safe…

    P Stands for Paddy, I Suppose – Planxty
    Highland Paddy – The Wolfe Tones
    (No More) Paddy’s Lament – Flogging Molly
    Paddy Won’t You Drink Some Cider – The Reeltime Travelers
    Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore – Dolores Keane
    Paddy’s Gone – The Unthanks
    Paddy’s Lamentation – Mary Black
    Poor Paddy on the Railway – The Pogues
    Sir Patrick Spens – Jean Redpath
    Bean Phaidin – Planxty

  • Amaryllis

    One more day
    I find myself alive…

    Pancho and Lefty – Townes Van Zandt
    Peigin mo chroi – Dervish
    Peggy – Eliza Carthy
    Peggy O – Grateful Dead
    Peggy Gordon – The Chieftains with The Secret Sisters
    Glasgow Peggy – Silly Wizard
    Black Peter – Grateful Dead
    Roll ’em, Pete – Big Joe Turner
    Peter, Peter – Ute Lemper
    Take It Off, Petronella -Ute Lemper
    Phoebe – Lal Waterson and Oliver Knight
    Pretty Polly – Ralph Stanley

  • SisterCoyote

    “Papa” probably doesn’t count, but I’ll plug Papa Was a Rodeo anyway, because it is awesome. And as long as I’m cheating on the guidelines, The Problem With Saints is also amazing.

  • Theo Axner

    Skipping those already mentioned…

    A Pistol for Paddy Garcia – the Pogues
    Paddy Murphy – the Merry Wives of Windsor
    Paddy on the Beat – Steve Earle & the Del McCoury Band
    Pancho & Lefty – Steve Earle
    Pat Reilly – Planxty
    Saint Patrick Battalion – David Rovics
    Sir Patrick Spens – Fairport Convention
    Icaio! Patsy – Rocket From the Crypt
    Johnny Hit and Run Paulene – X
    Herr Peders sjöresa – Carin Kjellman & Ulf Gruvberg
    Peggy’s Pub – Fairport Convention
    Peggy Sue Got Married – Lemmy, Slim Jim & Danny B
    Peggy Sue Got Buried – the Humpers
    Hästhandlar-Pelle – Dalarna Femund Spelmanslag
    The Saga of Pepote Rouge – the Band
    Sankte Per – Euskefeurat
    Halling efter Per Löf – Strebers
    Percy’s Song – Fairport Convention
    Perry Mason of Love – Mojo Nixon
    Personliga Person – Cornelis Vreeswijk
    Steve’s Hammer (For Pete) – Steve Earle
    Peter’s Denial – Anette Brox, Yvonne Elliman & Paul Davis (from Jesus Christ
    Till Lewi Pethrus – Cornelis Vreeswijk
    Richard Petty – Mojo Nixon
    I Dreamed I Saw Phil Ochs Last Night – Billy Bragg
    En tavla av Picasso – Johan Johansson
    Pilate’s Dream – Barry Dennen (from Jesus Christ Superstar)
    Pilate and Christ – Ian Gillan & Barry Dennen (from Jesus Christ Superstar)
    Trial Before Pilate – Victor Brox, Ian Gillan & Barry Dennen (from Jesus Christ
    Pinocchio on LSD (Radiohead / Beatles mashup) – Go Home Productions
    Plaster Caster – Kiss
    Pocahontas – Johnny Cash
    Edgar Allan Poe – Lou Reed
    Bonnie Portmore – Lucinda Williams
    Bonny Portmore – the Merry Wives of Windsor
    Hommage till Povel – Cornelis Vreeswijk
    Proffe – Povel Ramel
    Joe Public – the Rutles
    Håll Sverige rent, sa polaren Pär – Cornelis Vreeswijk
    Min polare Pär – Cornelis Vreeswijk
    Polaren Pär gör sin reverens – Cornelis Vreeswijk
    Polaren Pär hos det sociala – Cornelis Vreeswijk
    Polaren Pär hos polisen – Cornelis Vreeswijk
    Polaren Pär vid morgonstädningen – Cornelis Vreeswijk
    Polaren Pär är kärlekskrank – Cornelis Vreeswijk