7 things at 11 o’clock (6.25)

1. Darrel Dow shares a “Pre-Courtship Questionnaire” he says was “received from a church in fundy circles.” It lists 423 questions.

Part of me thinks this must be some kind of parody, but then I don’t think someone writing a parody would have the obsessive determination to just go on and on and on and on and on with the joke like this. The sheer amount of work it took to create this much of whatever-this-is suggests it’s genuine. Genuinely what I can’t fully say.

2. Gene Robinson on how, again, sometimes the biggest news is that what used to be big news is no longer big news.

3. Here’s a Greenwald article on how Big Data is creating “a groundswell of social good.” That’s Ted Greenwald, not the other one. It’s an interesting look at Rayid Ghani’s ideas for how to harness big data for collaboration and hopey change-y goodness.

4. Richard Beck writes about memory and old-time gospel hymns, including “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms.”

Here’s the greatest version of that song ever recorded, a duet between Robert Mitchum and Lillian Gish. “It’s a hard world for little things.”

I’d bet the Coen brothers had that scene in mind when they decided to use Iris Dement’s terrific version of the song in True Grit.

5. “A place that’s far, so far away.” The song. The person who inspired it. (via) Rockville is in that radio deadzone between Philly and D.C., so I always wind up with this song stuck in my head when I’m driving that way on I-95.

6. Congratulations to New Civil Rights Movement founder David Badash and Caleb Eigsti.

7. “Well, I’m at home at about 12 – I’d say about 11:30, almost 12 o’clock at night. And I’m hunkered down in my bed with my husband, very pregnant, and we got a call from a dear friend of mine and producer named Jack Nitzsche. Jack Nitzsche called and said you know, Merry, are you busy? I said No, I’m in bed. he says, well, you know, There are some guys in town from England. And they need someone to come and sing a duet with them, but I can’t get anybody to do it. Could you come?”


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  • guest

    That’s a fair point–pants (trousers over here) that actually fit, especially nowadays in the drop-waist world, are pretty much impossible to buy off the shelf. (I have a narrow waist, wide hips and big butt, so I have to bring every pair I buy to the alterers to have the waist tightened.)

  • EllieMurasaki

    Female-assigned-at-birth? FAAB for short.

    Note to self: don’t skip checking The Old Reader for a few days. Three hundred comments on one thread, a hundred fifty on this one, and a few more threads I haven’t even looked at yet–oh, DOMA’s been struck down, in case anyone hadn’t heard. o/

  • If you’re talking about the “someone” I think you are… I’m not so sure. That someone can read, and I think he would be more choosy about what he downvoted and what he didn’t. I have also been very critical of Scientology, and Scientologists are not allowed to read anything negative about Scientology. This started the same time someone or someones on an anti-Scientology board started to downvote every single comment anyone made over there.

  • Heh, thanks for the thought. I wouldn’t have noticed anyway though, I don’t look through my old comments :-P.

  • Alix

    I hadn’t ever run across that acronym before. I think I like it. Thank you.

    DOMA’s been struck down


  • Arresi

    Yeah, I think (unlike your dad) it really was more her just not getting it, so it started to get better. My issues with tone are really the only lasting effect, I think.

    And I can mostly live with it – after reading a few people on the subject, I worked out that tone policing was important and got an explanation as to why, so I usually end up mentally chanting “This matters to them, deal with it,” for a while. Most of the time, eventually things cool down and the important details are clarified.

    That said, I get really irritated with people who just throw in their opinion and don’t *ever* stick around for the discussion after. I don’t mind compromise on the behalf of others, but at some point I need the civil discussion to take place.

  • Alix

    I get really irritated with people who just throw in their opinion and don’t *ever* stick around for the discussion after.

    I share your irritation. Part of voicing those opinions, it seems to me, is then dealing with them. It does no good to just rant about why you’re angry and storm off before it can get resolved. :/