9 years ago: Big (anti)Gay Al

July 9, 2004, on this blog: Big (anti)Gay Al

Mohler is so obsessed with this notion of a grand scheme and a gay agenda that he fails to appreciate why a greater number of “mainstream” heterosexual folks seem to have become more accepting of their homosexual neighbors: They’ve gotten to know some of those neighbors (sons/daughters/aunts/uncles/coworkers/friends) as people.

That’s probably the strangest thing about guys like Mohler. Despite his fascination with homosexuals, he seems to think he doesn’t know any.

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  • Daniel

    It’s hardly an informed choice though, is it? We cannot conceive of eternity, we cannot imagine any suffering that does not end, and we cannot imagine that there is no possibility of escape. Human beings are incapable of understanding the reality of hell, so we can’t be said to be making a choice as regards going there.

  • Daniel

    But if God has to punish you by sending you to hell, then God is bound by rules and ceases to be omnipotent.

  • Boidster


    “Word of God” got me the diagonal. Thanks, man.