Fearful symmetry at the National Zoo

“Damai is being a great mom, and is nursing and grooming both cubs.”

“He stopped at the end of the hill and let her out, and she ran to me and said that she needed her mom.”

“This only speaks the level of intense devotion to the craft of poetry that this man possesses.”

Virgins make Good Role Models for Their Children

“I think the unsuccess is a feature, not a bug: the point is to solidify their tribalism.”

“Personally, I’m banking on the hope that God’s not a monstrous jerk or an incompetent lover.”

“To read the story of Adam and Eve as if it were set up to explain human origins is simply wrongheaded.”

“Republicans always want to take the sandwich without paying the $5.”

“In the Bulletproof security case you have the confluence of a number of trends, none of them good, most of them bizarre and some occasionally funny in a macabre sort of way.”

“Of all the ways you can come up with subsidizing a worthy nonprofit organization, a property tax exemption has just about the worst incentive structure you can imagine. If you look at the list of things that churches and other religious institutions spend money on, ‘acquiring land and buildings’ has got to be one of the least socially beneficial and worthy of encouragement.”

“You can basically get Eric Clapton’s or Jackson Browne’s former backing band to be your backing band on your record for around $2000, total.”

“The efficiency standards for ceiling fans were requested by the industry itself so they wouldn’t have to deal with a patchwork of state-by-state regulations, and the standards were approved in 2005. For those keeping score at home, in 2005, there was a Republican White House, a Republican-run Senate, and a Republican-run House.”

“We started our research seeking men in their twenties who had never consumed pornography. We couldn’t find any.”

Church Sign Epic Fails: ‘Take That, Westboro'”


"His beard is fake.Sorry, but that brought this image to my mind:http://farm3.static.flickr...."

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  • Jamoche

    Probably don’t have the latest antivirus, either.

  • gpike

    Thank you! I am a bird nerd, the icon is part of a bigger piece I did a while back: http://fav.me/d2lhh8h (link if you’d like to see the full version!) : )

  • FearlessSon
  • MikeJ

    The Foxfire Book(s)/magazine are what you’re looking for.

    The foundation’s website is foxfire org, and Amazon has the books.

  • MikeJ

    I keep saying the best survival strategy you can have is supporting civilization.Robert Wright wrote in Nonzero,

    One chronicler of Eskimo life has observed, “the
    best place for [an Eskimo] to store his surplus is in someone else’s

  • Amaryllis

    Which reminds me of this:

    Tiger or house tabby, a cat’s a cat!

  • Jenny Islander

    Yes, actually, this was what prompted the thought. For people who haven’t read it, the Emberverse expands on an idea from Fredric Brown’s “The Waveries,” in which the Industrial Age is aborted by something destroying our ability to use electricity. Stirling takes this further: what if our late-’90s civilization was faced with a change in the laws of physics (only on the surface of our world) such that guns wouldn’t bang, pistons hardly pushed, fission didn’t fizz, and metals were no longer conductive? His take on this is much less cozy than Brown’s–he has said that he didn’t use any large cities as a setting because nobody would want to read anything so horrible. The survivors develop all kinds of subcultures; part of the fascination of the series is seeing what they are.

    Stirling used the best population figures he could find to develop his post-TEOTWAWKI ecosystems. According to what he could find, there would be cheetahs, rhinos, lions, and monkeys in the Sun Belt, leopards anywhere with a good water supply, and tigers and wild pigs clear up into the taiga (but no elephants; there weren’t enough breeding populations in North America in the late ’90s). Spain would have herds of giraffes and also groves of redwoods. The South of England would have hippos in the rivers. As somebody in the books says, it’s a weird old world.

    Warning to readers: the later books in the series bring in some ideas about religion that may be offputting to many. Spoilers (go to rot13.com to decipher): Onfvpnyyl, lbh xabj gur fnlvat, “Vs Tbq qvqa’g rkvfg, jr’q unir gb perngr Uvz?” Nppbeqvat gb gur fgbelyvar, gung’f ubj Tbq rkvfgf. Nyy tbqf, va snpg. Nyy eryvtvbaf ner gehr naq nyy nsgreyvirf rkvfg. I end up skimming those parts.

  • general_apathy

    Well… for one thing, there’s an incredible bias towards attributing all negative emotions in women to PMS (which is shocking when you consider that there’s no conclusive evidence that PMS exists at all). It’s one more way to delegitimize women’s feelings—they’re not there for a reason, it’s just biology!

    (There are some people who experience depression related to their menstrual cycle. But again, very small percentage of the population.)

  • FearlessSon

    I have heard it described that a woman on PMS is not necessarily “more emotional” than at other times, she just has lowered tolerance for bullshit. If something makes her angry during that time, it is not that her anger is irrational, it is just that she has less patience to ignore it like she might otherwise.

    In other words, if a woman always becomes angry during her period, then it means she has had enough of your crap.

  • Something like this also happens in Revolution. In that, though, chemical reactions can still happen, just anything based on actual electricity-electricity can’t happen (which suggests that magnetic fields are what are actually being suppressed somehow).

  • general_apathy

    if a woman becomes angry during her period

    I should clarify that PMS isn’t “during”; it’s supposed to be a hormonal harbinger, where one gets weepy and irritable several days beforehand. Getting irritable during/because of one’s period is totally a thing (as you mentioned in your top post, it is pretty uncomfortable), it’s the “mysterious lady hormones from nowhere” thing that’s dubious.

    I’ve heard the “lowered tolerance for bullshit” thing before, and… honestly, I don’t like it, and here’s why: all it does is change the story from “you get emotional because you’re a woman!” to “you can’t control your emotions! Because you’re a woman!”

    I mean, if (general) you are really being shitty, then stop that. If you’re being rude, that’s on you. And if she really gets disproportionately angry, she should apologize. Because she is an adult, and that’s how adults should behave. The menstrual cycle isn’t some magic special kind of irritation; ultimately you’re responsible for your actions… saying otherwise is toeing the line of sexist stereotypes.

  • A lowered tolerance for bullshit can also come if you get sick, if you’re injured, if… (insert reason here). Being in pain is not fun.

  • gpike

    When I drew furry art people didn’t ask me to draw porn (like, maybe once or twice they asked whether I drew adult art but never anything specific) – but then I don’t have a “typical” furry art style so maybe I just don’t attract those type of people??? However, it was awkward for baby, sex-negative me because furry OC descriptions are generally written in a way that’s geared for adult art so I wound up having to read a LOT of TMI in character descriptions.

    To this day I don’t understand why furry subculture is so fetish-oriented. I love cartoons and animals but I can’t really fit in with some furries because… Well honestly, I like ALL kinds of cartoons and all kinds of REAL animals, not just cartoon animals. A lot of furries are really missing out on some great stuff (like, for instance, really good webcomics *COUGH*) because their scope of interest is so limited.

    In the genre I’m in now, adult art is not a requirement, it’s FANART of popular media that gets you the attention… And unfortunately for me I’m not very motivated to draw fanart. :

  • I’ve always chalked it up to role-playing being rather fetish-oriented (or at least prone to attracting such) and a lot of furry subculture taking place in role-playing environments. It does kind of weird me out how a lot of furry venues I’ve visited made a point to get the fetish right out front — when I participated in FurryMUCK, character profiles had a specific section for sexual concepts the player was okay with.

    I… didn’t last long in that venue, after having a character nearly sexually assaulted against _my_ will. That was just bloody disturbing on so many levels.

  • LoneWolf343

    Especially fanart that is also porn.

    Yeah, I’ve done “fanart,” and it gets more attention than my regular stuff. I’ve even pulled some pieces for getting too much attention.

    As for the obsession with fetishism, I would say it is a mixture of subcultural acceptance, and freedom from consequences. A friend of mine went into great detail the other day about how a lot of work a simple BSDM session is. Reality has a dampening effect on sex drives better than any cold shower. It is similar to why Skyrim is infinitely more fun than actually living in the Middle Ages.

  • general_apathy


  • Jamoche

    It’s one more way to delegitimize women’s feelings—they’re not there for a reason, it’s just biology!

    That seems to be delegitimizing the actual biological effects, getting us back to the way things were when I was a kid – oh, let’s not try to study this biochemical reaction, it’s just how women are!

    I used to work with ADHD kids, and one thing I noticed was that the internal sensor that says “y’know, there’s being active and there’s bouncing off the walls” was missing. You could *tell* them, and they could step back and realize it, but when it was happening they just didn’t have a clue. Same thing with PMS mood swings and recognizing disproportionate reactions. Then there’s the failure to retain new information effect that is just not avoidable in any way (other than “skip trying to learn new foreign language vocabulary if it’s not sticking, because it won’t”) and certainly not “all in my head”.

  • It depends on what kind of feral hog you are talking about. In Texas, we have the javelina, or collard peccary, which is generally described as a feral hog. They were here before the Spaniards were and so are not an invasive species.

    As an aside, Javelina Harley-Davidson in Boerne, Texas is absolutely my favorite name for a Harley-Davidson dealership ever.

  • Lori

    That is a very cool name. Full credit to whoever came up with it.

    I wish I remembered more details on the whole Russian boar connection. I got that from a show on Nature some years ago, so it’s all a little fuzzy. IIRC some geniuses brought these particularly nasty Russian boars over here to hunt. Because they were rich and bored and stupid and insecure about the size of their penises. As always happens, they were unable to maintain full control of the situation. Some of the boars evaded the Great White Hunters and ended up cross-breeding with local feral hog populations. I have no memory of exactly where the “local” was or how far the subsequent generations have spread.

  • Also sperm and egg donors can be virgins, even though they may not be in their children’s lives.

    And if you are only counting penetrative sex, the OB who delivered my son said once that in his career he has had to cut through more than one hymen at the time of delivery.

  • At first I thought you said that the title was Our Hardcore Plan for Battle Wives.

  • That concept of religion is actually pretty common in fantasy and, occasionally, science fiction. Or at least the “tbqf ner cbjrerq ol oryvrs” idea. It’s been everywhere from Star Trek to American Gods.

  • I would watch the hell out of that movie.

  • Michael Pullmann

    “Early and frequently” describes my masturbation habits pretty well. The only thing it led to was buying a lot of lotion and Kleenex.

  • JustoneK

    In my experience it had a lot to do with being the lowest totem on the geek pole for a very long time – doesn’t matter how much of a freak other people tell you you are, join the furry fandom, we’ll accept you!

    (Caveat: I am not a furry, but I have seen a lot of fandom and a LOT of the art. I can’t identify with just one animal because I LOVE ALL THE ANIMALS.)

  • Not the lowest! There’s always the Star Trek furry erotica writers with self-insert author avatars. http://brunching.com/images/geekchart2.gif

  • JustoneK

    “But what’s being inserted?”

    but that’s exactly what I mean thar. it’s a combination that’s the bottom of the furry barrel because they allowed everyone in. :P

    (am now thinking of juggalo social markers and restrictions.)

  • MarkTemporis

    Is it strange my ‘gun nut’ friend is a HUGE fan of Venture Bros.?