7 things @ 1 o’clock (8.21)

1. Weren’t we just talking about “faith-healing” televangelist Benny Hinn as a transparent huckster and goofball? Here he is interviewing an alleged “ex-gay therapist” on his TV show. This guy doesn’t use the discredited pseudo-science of “reparative therapy.” Instead, he says, his approach “is based on numbers, is based on studies, which is what you do when you’re a scientist.”

By this he means that he has his patients color with crayons, claiming that their choice of colors allows him to “see demonization in people’s brains.” He does not mean this as a metaphor.

“Seven designs of Initial Keys for the back covers of the ‘Keynote’ series” by Aubrey Beardsley, born August 21, 1872.

2. You know that Gen-Xers are getting older when all we can do is stare in bewilderment at a younger generation’s idea of fashion. But I’m with Erik Loomis on this one: In the 1990s, anyone accused of going to a tanning salon would deny it out of sheer embarrassment. To admit to paying money for such a thing was mortifyingly uncool. But fake, unhealthy and expensive is apparently the new cool. (Also too: Get off my lawn and turn that music down.)

3. Religion News Service has a wonderful photo slideshow of the 1963 March on Washington.

4. North CarolinaNorth CarolinaNorth CarolinaNorth CarolinaNorth CarolinaNorth CarolinaNorth Carolina.

5. I’m disappointed that TBogg is retiring and that David Roberts is taking a yearlong hiatus. But I’m thrilled that Sarah Masen is again recording music that the rest of us will get to hear.

6. “When you say you’re against it, you’re saying that you don’t want people like me to have health insurance.” The subject there is Obamacare. The writer is cancer survivor Clint Murphy, Republican of Georgia.

7. Speaking of … here’s Jo Hilder on “What to Say Instead of ‘One Day This Will All Make Sense to You’“:

Rather than using a cliche like “You don’t understand this now, but one day you’ll appreciate why it had to happen” perhaps simply say “No, it doesn’t make sense to me either” or “I wish I could say I know how you feel, but I don’t know how you feel. But I do care about how you feel.”

When it comes to the really hard stuff in life, when someone says “I don’t know either,” it doesn’t mean there are two stupid people in the room. It means there’s lots of love in the room. Knowing and understanding everything isn’t everything. But love helps, a lot.


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  • The_L1985
  • I the late 70s, we moved into a house where the rooms were either drably brown or bright red. Let’s take the main floor: the entryway was just a little bit grayer than refried beans and the living and dining rooms were cream with gold accents. The kitchen had red-and-yellow flowers with big green leaves on two walls and red-and-green plaid on the other two, and the stairway to the basement was red and black.

    I’m not really one to talk, though. My bedroom is peach. And not a soft, gentle peach either. It’s bright. But it makes me happy and is worth it, even if I do have to repaint to a slightly less exciting color when we eventually sell the house.

  • Mrs Grimble

    In the late 70s, I moved into a council house where every room, including the bathroom, had two adjoining walls painted orange and the other two walls painted purple; the ceilings were white and all the woodwork beige. It looked very, um, 70s.
    The neighbours told me that the previous tenant was a council worker who had pinched the paint from his depot, hence the limited colour scheme.

  • All my high school friends in the 90’s went to the “tanner’s”(as we called it) ALL THE TIME.

  • I bet on average the tea partier will say STOP CONFUSING ME WITH YOUR FANCY LIBERAL ACADEMIC DOUBLE-TALK, and then proceed to bang on with some kind of Reaganite bootstraps rhetoric.

  • VMink

    It’s worth noting that one of the oft-repeated precepts of English Common Law is, Blackstone’s Formulation: “It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer” It was quoted by Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin. I’ve often extended this to social programs, too, because for all the talk about ‘welfare queens’ (a myth as it is) if you destroy these programs you’re harming innocents.

    It’s also worth noting that the opposite view — the distinctly authoritarian observation that it is better that a hundred innocent people suffer than for one guilty person to go free — was held by such luminaries as Prime Minister Bismark, Stalin, and Pol Pot. Pol Pot. Such august company!

  • VMink

    We had thunder and lightning in the Bay Area earlier this week. Though unusual, if it was demons, I’d have one thing to say to them: SLACKERS!

  • VMink

    There’s a joke somewhere in here about possessed paisley boxers…

  • Isabel C.

    OMG, I remember that guy. We had a great time in college mocking him, especially the exorcism procedures, which involve “putting demons in THE BOX”. And then filling THE BOX with the blood of Jesus. And then boiling the blood. And then putting warrior angels into the box. (Being a warrior angel is just the worst gig ever in the guy’s universe.)

    Also, as a college gaming group, we found hilarious the assertion that people start playing D&D because of peer pressure. “Hey, Rickie, all the cool kids are behind the gym rolling D20s. C’mooooon, just make one half-elf fighter/thief. It’ll be fun! We’re not even playing first edition.”

    Dude may have a point about paisley, though. I mean: the seventies.

  • Jenny Islander

    This needs a signal boost:


    The gist: Former recipient of food stamps, who almost starved to death before she got them, considers the motivations of the lawmakers who want to kill SNAP.

  • Wheeeeeew. I just read that, and holy hard-hitting story, Batman :O

  • Alix

    You have to cast out the demon of drought.

    I’m not joking. >.>

  • Original Lee

    My dad had to share a room with his three brothers. As an incentive to harmony, my grandparents allowed each boy to paint a wall any color he wanted. This lasted about two weeks because the color choices were too dissonant. Then they got to take turns painting the whole room whatever color they wanted. I think the room got repainted once a year. One brother painted the walls Chinese red with big black and white polka dots, which the others conceded was pretty cool, until it was time to repaint the room and they ended up using something like six cans of paint to cover over the Chinese red enough that the next brother could get the effect he wanted.

    My mother’s house has a very open floor plan, and when she bought it, the main area had one white wall, one avocado green wall, one dusty rose wall, and one yellow wall. The wool wall-to-wall carpet was black-and-white tweed. That room got repainted to all white real fast and stayed that way for years, because it took that long for Mom to stop mentally trying to match one of the former wall colors when she was looking at paint chips.

    Original Spouse and I once looked at a house that had clearly been decorated from the clearance section at Home Depot. The bathroom in particular was a real treat – powder blue bathtub, avocado green toilet, pale yellow sink, glass tile with flecks of gold on the ceiling, brown-and pink tile on the floor, black-and-white tile on 1.5 of the walls (not adjacent), cobalt blue tile on the rest of the walls, hot pink medicine cabinet. The window looked as if it belonged on a pickup truck. Good times.

  • I am totally having my neighbour for breakfast right now.

  • Stewart will often find ways to call people out while still being respectful, which I value. But there are many occasions when I really wish he were harder on his guests, like, “excuse me, but no, that thing you just said simply isn’t true.” David Barton could definitely use several doses of that.

  • stardreamer42

    The “one day it will make sense to you” bullshit is a variety of fallacy that doesn’t seem to have been formally recognized. I call it ante hoc, ergo propter hoc — the belief that because everything happens for a reason, this horrible thing which has happened to you right now was CAUSED by some event slated to occur in your future, after which you will magically UNDERSTAND why you had to suffer the way you did. Stripped to its essential woo-woo, it’s obvious that it doesn’t make any sense at all.

  • stardreamer42

    No, the loss of coverage is the direct result of EMPLOYER GREED using the ACA as a cover story. If it wasn’t for the ACA, they’d have found something else to use.

  • stardreamer42

    My response to that would have been along the lines of, “Okay, you don’t want a real answer and I’m not going to do a sound bite. Next question?”

  • Thank you! I’m sick of hearing it, especially from my parents. If the miracle hasn’t struck yet, don’t count on it happening in the next odd years. Especially when that miracle is deciding that Republicans were right all along.

  • darchildre

    I do exactly the same thing. Open spaces make me uneasy and brightness makes me cranky.

    I figure that being an solitary adult means that I get to make my living space as much like a mole cave as I want.

  • Alix

    I go to Home Depot on a pretty regular basis to collect paint chips for weird collages, and I was so excited a few years back because they started selling a brand of paint that is textured like rock. Now that I’m moving to a place I actually own, I may buy some and make my home really feel like a cave. XD

  • Yeah. The Barton interview was painful to watch. He’s normally better about calling out that sort of shit.

  • Daniel

    He’d see through that quickly enough and realise you’re transparently possessed, probably. Smacks a little of exhibitionism though, so it could be a perversion of some sort.

  • Daniel

    Well, Ian Paisley patterns maybe.

  • Daniel

    “the only way to be free of demons is to live naked in a box.”
    David Blaine is not possessed?

  • MarkTemporis

    All ties are possessed. Demons of avarice and conformity would be my guess, except that the demon expert probably doesn’t see conformity as caused by demons.

    If I believed in demons I would; White Wolf had fomori (basically the same thing — possessed humans) called ‘Normalites’ which were one of the scariest things ever.

  • MarkTemporis

    Repeating ‘Pol Pot’ twice triggered an earworm, so enjoy:


    (BTW, the man’s real name was Saloth Sar, which sounds like someone Conan would fight. On top of his other crimes, man had no taste at all — that is SUCH a cooler name than ‘Pol Pot’)

  • MarkTemporis

    Even worse, without giving an explanation, a REALLY unethical video tech could just clip your answer and use it for any question he wants!

    “Do you acknowledge Satan as your lord and master?”

  • So, Fox News?

  • Launcifer

    Nah, given the Fox attitude to such trifling irrelevancies as proof-reading, I have no doubt that some anchor or other would breathlessly announce that all Democrats worshipped Santa.

  • Consumer Unit 5012

    So aunursa, let’s say you could somehow eliminate the ACA. What would you replace it with?

    The vastly superior and proven option: Romneycare!

    WHICH IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT because SHUT UP, that’s why.

    Semi-seriously, do the Republicans actually HAVE a plan that’s not “repeal Obamacare, then let the proles die in the streets from pre-existing conditions”? Because if so, I’m not seeing it.

  • Nah, aunursa wouldn’t point at Romneycare. He most likely wouldn’t bother answering the question. His purpose isn’t to discuss anything, just to stir up shit, same as any troll.

  • I believe their official position is “We’ll think of something. But it’s absolutely essential that our perfect replacement remain an absolute secret until we’ve repealed Obamacare.”