2 years ago: Rich dominionists in an age of hypocrisy

September 2, 2011, here on slacktivist: Rich dominionists in an age of hypocrisy

For those who would maintain that the theonomists have never had any significant influence, I would point out here that one of their long-term aims has been to replace the words “rich” or “wealthy” with the more virtuous-sounding word “productive.” Judge for yourself, in 2011, whether or not their desired influence has been influential on that score.

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  • From the original, VMink said:

    Standards of living were high, taxes were low, there was stable social values.

    The mythology obscures a more fundmentally true version of what was going on in the 1950s:

    1. Standards of living were increasing because of deliberate policies during the Second World War to vault people out of the lower class into the middle class.
    2. Taxes were low for the middle and lower class because of a deliberate policy of keeping payroll taxes down, as well as keeping income taxes high on wealthy people.
    3. Those stable social values included demanding an unwritten agreement from the wealthy, which they honored in the name of helping keep the Commies at bay. That agreement was that people in charge of job creation would actually work to that end, and wouldn’t capriciously ruin hundreds of Christmases for something as mercenary as lining the President or CEO’s pockets.

    The fact that Republicans who deify and idolize this era routinely ignore these deeper truths (even the ones who lived back then) is something that should’ve been combatted as far back as the 1990s when the “back to the fifties” dogma started getting some traction.

  • Headless Unicorn Guy

    Replacing “rich” with “productive” is straight out of Randspeak.
    As in “Producers” and “Moochers”.
    A = A.