Scenes from the class war

“I’ve worked in fast-food for 15 years, and I can’t even afford my own rent payments. We just want fairness and to be able to provide for our families. No one who works every day should be forced to be homeless.”

In 1968 we saw fit to pay our poorest workers $3.50 more an hour than we do today, and that says quite a bit about where we’ve gone in the last nearly half century.”

“Many people are asking whether the companies can afford to do this. But the more urgent question is, can the workers afford the status quo?

This is not the way to provide care in one of the fastest growing industries in the country.”

“Poor? Get a job. Work full-time but can’t make ends meet? Be grateful you have a job. Can’t get a better job? You’re being picky. Ah, the bounty of American insults for the less fortunate.”

“In context, ‘Human beings will adjust’ appears to be a remarkable euphemism for ‘We’re going to let poor, sick Americans die on the streets.'”

“What is interesting, however, is the assumption on the parts of Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, all of whom praised Kutcher’s comments, that his remarks are indicative of a conservative political philosophy.”

“The benefit of tax deductions is almost four times higher for high-income earners than lower-income ones.”

Get rid of the deductions that don’t affect me.”

“A West Virginia woman says that she lost everything except two pieces of furniture and a mirror because a bank provided a wrong address to a repossession company while apparently trying to foreclose on a house.”

They screw up someone’s finances and shrug. On the other hand, if we missed a mortgage payment and shrugged, they’d laugh at us and foreclose.”

“Indictments for reality TV stars who accused of defrauding banks in order to obtain approximately $2.4 million in loans: 2. Indictments of bankers who falsified millions of loan documents, defrauded homeowners and investors, evaded local property sales taxes, and committed multiple other frauds large and small: 0.”

“The fund managers get fees, some of the fees get turned into campaign contributions, and everyone wins. Everyone, that is, except for taxpayers who ultimately need to make good on pension promises out of their own pockets if the funds’ investments don’t perform.”

“In fact, no one at any level of government knows how often serious chemical accidents occur each year in the United States. And there is no plan in place for federal agencies to gather more accurate information.”

Taking the word of a business whose main goal is to make money is a risky venture. ”

“Who isn’t in this room, and how does their absence limit our capacity to answer questions about poverty and violence?”

Closing the gender gap is part of the journey to end hunger.”


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  • J_Enigma32

    I see the highway hotshot all the time. I drive a white 99 Monte Carlo, so it’s not a big vehicle. I’ve damn near been run off the road several times by other drivers; the most memorable of them nearly ran me into a telephone pole because they weren’t paying attention and had their music up so loud it was not only vibrating my innards and rattling my car, they couldn’t hear my horn.

  • Alix

    :/ My dad and my grandmother pull the highway-hotshot thing, in my dad’s case along with a heaping helping of road rage. The other reason I don’t drive is I don’t trust my own reactions.

    And then there are people like my brother, who are a) chronically thoughtless (in the literally-not-thinking sense) and b) cursed. He has wrecked all sixteen cars he has ever driven, most totaled, half not even actually owned by him, and only three accidents were actually his fault. On the other hand, he caused those three accidents by, respectively: drinking from a liter bottle of fruit punch while trying to turn, trying to catch his cell phone after accidentally throwing it out the window while in traffic, and turning around to grab something from the back seat while accelerating – without checking to see that the car in front of him was actually moving. (One of the most memorable not-his-fault accidents? He was driving and pulled the gearshift off. That … is something that should not come off.)

    …Yeah, in his case, automation would definitely help. It is really hard to conceive of a computer driving worse than my brother.

  • Persia

    That’s disappointing, but not surprising for Wonkette.