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Lou Reed (1942-2013) Well, dammit.

Lou Reed (right) with Vaclav Havel, after the revolution.

Lou Reed, a massively influential songwriter and guitarist who helped shape nearly fifty years of rock music, died today on Long Island. …

With the Velvet Underground in the late Sixties, Reed fused street-level urgency with elements of European avant-garde music, marrying beauty and noise, while bringing a whole new lyrical honesty to rock & roll poetry. As a restlessly inventive solo artist, from the Seventies into the 2010s, he was chameleonic, thorny and unpredictable, challenging his fans at every turn. Glam, punk and alternative rock are all unthinkable without his revelatory example. “One chord is fine,” he once said, alluding to his bare-bones guitar style. “Two chords are pushing it. Three chords and you’re into jazz.”

Here’s “Satellite of Love“:

YouTube Preview Image

And “Femme Fatale“:

YouTube Preview Image

And “Sweet Jane“:

YouTube Preview Image

And “Sweet Jane” from the Cowboy Junkies:

YouTube Preview Image

And “Pale Blue Eyes” from R.E.M.:

YouTube Preview Image



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  • Pattrsn

    I don’t know why but I find this extremely hard to believe.

  • otrame

    Okay. I am officially getting old.

    And to add insult to injury, by son said, “Whose Lou Reed?”

  • http://jesustheram.blogspot.com/ Mr. Heartland

    Nothing to do but keep dancing to that fine, fine music while we’re still here.
    It was alright.

  • MikeJ

    Like a bird you know he will fly what can you do?

  • melle

    Sad news. Thanks for the links.
    And…”Pale Blue Eyes” as something that sounds like country music!

  • http://www.ghiapet.net/ Randy Owens

    MY Lou Reed!

  • Oswald Carnes

    I always thought Lou Reed was beyond death or had a special deal or something. Guess not.

  • LL

    Rest in peace, Lou.

  • spinetingler

    Here’s my ad hoc “band” that got together a while back to pay tribute to VU: http://audioarchives.blogspot.com/2013/02/seven-people-who-bought-copy-and-formed.html

  • spinetingler

    It has some moments, and then it has some “moments.”